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Yahoo! Weather Widget


Plasma 5 Plasmoid

Score 73%
Yahoo! Weather Widget

Yahoo! Weather Widget

Yahoo! Weather Widget

Blog:  http://en.librehat.com
Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 5.x
Downloads:  4175
Submitted:  Mar 17 2014
Updated:  Apr 22 2016


Yahoo! Weather Widget written in pure QML.

Designed to be reliable and fast.


Please check https://github.com/librehat/com.librehat.yahooweather/blob/master/README.md!

You need to install it using `cmake` if you wish to have localisation support!

* To find your WOEID, there are two ways.
The first one is what I recommend. Go to http://zourbuth.com/tools/woeid/ and type in your city's zip code or name or landmark. Click Lookup then voila!

Another one is included in Yahoo's documentation. Go to browse or search for your city from Yahoo! Weather. The WOEID is in the URL for the forecast page for that city. You can also get the WOEID by entering your zip code on the home page. For example, if you search for Los Angeles on the Weather home page (http://weather.yahoo.com), the forecast page for that city is http://weather.yahoo.com/united-states/california/los-angeles-2442047/. The WOEID is 2442047.

Contribute to Translations

1. Fork and send pull requests on GitHub: https://github.com/librehat/com.librehat.yahooweather
2. Check other languages in translations directory, and create new translations for your languages
3. Code contributions are most welcomed.


22-04-2016 v5.2.0
Check https://github.com/librehat/com.librehat.yahooweather/releases/tag/v5.2.0 for changelog

06-04-2016 v5.1.1
* bug fixes

03-04-2016 v5.1.0
* migrate to new Yahoo! Weather API
* UI improvements

02-04-2016 v5.0.1, v0.5.2
* fix API changing issue

04-04-2015 v5.0.0
* the first version ported to Plasma 5

29-01-2015 v0.5.1
* add Dutch translation (by Freek de Kruijf)

18-12-2014 v0.5.0
* add an option to specify update interval

16-11-2014 v0.4.0
* add an option to select wind speed unit
* add Romanian translation (by Daniel)
* add Polish translation (by Dr. Boczek)

05-07-2014 v0.3.2
* add German translation (by Wilfried Solbach)
* add French translation (by ghostdarkhid)

12-04-2014 v0.3.1
* add Italian translation (by Valter Mura)
* add Russian translation (by Кирилл Дёмин)

20-03-2014 v0.3
* add Simplified Chinese translation
* add weather description tooltip (hover on the relevant icon)
* other UI improvements

19-03-2014 v0.2.1
* fix a bug that cannot update forecast after 60min and keep busy indicator running
* some tweaks

18-03-2014 v0.2
* UI tweaks
* bugs fixed
* ready to be translated

17-03-2014 v0.1
* inital version 0.1

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 More details for basic users

 by kylia on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%

Dear dev,
Could you please add more information for basic users on your page to help us install your widget ?
currently having the following issue after installing it from Kubuntu - automated install from UI. Already spent 1 hour searching on google and installing packages manually without success.
file:///home/kyl/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/main.qml:20:34: Type Weather unavailable
file:///home/kyl/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/Weather.qml:12:1: module "QtQuick.Layouts" version 1.2 is not installed

That shouldn't be so hard to have a nice weather widget working without having to manually install dependencies from terminal. Let's think about 90% computer users. :)


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 Re: More details for basic users

 by peter2m on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%

> Could you please add more information for basic users on your page to help us install your widget ?
You can find this informations on home site of this project. Url (mentioned in description in this site) is following:
In "Installation" you can read, that to install you should run:
plasmapkg2 -i ./com.librehat.yahooweather-5.1.1.plasmoid
for upgrade (if you have already installed older version):
plasmapkg2 -u ./com.librehat.yahooweather-5.1.1.plasmoid
(I changed version to the newest in this moment)

Solution for your issue found in google:
Found using this key words in google: "kubuntu QtQuick.Layouts"
Please run below:
sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtquick-layouts

I also installed following packages:
sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtqml-models2
sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-models-plugin

If you need to install all dependencies automatically then you have to ask maintainer of this package in Kubuntu to add this dependencies.

After installation please relogin, and add again this plasmoid to desktop.

Location of Plasmoids installed manually (so like above) is following:
If you want you can remove old plasmoid manually, just removing proper directory.

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 Re: Re: More details for basic users

 by kylia on: Apr 9 2016
Score 50%


actually I uninstalled/reinstalled it to give another try and it works now. something as changed in the automated package installed by Kubuntu


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 looks like it's working again :)

 by vinnywright on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%

re-git cloned it and mkplasmoid ,,,now have 5.1.1

on Kubuntu-16.04 .

it's been running for over an hour set to update every 15 min.

nice addition of the refresh button ;)

thanks ;)


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 Wrong 'Feels Like' Temperature

 by ArchYouSa on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%


Could you fix the 'feels like' temperature? :) I think that's not Celsius even though I chose that.
Take a look at the preview picture, it says:
England 11°C, but it feels like 52°C, which would be really hot :D.

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 Re: Wrong 'Feels Like' Temperature

 by librehat on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%

As mentioned on GitHub issue: https://github.com/librehat/com.librehat.yahooweather/issues/16
This is a data error from Yahoo! side, but I'll address it in future versions.

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 Latest and Greatest Missing Type

 by dovidhalevi on: Apr 7 2016
Score 50%

Error loading QML file: file:///home/david/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/main.qml:20:34: Type Weather unavailable
file:///home/david/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/Weather.qml:24:5: Type Yahoo unavailable
file:///home/david/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/Yahoo.qml:48:5: Type Forecast unavailable
file:///home/david/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.librehat.yahooweather/contents/ui/Forecast.qml:12:1: module "QtQml.Models" is not installed

So installed it.

On plasma restart and crash and restart, plasmoid hung up reading Yahoo.

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 Re: Latest and Greatest Missing Type

 by vinnywright on: Apr 8 2016
Score 50%

I had to install both "qml-module-qtqml-models2 and "qml-model-qtqml-models2" and do a reboot before the installation of that pkg would do anything for the widget.

@hear it's Kubuntu-16.04 plasma-5.5.4 QT-5.5.1

what are you on ?


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 Re: Re: Latest and Greatest Missing Type

 by dovidhalevi on: Apr 8 2016
Score 50%

Running Debian Sid.
The widget does not connect to Yahoo so does not work.

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 Re: Re: Re: Latest and Greatest Missing Type

 by vinnywright on: Apr 9 2016
Score 50%

and you are sure you have ver. 5.1.1 of the widget , and your sid is plasma5 .

the 5.1.0. and 5.0.0 ver. do not have the fix to the new yahoo API

it's still working fine @hear


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 Bug in temprature

 by qsaman on: Apr 9 2016
Score 50%

Thank you for this great app. I'm using the last version from master (1559c38285eebaab9a57032a6e2366046d22c2bd). I've noticed there is a bug: if I choose Celsius, the value of "Feels like" is still Fahrenheit. For example if it is 2 Celsius, it is shown as 28 Celsius.

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 Re: Bug in temprature

 by librehat on: Apr 9 2016
Score 50%

Yes this is a known bug from Yahoo! side. I fixed it by using Fahrenheit and doing conversions myself in trunk. Will release a new version in following weeks along with other improvements. :)

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