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Fancy Tasks

   1.1.2 "back in game"  

Plasmoid Binary

Score 92%
Fancy Tasks

Fancy Tasks

Fancy Tasks

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  25272
Submitted:  Feb 20 2009
Updated:  Jun 10 2012


Plasmoid providing fancy visualization of tasks, launchers and jobs for those who need full power of task manager and fresh look.
Developed and tested on KDE 4.8 with Qt 4.8 (Kubuntu 12.04).

Some screen casts:

Milestone 1.1 (current) will be last one using libtaskamanager and hopefully will be soon replaced by currently developed data engine based version (which should lower requirements back to KDE 4.6 or maybe earlier, depending on which one shipped first functional version of tasks data engine).

Milestone 2.0 will bring new dock management library which will allow for more advanced features. There will be also new, QML based, applet interface (might be available earlier, depends on progress on library).

Note that included panel was made only for test and could make various problems, use it on your own risk (I'll focus on it later).

This applet uses standard libtaskmanager like other task managers in KDE, so before you report bug check if it also happens in other applets (for example default Tasks applet).

- to make applet more usable you can put it on panel with enabled option "Windows can cover" or similar;
- you can use theme with panel background similar to that of dock (for example Sabre Tiger) or modify current one using Desktop Theme Details;
- you can add launchers to applet by drag and drop of URLs and desktop files when Plasma is unlocked or using configuration dialog;
- to show only launchers you need to remove tasks area item from arrangement;
- to show application jobs you need to add jobs area.

Hidden options:
You can set them in applets configuration file (usually located at ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc), in group containing line plugin=fancytasks or plugin=fancypanel;
- initialZoomLevel - initial zoom level for zoom move animations (value ranging from 0 to 1, default: 0.7);
- paintBackground - decides if background should be painted or not (true or false, default: true);
- paintReflections - decides if icon reflection should be painted or not, note that it won't change icon size because of space allocation for drawing task indicators (true or false, default: true).

- manages your tasks, launchers and application jobs;
- tasks filtering, grouping (including manual) and sorting;
- keyboard navigation (Tab and Shift+Tab);
- launcher to task transition with custom connecting rules (icons of launchers with running tasks are hidden if sorting other than manual is enabled);
- tool tips with live preview of windows when KWin Taskbar Thumbnail effect is enabled;
- highlighting windows when hovering cursor over task or window preview when KWin Highlight Window effect is enabled;
- dropping files on launchers runs command with parameters or gives option to move, copy or link them (if target is directory);
- visual drop indicator that helps in manual tasks sorting and rearranging launchers;
- possibility to browse directories of directory launchers using context menu;
- possibility to add application menus;
- menu with list of all icons shown after activating keyboard shortcut;
- configurable animations (zoom, jump, bounce, highlight, etc.) and appearance (optional thumbnails and text label);
- fully animated icons (including animations of starting applications, tasks needing attention and application jobs progress).

If you have found bugs or have suggestions you can contact me via email, message or using comments, before you will vote bad.
And remember that not everybody has enough time for fast replying. ;-)

Don't be silly, don't vote bad just for fun!


1.1.2 (10.06.2012):
- increased task light size a bit;
- fixed label position for zoom animation;
- avoid hijacking of icons with launcher connected to task group (if grouping by program);
- clear thumbnail when launcher looses connected task.

1.1.1 (01.06.2012):
- reuse launcher icons by tasks also when using manual sorting;
- let startups connect to launcher icons (when there is no sorting or it set to manual);
- do not lose connection with launcher when group is created (if grouping by program);
- enable Apply button when configuration values are changed;
- do not propose to drop icon in place which equals its current index;
- enable Add / Remove action buttons;
- many other fixes and changes.

Source(Fancy Tasks v1.1.2 (tar.bz2))
Arch(Arch-Linux PKGBUILD (by denisfalqueto))
SUSE(Packages on openSUSE Build Service)
Fedora(Packages for Fedora (by sokar620))
Ubuntu(Packages for Kubuntu (by Emdek))
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 Is this applet dead?

 by DiscipleOfDante on: Nov 27 2013
Score 50%

I have been greatly looking forward to seeing this applet become better, less buggy, and usable and am looking forward to version 2.0

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 Re: Is this applet dead?

 by Emdek on: Nov 27 2013
Score 50%

Nope, it is not. ;-)
I just do not have much free time recently and KDE4 is almost dead now but there is no KDE5 yet (which will force applet rewrite from scratch).

Life is unfair...
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 Re: Is this applet dead?

 by Emdek on: Nov 27 2013
Score 50%

And if you found any bugs then please report them here or on github (after checking if those are unique to this applet, and not common to all users of libtaskmanager, for example default tasks applet).

Life is unfair...
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 Re: Re: Is this applet dead?

 by DiscipleOfDante on: Dec 8 2013
Score 50%

Could you provide a link to github, also is there any kind of ETA on version 2.0?

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 Re: Re: Re: Is this applet dead?

 by Emdek on: Dec 9 2013
Score 50%


No ETA for 2.0, that version would be definitely for KDE5. For KDE4 there might be 1.2 (without direct dependency on libtaskmanager, but also without QML as it would give little benefit for KDE5 porting, APIs are too different - QtQuick 2.x is far better than that in Qt4, though still far behind QWidgets / QGraphicsView in terms of available APIs).

Life is unfair...
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 Multiple icons

 by dshrek on: Feb 12 2014
Score 50%

Hi Emdek,

I have a problem with multiple icons. Setting "Grouping" to "By Program Name", I get more and more dead icons in the plasmoid. For me it is always reproducible e.g. with Amarok: Click on "add custom cover" and a new window will open. After closing, the icon will still be present in Fancy Tasks. Repeating this will add more and more icons.

It also appears when opening the plasmoid with plasmoidviewer. Using the default task applet with the corresponding grouping option, everything works fine.

I'm running Kubuntu 13.10 with KDE 4.11.5 and Qt 4.8.4 and compiled the latest version of Fancy Tasks from git.

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 Re: Multiple icons

 by Emdek on: Feb 12 2014
Score 50%

Thanks for report, I will take a look into that issue when I will have some free time (probably not soon).
The real fix would be to finally ditch *libtaskmanager*, but I'm not sure if it makes sense for 4.x which will be dead quite soon anyway...

Life is unfair...
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 The applet does not work

 by raacer on: Aug 22 2015
Score 50%

I've got this error while trying to load the applet:

"Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_applet_fancytasks.so: (libtaskmanager.so.4abi3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"

It seems I've got more recent version of the lib - libtaskmanager.so.4abi5. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

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 Re: The applet does not work

 by Emdek on: Aug 23 2015
Score 50%

Are you using binary packages?

If you can build from source then recompiling should be enough.

Life is unfair...
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 Re: Re: The applet does not work

 by raacer on: Aug 23 2015
Score 50%

Yes, I'm using the binary package for Ubuntu. I'm not ready to compile this from source for a while.

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