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KDE Other Game

Score 73%

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  2227
Submitted:  Jul 29 2007
Updated:  May 9 2008


KFceu is a much needed front end for FCE Ultra. KFceu will provide you with the all tools to configure FCE Ultra with ease, and to browse your collection faster.

Go to my openSUSE Build repository to see all the other distro packages.

The latest version requires KDE4 libs, and developer tools, including CMake.

If your using an RPM based distro you can simply try a "rpmbuild -ta kfceu.VERSION.tar.gz" as root, and if everything is set up right it should build an RPM for you.


Now you have the option to scan the rom directory recursively. Will now build on KDE 4.1 alpha.

GiSWiG's fine name issue put to bed for good I hope.

I broke the focus. Fixed.
Also fixed a bug that might cause your game list information to be incorrect.

Fixed some of the help boxes wording.
Using the KDE about dialog, instead of my own cruddy one.

Added improved search filter.
Added help tool tips.
"Valgrind"ed out some memory leaks.
More KDE 4 widgets added.

other(Build Repository)
Source(kfceu version 1.0.0)
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 Qt4 version works

 by H00K on: Oct 7 2007
Score 50%

'./configure && make' works just fine on my Gentoo amd64.

Great work. Thanks :D

..now I only have to figure out how the controls settings work. ...but after the exams tomorrow!

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 Re: Qt4 version work

 by PikoPiko on: Oct 7 2007
Score 50%

I forgot to put the help box back in.

Basically you'll get a window, and in this window's title it will tell you the controller button you are currently trying to bind. Press the key, or joystick button, or move an axis twice to bind it.

It's a little weird. It's FCEU's actually key binder method. I'm trying to dissect how they create the configuration in the first place, so I can make my own method for binding controls that's will be a little easier to understand.

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 Slow town.

 by PikoPiko on: Nov 11 2007
Score 50%

Getting a good development environment for KDE 4 has been fairly tricky. I'm never sure if it's linking things right, or if I even have everything I need installed correctly. Getting both KDE 3, and 4 to exist together on openSuSE is more difficult then it should be. I think it's more of my own fault then KDE's. Hopefully when the final version is released this will be much better.

I don't think you'll see KFceu/KDE4 out until sometime next year. This is one of my little side programs, but because I use it my self regularly, I try to keep it up to date, and keep trying to improve it.

I have some new functions in the works, like KFceu now can almost modify the FCEU configuration files on it own, so making a better button binding interface is possible.

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 Depends on: KDE 4

 by PikoPiko on: Nov 23 2007
Score 50%

I noticed when I released this version that there is no depends on for KDE4. Wondering when admins will add that to the list.

Just want to make sure everyone knows, the latest version(=>1.99.5) of KFceu is KDE 4 only.

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 by GiSWiG on: Dec 7 2007
Score 50%

AWESOME! Works in opensuse 10.3 64-bit! Didn't need to have a full implementation of KDE4. I did add libkde4-devel through yast (came with it's own slew of deps) and I think cmake as well, and it runs great.

There is one small issue. Files with a . in the name are not shown in the roms list (probably sees what's past the dot as the extension) Good example is "Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].zip" This is the name given to the rom by GoodNES (ROM checker program windows based) In fact, this is an issue for all of the Super Mario Bros. games (1,2, and 3 at least) Rename it and it's fine. But would like to keep the original name with the .


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 by PikoPiko on: Dec 10 2007
Score 50%

Oops, I know why it does that, yeah your right.

When is scans the extension it takes everything after the first dot, not the last. I think I can fix that rather quickly.

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 by PikoPiko on: Dec 10 2007
Score 50%

Should be fixed now.

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 problem compiling po

 by qgqlochekone on: Mar 19 2008
Score 50%


i try to compile in sarge brand, but it seems depends KDE 3.4 cos hav this error:

In file included from main.cpp:3:
.ui/mainForm.h:29: error: error de decodificación before `{' token
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: non-member function `const char* className()' cannot
have `const' method qualifier
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: virtual outside class declaration

i think i need g++ 3.4 , i currenly use 3.3 and libstdc++5-dev, this weekend i ll install g++ 3.4 and libstdc++6-dev....

there the rest of log..

.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h: En function `QObject* qObject()':
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: invalid use of `this' in non-member function
.ui/mainForm.h: At global scope:
.ui/mainForm.h:30: error: error de decodificación before `private'
.ui/mainForm.h:34: error: destructors must be member functions
.ui/mainForm.h:51: error: error de decodificación before `public'
.ui/mainForm.h:53: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:54: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:55: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:56: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:57: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:58: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:59: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:60: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:61: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:62: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:63: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:64: error: virtual outside class declaration
.ui/mainForm.h:66: error: error de decodificación before `protected'
.ui/mainForm.h:73: error: error de decodificación before `protected'
main.cpp: En function `int main(int, char**)':
main.cpp:10: error: `mainForm' undeclared (first use this function)
main.cpp:10: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
function it appears in.)
main.cpp:10: error: error de decodificación before `;' token
main.cpp:11: error: `w' undeclared (first use this function)
/usr/include/qt3/qstringlist.h: En el nivel principal:
.ui/mainForm.h:30: aviso: `bool qt_static_property(QObject*, int, int,
QVariant*)' declared `static' but never defined
.ui/mainForm.h:30: aviso: `QMetaObject* staticMetaObject()' declared `static'
but never defined
.ui/mainForm.h:30: aviso: `QString tr(const char*, const char*)' declared
`static' but never defined
.ui/mainForm.h:30: aviso: `QString trUtf8(const char*, const char*)' declared
`static' but never defined
make[1]: *** [.obj/main.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/general/emus-proyect/emus/kfceu/kfceu/kfceu-1.0.0'
make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2

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 Re: problem compilin

 by PikoPiko on: Mar 19 2008
Score 50%

It looks like a problem with the way qmake is constructing the UI headers.

I'll be honest. I don't really care about the version 1.0.0 of KFCEU. I don't plan on writing any more patches my self for it. If you can fix it then I'll gladly add it to KFCEU.

If you can't figure it out I would simply get the KDE4 developer stuff installed, and use version 2.0.2. It is a far better version, and should compile on anything with out problems because of cmake.

Sorry I can't be much more help then this.

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 Re: Re: problem compilin

 by qgqlochekone on: Mar 19 2008
Score 50%

ok, i understand u'r possition!

it seems the qmake, i try to upgrade, like many tools i hav to upgrade throug this issue, i find that gcc 3.3. not work also!

i will compile again whit all tools, and i ll put commnets about!

see u tomorrow

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 Re: Re: Re: problem compilin

 by qgqlochekone on: Dec 28 2008
Score 50%

i solved, seems trhat u README in the old version are not seriously made correctly, kfceu 0.1 requires kde 3.4

about kfceu 2.X.X its realy cool a frontend too complicateed in a too complex and modern KDE4 for an old very old emu like fceu, umm better u make the port to qt4 perhaps, but kde4, noooo!

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