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yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)


Plasmoid Binary

Score 91%
PlasmaFactoryPlasmaFactor y
PlasmaFactor y
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  59038
Submitted:  Nov 29 2008
Updated:  Mar 23 2013


Yet Another Weather Plasmoid.
There is nothing wrong with the ones that exist, I just wanted something more colorful.

This plasmoid belongs to other people, it would not be where it is without their help. See the README.

Please help with additional themes and translations, thanks.

For the latest unstable version:
svn co https://yawp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/yawp/trunk yawp

tar -jxf yawp*
cd yawp*


0.4.5 (23 Mar 2013)
* Bugfix: Desktop mode is not reusing applet size from last session.
* Bugfix: yaWP crashes in systemtray with KDE 4.10

0.4.4 (17 Mar 2012)
* New desktop painter has been added. Yawp can be configured to use the traditional or the new one for desktop and/or for popup window.
* Panel painter has been rewritten
* Initialization stuff of yawp has been moved to init method, because yawp crashes on KDE 4.8 due to the usage of not initialized components.
* Usage of KMessageBox has been replaced within DlgAddCity, otherwise yawp crashes on KDE 4.8.5 (some earlier versions might be included as well).
Using KMessageBoxes within KConfigDialog (yawp settings dialog) still works as expected.
* Google ION has been removed, because Google does not support this service any longer.
* Updating and fixing translations
* Bugfix: yaWP did not update weatherdata periodically after hibernation - it is working now

0.4.3 (17 Apr 2012)
* Show current RealFeel temperature under current temperature (thanks to Alain Soucy)
* Non-modale city search dialog
* Implementing public slot configChanged() to behave like a standard plasmoid - yaWP can be configured from external programs (e.g.: javascript)
* changing internal handling of extender (KDE 4.8 only) - when plasmoid will be used in desktop mode extender is not used and will be destroyed, when plasmoid is moved to panel a new extender will be created
* little tweaks to horizontal panel layout, adding more spaces between icons
* Ukrainian translation updated (Thanks to Yuri Chornoivan)

0.4.2 (04 Jan 2012)
* Adapting yaWP to KDE 4.8
* ION AccuWeather is showing closer maps for cities of the United States.
* Workaround crashes in city search dialog in KDE >= 4.7.4
* Frech and Slovak trasnlation updated
* Fixes in Wunderground ION
* Fix double translation for Short day names

0.4.1 (03 Dec 2011)
* Add ability to open forecast in browser (if URL is provided by ION)
* ION wunderground is returning a sorted list of cities (airport stations are listed on top of list,
because in general terms this station type contains more weather information than the personal weather station type).
* ION Wunderground is supporting satellite maps as well
* ION accuweather is not using a config-file for satellite image mapping any longer (feature has been added in version 0.4.0
but I think this was a stupid idea). Satellite images will be hard coded mapped to location in ION.
* Translations updated (CZ, FR)
* Several little bug fixes - including geometry issues

0.4.0 (13 Nov 2011)
* Bugfix: text in animation area jumps up or down at start and at the end of animation
* applets painting methods has been extracted and rewritten, for re-use and hopefully the new painting methods are well structured
* yaWP supports externder items (in panel mode only) - extender item interacts with user like desktop mode.
In panel mode:
When user clicks on the applet (but not on the weather forecast icons) the extender pops up.
The behavior of the applet for clicking on the weather forecast icons can be configured in the config dialog on page "Panel"
option "Use interactive weather icons". When this option is checked the weather icon will toggle between day and night
(in case we have weather information for day and night) otherwise the extender will appear.
* Removes old files from cache directory $HOME/.cache/yawp on a regular base.
* The install script install.sh uses more CPU cores if available. Could be override by -j script option.
* Turkish translation (thanks to Hasan Kiran)
* Czech, Slovak and French translation updated
* Changing unit system in config dialog will force auto-update.
* AccuWeather will use a config file for satellite mapping.

0.3.6 (12 Dec 2010)
* Traverse through all locations periodically (optional)
* Page 'Settings' from config-dialog has been redesigned to gain more space
* Fixing update bug in Wunderground Ion.
* Algorithm that is doing the text layout for the details area has been simplified
* Fix API breakage in 4.5.2/4.6

0.3.5 (8 Oct 2010)
* Fix compilation error on KDE 4.5.2
* Patching ions to work with new weather-data-engine, thanks to Raymond Wooninck
* Fixing legal issues (The source code of the standard ions used as the base)
* Ion is checking state of pressure, instead of just coping the data
* Fix issues with sunrise/sunset
* Prefer millimeters of mecrcury to torr on KDE 4.5
* Fix KDE version check - consistently use KDE_IS_VERSION

0.3.4 (7 Jul 2010)
* Fix torr description.
* Fix problems with some ions when yawp runs under ru locale
* Fix compilation error on PCBSD (thanks vvheritagevv) for patch.
* Update translations cs, fr, sk

0.3.3 (12 Jun 2010)

