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Smooth Tasks


Plasmoid Binary

Score 94%
Smooth Tasks

Smooth Tasks

Smooth Tasks

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  20603
Submitted:  Mar 24 2009
Updated:  Nov 6 2010


This is a fork of mbaszczewskis STasks plasmoid. For the original STasks code go there:

This taskbar replacement has window peeking similar to Windows 7 when you use the kwin 'highlight window' effect. Even if this effect is not used you can click the tooltip in order to activate the corresponding window.

About Launcher Support, Grouping and Sorting:
A feature often requested in the comments is support for launchers and a more comprehensive context menu. Because the information about which task items there are, their grouping, sorting and state (minimized, demands attention, is active, ...) and even their context menu is all provided by libtaskmanager, such feature requests should be directed to kdelibs. I wrote a wishlist entry in the kde bugtracker for these features: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207902 If you want this feature vote for this wish.

Launcher support exists in KDE 4.6. I will incorporate this feature once KDE 4.6 is available in Fedora (and I have time).

Update 2:
I pulled all changes made by flupp and jimi312, which amongst other things add launcher support. You can download the most recent source directly from the mercurial repository:

However, because I experienced some bugs with the launcher support (sometimes they are shown when the associated app is running and sometimes they are not shown when the associated app is not running) I did not make a new release yet. If I can find the bugs in a few hours tomorrow (2nd Apr 2011) or flupp/jimi312 fix them I will make a new release. I don't know how much time I have to work on Smooth Tasks. :/

Update 3:
The mentioned bugs concerning launchers seem also to be present with KDE's original taskbar, so I think the bug lies in libtaskmanager and not in Smooth Tasks.

Bugreports and Wishes:

Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora have official packages.

sudo yum install kde-plasma-smooth-tasks

And to get meaningful backtraces:
sudo debuginfo-install kde-plasma-smooth-tasks

Note: I didn't check the validity of any of these packages!

Poll: Which Layout should stay?
I have created a poll about which of the various layouts supported by Smooth Tasks should be kept and which I can drop:

Please participate in this poll so I know whether I have to bother with supporting all of the currently provided layouts. In case you do not use multiple rows please choose the first option. In this case most layouts should look the same anyway.


wip 2010-11-06:
FIX: drop whole groups onto pager (removed workaround for KDE < 4.5 which could not handle groups at all)
FIX: when dragging a task only a tiny bit it's position was not reset
Maybe FIX: a very rare tooltip positioning bug (I have o wait if it reoccurs)

wip 2010-11-05 update 1:
FIX: fixed unwanted highlight behaviour change which reintroduces flickering :(

wip 2010-11-05:
FIX: tooltip appearance and background blur under KDE 4.5 (someone once sent me a patch for this but I cant find this message any more so I figured it out myself by looking at KDE sources)
FIX: less flickering for the kwin highlight effect

wip 2010-02-27:
FIX: less flickering for the window preview effect because I removed the kwin highlight effect bug workaround (that bug was obviously fixed in kde 4.4)
FIX: crash when right-click on startup item, thanks to anonymous

wip 2010-02-13 update 2:
FIX: hopefully fixed bug concerning missing taskbar entries

For the full list of changes see:

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 I cant install

 by Fremesa on: May 17 2011
Score 50%

I just try many times and allways the same error. I tried in Kubuntu 11.04 know im in Opensuse 11.4 but i have the shame error and google do not helpme.

-- The C compiler identification is unknown
-- The CXX compiler identification is unknown
CMake Error: your C compiler: "CMAKE_C_COMPILER-NOTFOUND" was not found. Please set CMAKE_C_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name.
CMake Error: your CXX compiler: "CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER-NOTFOUND" was not found. Please set CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name.
CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindKDE4.cmake:98 (MESSAGE):
ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:1 (find_package)

CMake Warning (dev) in CMakeLists.txt:
No cmake_minimum_required command is present. A line of code such as

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)

should be added at the top of the file. The version specified may be lower
if you wish to support older CMake versions for this project. For more
information run "cmake --help-policy CMP0000".
This warning is for project developers. Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.

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 Can't build it in KDE 4.6.80

 by nicotine on: May 29 2011
Score 50%

[ 18%] Building CXX object applet/CMakeFiles/plasma_applet_smooth-tasks.dir/SmoothTasks/Applet.o

/tmp/yaourt-tmp-heaven/aur-smooth-tasks/src/smooth-tasks-build/applet/SmoothTasks/Applet.cpp: В функции-члене «void SmoothTasks::Applet::launcherAdded(TaskManager::LauncherItem*)»:
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-heaven/aur-smooth-tasks/src/smooth-tasks-build/applet/SmoothTasks/Applet.cpp:263:42: ошибка: «class TaskManager::LauncherItem» has no member named «url»
make[2]: *** [applet/CMakeFiles/plasma_applet_smooth-tasks.dir/SmoothTasks/Applet.o] Ошибка 1
make[1]: *** [applet/CMakeFiles/plasma_applet_smooth-tasks.dir/all] Ошибка 2
make: *** [all] Ошибка 2

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 Re: Can't build it in KDE 4.6.80

 by idonthack on: Jul 20 2011
Score 50%

change the file applet/SmoothTasks/Applet.cpp on line 263




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 Re: Re: Can't build it in KDE 4.6.80

 by nicotine on: Jul 21 2011
Score 50%

Hi, thank you.

P.S. I've switched to this repo — https://bitbucket.org/jimi312/smooth-tasks-kde-sc-4.6 it looks more freshly, but both are abandoned anyway :)

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 Thx for your work

 by virgolus on: Jun 16 2011
Score 50%

Thx for your awesome widget. I can't use kde without this taskbar. There is a plan for activity support? If I switch trough activity the icon of an app in another activity doesn't disappear.

thanks again

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 please increase maximum for expanding size

 by majewsky on: Jun 20 2011
Score 50%

I want to set the expanding size for task items to the maximum to have the task items always cover the whole applet area. This works fine for the 1440x900 display on my notebook, where the applet is slightly less wide than the maximum expanding size of 1000 pixels, but it fails on my other system with a 1920x1080 Full HD display. Could you please increase the maximum value for the expanding size to something like 3000 to 10000 pixels?

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 Libreoffice on taskbar

 by york824 on: Jun 21 2011
Score 50%

First thank you for your great job. I love smooth tasks very very much.
There is only one thing I would like to see as an improvement: the ability of making Libreoffice stay on the tast bar when it is not running. Is that possible to be implemented?

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 Blurred text shadow?

 by goona on: Jun 26 2011
Score 50%

Would it be possible that smooth task is using the same blurred text-shadows as FolderView?

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