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KDE Graphic Tool

Score 67%



Link:  http://kooka.kde.org
Minimum required   KDE 3.2.x
Downloads:  1477
Submitted:  Mar 2 2004
Updated:  May 4 2004


Kooka is the scan application of choice for the KDE project and thus it is official part of the KDE Graphics Package.

Kooka helps you to handle the most important scan parameters, find the correct image file format to save and manage your scanned images. It offers support for different OCR modules. Libkscan, a autonomous part of Kooka, provides a scan service for easy and consistent use to all KDE applications.


Kooka now uses ocrad as its default ocr engine and offers a KDE user interface for it.

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 by Bruce on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

Your download link is not too kooka, but to kdegraphics 3.2.

KDEGraphics is much more then just kooka, is kdegraphics 3.2 compatible with 3.x or just 3.2?

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 CLI Interface

 by Yaba on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

What I would like to see are options for Kooka to make it usable from the command line by scripts.

To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just need to work on it.
- Scott Granneman, Security Focus

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 Re: CLI Interface

 by fab on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

that would indeed be cool. Can some DCOP-magic help here?


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 Vuescan better

 by garbage on: Apr 11 2004
Score 50%

This is a case where Linux users should cough up a few lousy bucks & reward a commercial author for his work.

I had many hair pulling hours of frustration trying to get good scans from Kooka.

Then I remembered Vuescan from my Mac day's & sure enough there is a Linux version.

Installed by just extracting the archive & excellent scans were happening.


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 Re: Vuescan better

 by matt2002 on: May 5 2004
Score 50%

I tried vuescan (some months ago), and it does indeed deliver excellent scans. It seems to have better and more scanner support than sane.

The only reason I did not buy it is because the gui is almost not usable on my system. Not because it would have a bad design, no, it would be very intuitive, if I could just see the selected options on my system. Maybe it is an issue of gtk+ not supported good enough on my kde-centric box.

The latest versions of kooka (starting from kde 3.2.x) on the other side, are driving me crazy.
  • Kooka does freeze sometimes when a preview should get displayed, after the scan finished already. (the preview is there after a restart of kooka, so the problem dos not seem to be in the sane part of the scan)

  • Always when I start it I have to reopen all "views".
    • It does not remember that a view was opened, or hwere it was opened
    • it does open views in the upper left corner, always, and always at an usuable small window size

But the scans are not bad, at least with my scanner, the defaults are better than the ones xsane is using.

So I wish that either vuescan offers a kde or at least a qt gui, or that kooka stops this stupid screen cluttering gimp 1 like gui mode where windows need to get opened all over the screen.
xsane and vuescan both show that a gui can get designed better, much better, and even kooka once upon a time was better.

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 Re: Re: Vuescan better

 by matt2002 on: May 5 2004
Score 50%

oops, I just downloaded and tested the latest vuescan version, and I have to take all back:
  • the gui is great now.
  • no screen cluttering
  • perfect scans also in highest resolution
  • time saving presets/filters for optimizing scans from newspapers and magazines
  • and it seems to be free on linux for non commercial use.

Is that Qt what they use now?
What seems to miss is is only OCR integration.

This is indeed professional software!

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 Re: Re: Re: Vuescan better

 by freitag on: May 5 2004
Score 50%

Well, nice that vuescan now serves you well - but you should consider to post that on the vuescan page, shouldn't you?

On the other hand you might want to post bug reports on bugs.kde.org if Kooka is buggy for you. I am able to scan previews and Kooka starts in the same manner that I left it so you probably suffer from a problem that is not easily a Kooka prob.

Klaas Freitag
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Vuescan better

 by matt2002 on: May 6 2004
Score 50%

Hello Klaas,

about vuescan, please keep in mind that in my post about kooka, comparing it with vuescan, I made wrong statements about vuescan. It would be unfair not to correct them, wouldn't it!

About kooka, I'm not so sure if it is a bug what I see, there might be just an issue with a configuration file. A can't report that as a bug, without further research.

Independent of the window display problem I see on my box I have an issue with the gui mode of kooka. I hate the screen cluttering ŕ la gimp, and when I see the many comments about it in discussions about gimp I know I'm not the only one who finds it terrible, and not userfriendly at all.