* Added word-wrap for details-property.
* Added new ion for wunderground weather service
* Showing observation time (the time when weather-service-provider has been updated the weather data) on details page, when specific ion supports this feature.
Ion Google, AccuWeather and Wunderground returning observation time, as well.
* Timestamps for sunrise and sunset will be returned in the new timestamp format (when compiling with kde 4.3 and above - timestamps in the standard ions had been changed)
* Google is returning more information of location to show the right flag. User needs to entered a more specific search text to add a new city.
* Timezone management
* Fix compilation problems with gcc 4.5 (thanks to Kai Wasserbäch)
* Translations updated: fr, pl(Maciej Bulik), sk, de, cs
* Added Ukrainian translation (thanks to Yuri Chornoivan)
* Various bugfixes and small improvements

* Added support for KDE 4.4 (including docking in systray)
* Fix text shadow for light themes
* A new Compact panel layout
* Translations updated: cs, fr, ru
* Some small fixes

* Fixed bug in accuweather engine.

* Totally rewritten - Big thanks to udev.
* Plasma weather engines support - accuweather and google engines included
* Multicity support

Issues of 0.3.x:
* KDE 4.4 is not supported yet !
* Translation files needs update.

* Satellite image in tooltip can be dissabled
* Polish translation added - thanks to Maciej Bulik
* Fixed unit conversion functions to be on sync with accuweather.com - Thanks to Maciej Bulik for report.
* Russian, French and Czech translation updated.
* Licence mess cleaned.

* Fix for the icon sizing issue in KDE 4.2.2 and 4.2.67 - thanks to Daniel Rocher
* Solid support for network - thanks to John Stamp
* Panel tooltip redesign, show much more informations now
* Dialog sizing issue fixed
* Removed obsolete KIO workaround
* Translations updated: French, Slovak, Czech and Russian

* Fixed several panel sizing issues
* Custom colors support
* YaWP should be now usable with light themes (like Aya)

* Panel support
* Many bugfixes and improvements

* With help. Please see DEVELOPERS in README.

* Many attempts ....

Source(yawp_themes_pack-0.2.tar.bz2 (Themes collection))
Source(Oxygen-01 (theme by painkiller101))
Source(7even-01 (theme))
Source(like-Weather-com-01 (theme by chepioq))
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 Horizontal desktop layout?

 by corinnav on: Jan 18 2015
Score 50%


I really love this applet on the desktop, especially in "naked" style. However, with a 16:9 screen, vertical desktop space is crucial. Would it be possible to add another desktop applet layout which is more horizontally aligned, with the current weather left of the forecast rather than one above the other?


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 Can someone please fork this for Plasma 5?

 by MadmanRB on: Mar 11 2015
Score 50%

Pretty please?

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 Re: Can someone please fork this for Plasma 5?

 by geoaraujo on: Mar 11 2015
Score 50%


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 Re: Re: Can someone please fork this for Plasma 5?

 by mkyral on: Mar 11 2015
Score 63%

Well. I've started, but then I had to do something else so I had no time to work on it. Will continue soon (I hope). Lot work needs to be done.

Any help is welcome.


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 Re: Re: Re: Can someone please fork this for Plasm

 by chepioq on: Mar 22 2015
Score 50%

I am not a dev or a programmer, but if you want a beta-tester I can do that.

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 Re: Re: Re: Can someone please fork this for Plasm

 by Walternate on: Apr 1 2016
Score 50%

PLEASE make YaWP available for Plasma 5! I */REALLY/* miss it! :( :(

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 Plasma 5?

 by janet on: Oct 31 2015
Score 50%

Is there any chance to get this for Plasma 5?

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 Re: Plasma 5?

 by janet on: Oct 31 2015
Score 50%

Sorry, I haven't seen the previous entry...

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 plasma 5

 by farcus on: Apr 10 2016
Score 50%

Is this project dead?
Plasma 5 has been around for almost two years and still no port.
I really appreciate that it isn't an easy thing to port to plasma 5 but the last update we had from the developer was a year ago.
A definitive answer as to whether this will ever be ported (and if so when) would really be appreciated.

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 Re: plasma 5

 by mkyral on: Apr 11 2016
Score 50%

I hope, this project is not dead. Rather in sleep state. I don't know how other developers, but I'm still using KDE4 and yawp on almost all my computers. I've only one testing laptop with Plasma 5 and it still does not works correctly. Maybe is Plasma5 two years old, but is still not stable for me. Each version creates a new bugs and leaves all previous untouched :-(

And I see no key features on Plasma5 that will push me to use it. I'm happy with KDE4.

So I have no motivation yet to continue with porting, especially when I have other thinks to do and with higher priority - my family, a toons of photos from last years to process, geocaching and openstreetmap.

I still hope, one day, yawp will be ported for Plasma5. But not now. Sorry.

And as usual - any help is welcome ;-)

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 Re: Re: plasma 5

 by farcus on: Apr 11 2016
Score 50%

thanks for the informative reply.
I guess it is time to find an alternative weather plasmoid for plasma 5.

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