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KDE CD/DVD Software

Score 81%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.5.x
Downloads:  5282
Submitted:  Sep 16 2006
Updated:  May 12 2008


KDVD-RAM is a tool collection for DVD, DVD-RAM and Blu-ray (BD). You can format the disc, create UDF filesystems, change the DVD-RAM write protection status and the mount point permission. You get also many information about the media and drive.

- KDE 3.5.9 with kdialog and kommander (kmdr-executor)
- UDF Tools (mkudffs)
- dvd+rw-tools (dvd+rw-format, dvd+rw-mediainfo, dvd-ram-control)
- hal
- hdparm (ATA/IDE Device) or sdparm (SCSI/SATA Device)


First public release
- with german support

Bugfix in all files
Add install script

Bugfix install script

Bugfix install script for local install

Add template for desktop DVD-RAM device icon
Better error handling in all scripts
Remove local install from install script
Full install support (link, device...)

0.4 (Alpha)
completly redesign
add KDE help

0.4 (Beta)
Change Media Info from Kdialog to Kommander Script (You don't need the /dev/dvdram link anymore)
Fix bugs in all scripts
Add error handling
Add German translation and German KDE help

0.4 (RC1)
Fix Properties Write Protection bug
Add icons for format, info and udf filesystem
Add menu entry
Update KDE Help
Add install and uninstall script

Fix Permissions bug with newer KDE version
Add Spin down function
Update KDE help
Ready for Kubuntu 7.10

Add extended properties group function (Have a look at the screenshot 3)

0.5 Beta
Add better install script
Add medium cloner

0.5 RC1
Fix permission bug (Works only with KDE 3.5.9)

Translations and bug reports are welcome!

Source(KDVD-RAM 0.5 RC1)
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 Your README file

 by angrykeyboarder on: Sep 1 2007
Score 50%

I note in your readme file you give nice instructions for Kubuntu users:

"Install for Kubuntu 7.04
Open the KDE terminal

1) Install package:
sudo apt-get install hal
sudo apt-get install hal-device-manager
sudo apt-get install hal-info
sudo apt-get install kde-hal-device-manager
sudo apt-get install libhal1
sudo apt-get install libhal-storage1
sudo apt-get install kommander
sudo apt-get install udftools
sudo apt-get install dvd+rw-tools"

But I could not help but notice you spent extra time typing it out the (needlessly) long way.

The end result? Users spend even more time installing than you spent typing.

Make it easy on yourself and everyone else.

Just one line:

"sudo apt-get install hal hal-device-manager hal-info kde-hal-device-manager libhal1 libhal-storage1 kommander udftools dvd+rw-tools"

Quicker for you to type and quicker for us to copy and paste! :)

Badda-bing Badda-boom!

I "fixed" it before installing the packages you suggested and the result? I was told I had everything but udftools as APT was downloading and installing for me. :)

© 2007 angrykeyboarder™ & Elmer Fudd. All Wights Wesewved

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 Got source code?

 by angrkeyboarder on: Oct 27 2007
Score 50%

This isn't source code. It's the program itself.

I want to compile from source and create Debian package.

© 2006 angrykeyboarder™ & Elmer Fudd. All Wights Wesewved

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 Re: Got source code?

 by Multimedia4Linux on: Nov 1 2007
Score 50%

It is the source code and the application (Kommander and bash script)
You dont't need someting to compile...

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 by shevegen on: May 7 2008
Score 50%

can this be included into k3b? (maybe only optionally)

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 Problems in debian

 by hifi25nl on: May 13 2008
Score 50%

I don't know how much time I have spent on packet writing in the last 2 years...so I have found your software the most interesting. However I would point out that:
1) The installer is not working in debian: "Please use the software installer of your distribution, then restart this installer."
So, after installing almost manually, I have these problems:
2) Disc-Format is not working, after about 1 second I receive a message that all is done...
3) Eject is not working: this, I think, is a problem of udftools, I had it before. If I select eject the disk will unmount but not eject. What is strange is that, after trying to mount another time and receiving a message that the disc cannot be mounted, if I press manually the button of the tray, the disk will come out!
4) In extended properties Medium Access Permission is greyed out. The same with Mount Point permissions.
5) It is not clear to me if the suggestions for kubuntu should be applied to debian (see readme about 40-permissions.rules etc...). In any case I have tried to apply the rules (file names are different in debian), but the result is the same as leaving the files untouched.
5) I think you should clarify how to install packet writing in Linux. For example, udftools was complaining about missing device at boot. At last my configuration is this:
/dev/cdrom /media/cdrom udf,iso9660 user,noauto 0 0
# packet writing
/dev/scd0 /media/dvdram udf noatime,noauto,owner,user,rw 0 0
-----> I have also made a
pktsetup devpktcdvd0 /dev/scd0
Something wrong? All dvd writers must be registered manually with pktsetup?

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 Re: Problems in debian

 by Multimedia4Linux on: May 17 2008
Score 50%

For DVD-RAM support you don't need the packet writing, but you need Linux 2.6.22 or a newer kernel.

KDVD-RAM Tools 0.5 Requirements:
- Linux 2.6.22 or newer
- KDE 3.5.9 with kdialog and kommander (kmdr-executor)
- UDF Tools (mkudffs)
- dvd+rw-tools (dvd+rw-format, dvd+rw-mediainfo, dvd-ram-control)
- hal
- hdparm (ATA/IDE Device) or sdparm (SCSI/SATA Device)

Please check if the utilities works!

German DVD-RAM Howto

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 Re: Re: Problems in debian

 by hifi25nl on: May 18 2008
Score 50%

Uninstalled everything and installed another time. This is the message:
KDVD-RAM Tools 0.5 Beta installer

The hal package is required, but not yet installed.
cat: /etc/lsb-release: No such file or directory
Please use the software installer of your distribution, then restart this installer.
However, hal is installed....an also udftools and dvd+rw-tools

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 Re: Re: Re: Problems in debian

 by Multimedia4Linux on: Jun 1 2008
Score 50%

Manual install with root:
kdeprefix=`kde-config --prefix`
install --mode=644 media_dvd*.desktop --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus
install --mode=644 media_dvd*.desktop --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/apps/dolphin/servicemenus
install --mode=644 media_dvd*.desktop --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus

install --mode=644 linkDVDRAMWRITER.desktop --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/templates
install --mode=644 DVDRAMWRITER-Device.desktop --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/templates/.source

install --mode=755 src/*.sh --target-directory=$kdeprefix/bin
install --mode=755 src/*.kmdr --target-directory=$kdeprefix/bin

mkdir --parents $kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdvd-ram-tools
mkdir --parents $kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/de/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/uk/index.docbook --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/uk/index.cache.bz2 --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/uk/*.png --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/de/index.docbook --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/de/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/de/index.cache.bz2 --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/de/kdvd-ram-tools
install --mode=644 doc/de/*.png --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/doc/kde/HTML/de/kdvd-ram-tools

install --mode=644 po/de/*.mo --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES

install --mode=644 icons/32x32/*.png --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/icons/default.kde/32x32/devices
install --mode=644 icons/48x48/*.png --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/icons/default.kde/48x48/devices
install --mode=644 icons/64x64/*.png --target-directory=$kdeprefix/share/icons/default.kde/64x64/devices

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 kde 4

 by collinm on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

when a kde 4 release will be availabel?

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 Definitely a nice improvement.
 Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.
 I do not like some of the changes.
 KDE is taking the wrong way.
 I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.
 I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.

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