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KDE Sound Application

Score 89%



Homepage:  Link
Downloads:  4770
Submitted:  Dec 21 2011
Updated:  Mar 23 2015


Cantata is a (yet another!) client for the music player daemon (MPD). Originally started as a fork of QtMPC, the code is now *very* different. Cantata can be compiled with KDE support, or as a pure Qt4 application. The interface is very configurable - most views can be shown as either a list or tree structure.

Currently Cantata has the following views:

1. Library - sorted as Album Artist (or Artist if Album Artist not set), Album, and finally Track.
2. Albums - displays albums as icons, sorted by their title.
3. Folders - displays MPDs virtual filesystem. (This view is hidden by default)
4. Playlists
5. Dynamic - dynamic playlists
6. Streams - allows saving of internet radio URLs, searching for stations via TuneIn or ShoutCast, station listings from; Digitally Imported (+Sky, JazzRadio, RockRadio), TuneIn, IceCast, ShoutCast, SomaFM, etc.
7. Online - Jamendo, Magnatune, SoundCloud, and Podcasts
8. Devices - enables copying from/to USB-Mass-Storage (UMS) and MTP devices, and ripping AudioCDs

The sidebar has a context menu, allowing you to control its style and what items are shown.

Refer to http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Client:Cantata, and https://cantata.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/README, for further information.


1. Fix Ubuntu Touch builds.
2. When refreshing search menu, clear items first!
3. Fix setting of cover when existing cover is embedded in music file.
4. Fix OSX executable name for case-sensitive filesystems.
5. Hide ratings widgets, etc, in tag editor for devices and Mopidy, etc.
6. Use Control+Alt+Number as shortcut to toggle an output.
7. Don't allow to set short-cuts for actions that are menus.
8. Add high-dpi support to Linux and Windows Qt5.4 builds.
9. When calculating ReplayGain, if peak value is less than 0.00001 then assume the calculation is invalid.
10. When parsing podcast RSS, if episode is marked as video (e.g. video/mp4) but the url ends in an audio extension then it is proably an audio podcast.
11. Correctly initialise seach category.
12. Fix potential crashes on refresh.
13. Fix duplicate notification when Cantata is started whilst playing, or when 'Replace Play Queue' is used.
14. Only show output change notification if outputs menu was not previously empty.
15. Construct a new config object, rather than changing group, to avoid any race conditions.
16. If fading volume on stop, then reset volume just before stopping. Some outputs (e.g. pulse audio) only allow setting a volume whilst playing.
17. If 'url' entry is empty in 'enclosure' section of podcast RSS file, then use 'guid' text as url - if possible.
18. Fix copying of covers to UMS, etc, devices if song is transcoded.
19. Add an option for 64 bit non KDE linux builds to install helper apps to lib64 instead of just lib. Pass -DCANTATA_HELPERS_LIB_DIR=lib64 to cmake.
20. In tag editor, only mark rating as changed if it has been.
21. For Linux non-KDE builds, use login1 interface to detect system resuming.
22. Enable scrobble 'love' button even if scrobbling is disabled.
23. Don't crash when detecting an audio CD with no tracks.
24. When playing a digitally imported (or JazzRadiom, etc) stream from the favourites section, then modify the URL if the user has a premium account (to match what existing behaviour is stream is played from the station list)
25. Workaround build issues with SpeexDSP 1.2rc2
26. Use correct stream icon in playqueue for streams with no song details.
27. Fix FreeBSD build.
28. Respect carriage returns when displaying comments in context view.
29. Fix replaygain calculation when ffmpeg is using planar formats.
30. Enable 'save' button when reading ratings from multiple files.
31. Fix cantata-remote script (used for Unity launcher integration) when this uses qdbus.
32. Fix display of rating in tag dialog when only 1 file is being edited.
33. Fix fetching of ratings in table style playqueue.
34. Don't convert -ve track, disc, or years to unsigned - set to 0.
35. Bundle openSSL libs with windows builds.

MS Windows(1.5.2)
Mac OS X(1.5.2)
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 Order by rating or comment?

 by boasdi on: May 15 2015
Score 50%


I really like Cantata. There are only two things missing that are keeping me from really using it..

- Order playlists by rating
- Read/edit comments and order playlists by comment

Also, but that is another topic because it is MPD related I think ; why does mpd have a different rating system than Clemetine or Banshee? When I rate a song in Clementine and open it in Banshee the rating is also visible there. It would be nice if that would be possible with MPD too.


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 Re: Order by rating or comment?

 by faemir on: Aug 24 2015
Score 50%

There are two main ways to store ratings - in a custom tag on the song file, or in a database for the application.

