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KDE Other Game

Score 60%
Gentoo Linux


Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.2.x
Downloads:  4571
Submitted:  Jan 10 2004
Updated:  Jan 29 2005


My first passion in development was the biorithms, I wrote a lot of small programs in console or in bcb (without chart) to do that, but this is my first try to make them in a graphic linux program, and also this is my first mine kicker applet, starclock is 99% based on clockapplet.

The ebuild can be downloaded from my site at my site with other ebuilds.

Note: I need icons and binary packages for these. If you have some, mail me.


From version 0.6.1
* Fixed italian translation which wasn't working at all :)

From version 0.6
Added slovak translation
Fixed a bug for applets which stay opened for more than one day.

From version 0.5.1
* Removed dstrings and misc unit, never used in KBioritmi, was here because I
used them in the old bioritmi console.
* Changed old QDate objects passed as parameters to const QDate & as suggested
by http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/mistakes.html .
* Still in the document above, moved the x & y conversion functions into file's
static inline functions.
* Fixed shortcut for coupler.
* Added "Export as CSV" to export the biorithms in a format usable in OOo or
orther spreadsheet softwares. The columns are separed by semicolon.

From verison 0.5
* Fixed coupler crash

From version 0.4
* Removed DRAW_CIRCLE(x, y) macro from qbioritmi.cpp.
* Created two inlines for QBioritmi to get the right X/Y coordinates without
using macros.
* Added support to not track some cycles.
* Added draw as lines instead of points (selectable).
* Added 'Coupler' to see the behaviour of two people's biorithms in the same

From version 0.3
* Changed layout of Applet Configuration dialog.
- Changed to KPushButton for compatibility
* Added a new QBioritmi class, the widget which draws the graph of the
biorithms. All the actual work is done by this class.
* Removed libdgp.la as pkglib, now is linked statically, the space saved by
the library was minimum.
* Wrote the standalone version in a decent way. Now it uses the qbioritmi
like the applet. A problem: I don't know how to read out the applet config
with the standalone version to share birthdates.
* Now the applet uses one-shot config dialog.
* The config dialog is shared between applet and standalone version.
* Removed the 'Draw Graph' button in the standalone version. Now the graph
is draw at every modify to the dates.
* Added an About dialog

From version 0.2
* Fixed compilation problems with .ui files (like in KVBA). Now it should
be good for the gentoo's ebuild system.

From version 0.1
* Removed t_date, now using QDateTime directly into bioritmo
* Changed the 3 QLineEdit with a KDatePicker
* Birthdate is now stored in the configfile as QDateTime instead of
* Chart is now drawn starting from today-15 days to today + 14 days, in one
long cycle.

(Mirror 2)
(Detached GPG Signature)
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 by shm on: Jan 11 2004
Score 50%

interesting applet

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 It don't work...

 by t3knomanser on: Feb 14 2004
Score 50%

Unfortunately for me, it won't make.

In file included from bioritmiapplet.h:12,
from bioritmiapplet.cpp:12:
appletconfig.h:13:28: uiappletconfig.h: No such file or directory
In file included from bioritmiapplet.h:12,
from bioritmiapplet.cpp:12:
appletconfig.h:22: error: syntax error before `{' token
appletconfig.h:23: error: virtual outside class declaration
appletconfig.h:23: error: non-member function `const char* className()' cannot have `const' method qualifier
appletconfig.h:23: error: virtual outside class declaration
appletconfig.h:23: error: virtual outside class declaration
appletconfig.h:23: error: virtual outside class declaration
appletconfig.h:23: error: virtual outside class declaration
appletconfig.h: In function `QObject* qObject()':
appletconfig.h:23: error: invalid use of `this' in non-member function
appletconfig.h: At global scope:
appletconfig.h:23: error: syntax error before `private'
appletconfig.h:27: error: destructors must be member functions
appletconfig.h:29: error: syntax error before `public'
appletconfig.h:34: error: syntax error before `protected'
In file included from bioritmiapplet.cpp:12:
bioritmiapplet.h:105: error: syntax error before `*' token
bioritmiapplet.cpp: In constructor `BioritmiApplet::BioritmiApplet(const QString&, KPanelApplet::Type, int, QWidget*, const char*)':
bioritmiapplet.cpp:33: error: `configDialog' undeclared (first use this function)
bioritmiapplet.cpp:33: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
bioritmiapplet.cpp:33: error: syntax error before `(' token
bioritmiapplet.cpp: In member function `virtual void BioritmiApplet::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*)':
bioritmiapplet.cpp:119: warning: unused parameter `QResizeEvent*e'
/usr/include/c++/3.3.1/bits/stl_map.h: At top level:
appletconfig.h:23: warning: `bool qt_static_property(QObject*, int, int, QVariant*)' declared `static' but never defined
appletconfig.h:23: warning: `QMetaObject* staticMetaObject()' declared `static' but never defined
appletconfig.h:23: warning: `QString tr(const char*, const char*)' declared `static' but never defined
appletconfig.h:23: warning: `QString trUtf8(const char*, const char*)' declared `static' but never defined

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 Re: It don't work...

 by Flameeyes on: Feb 22 2004
Score 50%
Gentoo Linux

Fixed in the new version :)

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 tooltip on mouseover

 by somekool on: Feb 25 2004
Score 50%
somekool networks

really really nice.

i love it.

please do a tooltip on mouseover.

giving the current date where the mouse is, the E, I, P score,... and maybe an interpretion ????

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 Re: tooltip on mouseover

 by Flameeyes on: Feb 26 2004
Score 50%
Gentoo Linux

Thanks for the idea, I'm working on it for the next version.
I'm also working on the standalone version and to clean up a little bit the code.

For the interpretation, I think everyone should try to understand his values because they are usually personals.

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 Problem compiling

 by phil on: Mar 13 2004
Score 50%

I'm really interested in using this app but since the last versions I have the following message while compiling:
uiappletconfig.cpp:49: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct

What's going wrong here? Is there something not quite ok with my system? I'm using SuSE 9 and KDE 3.1.5.

Thanx in advance
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 Re: Problem compiling

 by Flameeyes on: Mar 25 2004
Score 50%
Gentoo Linux

strange behaviour... I'll try to investigate deeply asap, I suspect KColorButton is not in KDE 3.1 but only in 3.2 :/

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 by jadrian on: Jul 27 2004
Score 50%

Why is this in the "games" section?
Scientific, Utilities or Other Software, all seem more apropriate.
That said, nice application ;)

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 Re: "game"??

 by Flameeyes on: Jul 27 2004
Score 50%
Gentoo Linux

I don't think 'Scientific' could be a good section ;)
Actually I thought to this as a 'game' like Fortune.

Anyway, thanks :)

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 by zefo on: Feb 1 2005
Score 50%
T-Systems Slovakia

different application, different biorythm. check these out:


and compare w/ kbioritmi..

which one to choose? why they differ?

thanks for explanation,

-- joe

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 Re: chaos

 by lucher on: Feb 20 2005
Score 50%

That's interesting, indeed! But remember what most GPl apps are saying: "This software comes without any warranty..."

Well - oos!

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