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Get iPlayer GUI Remixed


KDE Kommander Script

Score 56%
Get iPlayer GUI Remixed

Get iPlayer GUI Remixed

Get iPlayer GUI Remixed

Minimum required   Kommander
Downloads:  1795
Submitted:  Aug 10 2009
Updated:  Sep 10 2009


Inspired by Greg Sheldons Get iPlayer GUI, I decided to have a go at Kommander scripting. This is my first attempt at putting something like this together.

This version includes a proxy setting, the ability to manage your Get iPlayer files, including a very basic play and stop function that will generate play-lists for ITV content if in parts. Live TV and Radio tune in. Record Live streams for both , manger them via the 'Live Recorded' tab and the Mini Encoder if you wish to convert to a format your portable device can read.

At the moment the app depends on::

Get_iplayer(command line app)
FLVStreamer (bin file included)

both can be downloaded from :


Kommander 3.5.10
FFmpeg & FFPlay (Distro versions vary.. don't expect the encoder to work properly if youre not ubuntu 9.04.. sorry) Hint-- install the unstripped libs for av.. lots of apps use them so you may already have done without realising.
and various media players you may, or may not have (only needed for playback)

Make sure that executable is set within permissions for FLVstreamer bin and ipdl.kmdr files.

Point everything, under the settings tab of the gui, to the right places. and save settings (will make this automatic at some point)



You'll need to make sure Kommander 3.5.10, ffmpeg, mplayer and xterm are installed to your system. Also you'll need to download the fedora RPM for the commmand line tool and bin file for FLVstreamer. To make sure update of plugin works you could install sudo and add yourself as sudoer.. or just update via Konsole using su and then typing 'get_iplayer --update'.

Unfortunately the shebang is not recognised by Mandriva straight off. Best bet is to create your own starter (shortcut).
To start the app from Konsole navigate to the Get_Iplayer_GUI directory and type 'kmdr-executor ipdl.kmdr'. Then head to settings and point everything at the right places. Make sure FLVstreamer bin file is executable (properties and permissions of file)

example for Mandriva FLVstreamer setting in gui:


it needs to be in quotes



0.76 Updated to go with V2.31 of command line tool.
Added 'Live Recorded' Tab in planner, to aid management of recorded streams.
Changed the method of how the list of down-loadable content is pulled from the net

0.75b Just fixed delete problem

0.75 encoding for multipart ITV shows now working. Fixed a little prob in Audio Encode only. There is also a 20 second Preview button for encoding. Added Film to catagories and more encoder presets.

0.5 Now fully up to date with 2.16 of the command line tool.
New Features::
Live TV.. Live National and Local radio
Record Live TV and Radio
mini Encoder for file conversions (multi part ITV programs not yet supported)
FFplay or mplayer used for live streams

0.3 Fixed bug in channel selector and added some new categories and one new BBC Channel.

0.2a Updated the search and category filter. Removed the 'add to encode' as it looks like I put my dev version up for the taking. Corrected a little display issue when it came to the FLVstreamer command line.

Source(Get iPlayer GUI Remixed)
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 by jz18 on: Aug 10 2009
Score 50%

for mandriva plissssssssss

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 Re: hi

 by zeckman1138 on: Aug 11 2009
Score 50%

I'll have a look as to what's needed to make it work for Mandriva.. would expect an install of Kommander, xterm, the get_iplayer command line tool from http://linuxcentre.net/getiplayer/download/ (various disrto specific version available) and get the gui's default settings pointing at the right places, would be all it needs.

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 Local BBC Radio

 by mizogs on: Aug 16 2009
Score 50%

Thanks for sharing your work. I have been looking for something like this for a while now so I can record programs on local radio.
I have never tried to edit a script like this before. I tried opening file ipdl.kmdr in "Kate" and changing a radio channel that I wouldn't use ( Radio 6 ) to either Stoke or Northern as this search would find what I was seeking. But although I thought I saved the file nothing changed. Obviously more knowledge is required than I have. Is there a simple way to modify the searches to what I need ie. Radio Stoke and/or Northern Soul?