I think that mpd does it via the second approach, thus it won't carry over to other programs.

It would be exportable with the right tool though.

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 Re: Re: Order by rating or comment?

 by boasdi on: Sep 8 2015
Score 50%

Thank you for your answer!

But the other things I asked, could be done in Cantata, I imagine?


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 album covers

 by valius55 on: Jul 11 2015
Score 50%

I am new in Cantata and I have problem with showing album covers.
I play my music from QNap server via transpost (MPD player) and DAC. Cantata works except showing the album covers which are saved in the each separate album file as Folder.jpg. Some covers are shown but they are taken not from my created directories but from internet. I tried everything (I mean "Music folder" option) but the problem is still there. Please help me, Cantata is the only option for me to control my music via computer. Thank you very mucg for your help !!!!

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 Re: album covers

 by ShalokShalom on: Jul 19 2015
Score 50%

Please report your issue here:


It will find more audience there. :)

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 Very genius

 by ShalokShalom on: Jul 19 2015
Score 50%

I love this application, please help me to fix my challenges: Currently start Cantata with the question, if i aim to set it up on a local computer or just as client, then comes the question about the path and so on. I wish to compile Cantata in a way, (or edit the source code) that these questions get skipped, so that the user can simply click on a audio file and Cantata plays it. Who can help me please ? :)

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 Re: Very genius

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 1 2015
Score 50%

Cantata is an mpd client; mpd is a music database/playback system.

It's not designed to "just play a file" at all.

Some clints "fake" random local file support by temporarily adding the files to the database, but i'd say you're rather looking for something like smplayer.

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 Re: Re: Very genius

 by CraigD on: Aug 2 2015
Score 50%

Well Cantata *can* playback local non-MPD files - it has a minimal embedded HTTP server which it uses to serve files to MPD. (I use this to play AudioCDs from my laptop out of MPD running on my Pi 2)

And as for 0 config - as long as MPD is using its defaults, then this too can work. Or at the least, provide a system-wide default Cantata config.

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 Re: Re: Re: Very genius

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 2 2015
Score 50%

If you check for a running (local) mpd server at start (on default port) you can probably reasonably just connect to it.

If there's no local mpd server running, you can (given mpd is installed ... ;-) start one and connect it, but you sacrifice the wizard that asks the user what you want to do (in case mpd is just installed along libmpdclient and he actually wanted to connect his RasPi)

It's a trade-off, but my main objection would be "why use an mpd client just to abuse mpd to playback local files only" - and drop about everything (database, network, client/server) that's cool about the mpd approach.

Is the http server btw. in the cantata process, ie. if you quit cantata, playback stops?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Very genius

 by CraigD on: Aug 5 2015
Score 50%

I guess a connection attempt could be made, etc. to make things simpler. I'll accept patches to do this...

Does not affect my use case - where MPD is running on a Pi2

I agree, that MPD is not really meant for local file playback (or at least, that's not its strength). But, it is useful to be able to playback some local files. Again, seeing as my MPD is on another machine, I do use the in-built http server for this use-case (and for playing AudioCDs)

Yes, the HTTP server is in-process, and Cantata should remove any localy served files from the playqueue when it closes. I guess a separate cantata-http helper could be written (like cantata-dynamic) to serve the files...

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 ID3 Tags

 by dadebue on: Aug 4 2015
Score 50%

Hi, I'n new to Cantata and so far I'm pretty pleased. The only problem I have is that the tiltle of all my iTunes m4a files isn't identified correctly. All m4a files have "unknown" titles. Any other files have the correct titles. Any ideas how to fix that?

Best regards

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 Re: ID3 Tags

 by CraigD on: Aug 5 2015
Score 50%

Cantata gets its metadata from MPD - so the issue will probably be there.

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 It doesn't show cover in any plasmoid

 by Ralsa on: Sep 25 2015
Score 50%

I have try with all cover-show and mpris plasmoids and Cantanta never shows the cover art like another kde aplicattions like Amarok, CLementine, Yaroc, etc....
Is it possible?

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 Very Much Like | simpler interface than Amarok

 by Landis on: Nov 6 2015
Score 50%
the Reed Foundation
Landis Reed 0

the Reed Foundation
United States of America, Austin
Last visit Nov 27 2015
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I like the interface layout and the simplicity of using / configuring.
The UI is Not cluttered and hard to use.
Amarok has become Too much, too involved.

I want to listen to my music not learn a new app : )

the use of MPD, seems like my music sounds clearer.


the Right is right the Left is wrong.
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