So my comments about vuescan are not so much comments about vuescan, but comments about what I'm missing in kooka:
  • "the gui (of vuescan" is great now. - no screen cluttering" -> the screen cluttering multi window gui of kooka is - at least for me - terrible.
  • "perfect scans also in highest resolution" -> this is not kooka, but more sane: the highest resolution scans for my scanner do not work (yet) correctly. This is not a bug, it seems to be just not completely reverse engineered yet by the driver maintainer (epson 1670/ snapscan). Now Vuescan has the driver working already perfectly.
  • "time saving presets/filters for optimizing scans from newspapers and magazines" -> this is a feature I miss in kooka, it would be great if kooka would add it.

Worded like this, is it kooka related enough now, Klaas?

To make my point more clear, I struggle also with kbear, which has opens windows inside its main window. I try to use it, it has many great features, but the gui is just not friendly to my old eyes, for simple tasks I therefore often use gftp, which unfortunately is not kde, missing a lot of other features I love in kde apps.

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 by freitag on: May 6 2004
Score 50%

Well, now we come to the point :-)

Looking at the screenshots on this page, you see that screen cluttering is not intended, it is not a new 'feature' ;-) You suffer from a problem that I heard about, but I am not able to reproduce it yet, that means, I simply do not have found the bug yet. You could reply now: Well, the undockable windows can always lead to a cluttered GUI, yes, but some people like to undock e.g. the ocr result window to have it as a kind of dialog. Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sizes for the scan options window. That can not (only) be handled by layout management.
Bottomline: The clutttered GUI you dislike is a bug that I can fix as soon as I have detailled information how that happens. It is not intended.

The point with the presets: Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases. I have already started on that, but postponed it in favour of OCR.

Klaas Freitag
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 Re: Vuescan?

 by matt2002 on: May 7 2004
Score 50%

This is what I love about linux / kde / open source: you make some comments about an app, and to your surprise soon you are chatting with the author of it :-)

>screen cluttering is not intended, it is not a new 'feature' ;-)

ok, I wish I could get kooka to look like on the screenshots. As I seem to be not the only one with this problem, it seems to be worth attacking it: Tell me what you would like to know, i check it out and send it to you. You need kooka.rc or whatever, I'm more than willing to help.

>...the undockable windows can always lead to a cluttered GUI,>

I might be happy already, if I can dock the windows, and they stay docked then.

However if it is as in kbear, that if I resize one docked window, the other ones do not adjust, and I end up with either overlapping windows or empty space in my main window, that would drive me mad. I prefer the "divider" type of adjustment, you slide one smaller, the other one gets bigger.

> but some people like to undock e.g. the ocr result window to have it as a kind of dialog

yes, I can see that, and here I might be even also in favor of a new window for the ocr result, or better a third tab for the ocr results in the preview, scan view subwindow, which has 2 tabs already anyway. I could see the ocr results logically fit in there.

>Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sizes for the scan options window. That can not (only) be handled by layout management.

yes, I remember that from earlier versions of kooka when some buttons did not show up in a subwindow, no matter how big I tried to make it.

I think vuescan has solved this problem by leaving enough space in the subwindows for the biggest set of options. and successfully using 2 sets of tabbed windows to save screenspace.

I personally like the tabbed window style, when opera came out with it I switched to it immediately (and now that konqui is there too and in many ways even better, I'm wondering how to get my bookmarks over to konqui...)

>Bottomline: The cluttered GUI you dislike is a bug that I can fix as soon as I have detailled information how that happens. It is not intended.

Got it: what "detailled information" do you need? You might want me to send it to you directly?

>The point with the presets: Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases.

This is great to hear!!!

Let me add also the feature request of an easy way to use kooka as a photocopy machine. (Hint: vuescan has a "copy to print" feature.) This is where I often loose time trying to get the printout looking somehow similar to the original in size and quality.



 by pivarac on: May 5 2004
Score 50%

If anyone wants to use VueScan on Linux, no need to cough up money - it's free for personal and educational usage. Still, with my upcoming scanner purchase, I will most definetly give Kooka a go first.

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 Kooka works fine

 by tnt on: Aug 30 2006
Score 50%

I got Kooka work with my low-cost-scanner and this was the day i love scanning. Scanning some more pages with grafik tools in windows was often a work of hours, because of the "one-time-call" of the twain-dialog, saving in specific folder and so on. with kooka it is just a klick per scan.

Rock n' Roll Outlaw
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