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 Re: Local BBC Radio

 by zeckman1138 on: Aug 16 2009
Score 50%

Unfortunately the BBC iPlayer service does not cater for regional radio stations, only the nationals. Local Radio is supported by each stations internal IT dept and stream only through their sites. So depending on who's site your on, will either be broadcating flash or real audio.

One method to record the station would be to do it through your soundcards mixer, and write a little app to act as a VCR on timer.

Sorry I can't help out.


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 Re: Re: Local BBC Radio

 by zeckman1138 on: Aug 17 2009
Score 50%

After a little bit of deep searching... and a dawn of realization, have realized that you can record Live streams for Local Radio Stations through Get_iPlayer.. derrr

In a terminal (konsole) type ::

get_iplayer --type=liveradio

this will show you all available live streams.. Give me a little time and I might integrate local live stream recording into the gui. Current Dev version has national live listen and recording supported.

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 by spookster on: Jan 14 2010
Score 50%

In Kubuntu Karmic, this script just crashes kommander for me:

Application: Kommander Executor (kommander), signal: Segmentation fault
[KCrash Handler]
#6 0x001d0f80 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommanderwidgets.so.4
#7 0x001cfbc3 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommanderwidgets.so.4
#8 0x00133a6f in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#9 0x00127d26 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#10 0x0015dc46 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#11 0x0015efb1 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#12 0x0015f0ca in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#13 0x0015fbc1 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#14 0x00152c23 in KommanderWidget::evalAssociatedText(QString const&) () from /usr/lib/libkommandercore.so.4
#15 0x001b36c6 in Dialog::initialize() () from /usr/lib/libkommanderwidgets.so.4
#16 0x001b303b in Dialog::setVisible(bool) () from /usr/lib/libkommanderwidgets.so.4
#17 0x015abcf6 in QWidget::show (this=0xbfcff170) at ../../include/QtGui/../../src/gui/kernel/qwidget.h:473
#18 QDialog::exec (this=0xbfcff170) at dialogs/qdialog.cpp:489
#19 0x0804b966 in _start ()

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 Re: crash

 by zeckman1138 on: Jan 14 2010
Score 50%

Well its not guaranteed to work for everyone Spook.

Load the script into Kommander and check the source, as I have no time anymore in supporting this app.

Now, if you have no Kommander programming environment app (under programming in your menus), it means the problem is your install and not the script. It still works for me, my mates, even my parents. thats who I wrote it for, thought it would be nice to share it with others.


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 Re: crash

 by zeckman1138 on: Jan 14 2010
Score 50%

You got me curious and was able to replicate the error message you posted.

Make sure you are using Kommander 4:3.5.10 from Synaptic and not Kommander-kde4 4:4.2.2.

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 by dialallama on: Dec 27 2010
Score 50%

I have been struggling with crashing and lagging adobe flash for years. Downloaded your program. Installed kommander-kde3 in ubuntu maverick. Ran the script and it worked perfectly!!!

My only comment is that, most of the time, I wish to watch the program directly rather than save a copy. I can do this by finding the flv file whist it is downloading and opening it in VLC. However, I notice that your program encodes the file once it is downloaded and removes the flv. It would be good to have an option to watch the downloading program and then an option to either delete or store the file. It might be more complicated if the download speed is to slow and vlc runs out of data.


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 Re: Fantastic

 by zeckman1138 on: Dec 28 2010
Score 50%

Glad this still works for people. Its been a while since I updated this App, and unfortunately I don't really have the time nowadays to add more in. Its a great option to add. You're always welcome to get in and add more yourself though. ;-)

Since this was written there have been quite a few changes in the Iplayer world, and not all the features, like live Radio and TV are working like they used to, thanks to URL changes mainly.

best regards, and seasonal salutations

Mike H

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