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KDE CD/DVD Software

Score 80%

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.2.x
Downloads:  14204
Submitted:  Jan 17 2004
Updated:  Dec 30 2005


KIso is a program for KDE to make it as easy as possible to create manipulate and extract CD Image files.


!Note that KIso 0.8 needs libcdio 0.73 to run!

KISO 0.8 ChangeLog:

- Files/Direcories can be renamed through the contextmenu.
- Converted all soundfiles to ogg.
- Customizeable buttonsounds with skins.
- Added filters in the filedialogs.
- Added credits in the aboutdata.
- Added GHex2 as HEX-Editor.
- Open files with their assotiated applications.
- Proof for helping applications.
- Encryption of an image. (Note that mcrypt is needed for this feature.)
- Added the commandline option make to create an ISO image of a directory.
- Added Convert to iso to the KDE-Actions menu.
- Added Make ISO image to the KDE-Actions menu.
- Added Progessbar for commandline options.
- Conversion from mdf (Media Description File) to iso.
- Conversion from cdi (DiscJuggler) to iso.
- Review of the handbooks.
- Fixes in german translation.
- Italian translation.
- Lithuanian translation.
- Dutch translation.
- Polish translation.
- Bugfixes.

KISO 0.8.1 ChangeLog:

- Replaced own treeview with KFileTreeView.
- Added support for conversion of ccd/img (CloneCD) to iso.
- Improvements in the configure script. (Thanks to Laurent Montel)
- Added support for Dual Layer DVDs.
- Bugfixes.
- Removed french and romanian translation because they were unmaintained.
- Hungarian translation.

KISO 0.8.2 ChangeLog:

- KIso should be able to handle filenames with special characters better.
- Added support for conversion of c2d (WinOnCD) to iso. (Alpha !!!)
- Show name of the image file in the titel bar.
- Deactivate directory tree until there is an open image.
- Updated the handbook.

KISO 0.8.2b ChangeLog:

- Rework of application detection.
- Fixed a bug in the global configuration settings.

KISO 0.8.2c ChangeLog:

- Fixed detection of mcrypt.

KISO 0.8.3 ChangeLog:

- NEW french translation.
- Bugfix where an entry was written into the sudoers file though it might have been there already. (Patch by PhobosK)
- Cleanups in the preferences dialog. (Thanks to Fraenki Schroeder)
- Bugfixes and optimizations by Łukasz Sierżęga.
- Fix for detection of drives by Fraenki Schroeder.

(Sources tar.bz2)
(Sources 7z)
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 CDI to ISO broken...

 by lidyon on: Jul 30 2006
Score 50%

It seems to convert a cdi image to iso, but it generates an invalid iso file, that can't be recognized as a valid image even by Kiso...

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 by arandamandi on: Aug 5 2006
Score 50%

Why this good app is not updated?
Dont' work with new libiso..

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 Re: Dead?

 by studioz on: Sep 11 2006
Score 50%
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Someone here, a good samaritan coder :-), update this software for us? I'm missing very much a graphical tool like this!

"O hoje é apenas um furo no futuro / Por onde o passado começa a jorrar" - Banquete de Lixo, Raul Seixas and Marcelo Nova.
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 Patch for libcdio

 by undefined on: Sep 30 2006
Score 50%

with libcdio >= 0.77 this patch help for build

  • --- src/kiso.cpp.orig 2006-09-30 16:30:06.000000000 +0200
    +++ src/kiso.cpp 2006-09-30 16:34:04.000000000 +0200
    @@ -3592,5 +3592,5 @@
    int i_status;
    uint8_t buf[500] = { 0, };
    - scsi_mmc_cdb_t cdb = {{0, }};
    + mmc_cdb_t cdb = {{0, }};

    @@ -3599,5 +3599,5 @@
    cdb.field[3] = 0x0;

    - i_status = scsi_mmc_run_cmd(p_cdio, 0, &cdb, SCSI_MMC_DATA_READ, sizeof(buf), &buf);
    + i_status = mmc_run_cmd(p_cdio, 0, &cdb, SCSI_MMC_DATA_READ, sizeof(buf), &buf);
    if (i_status == 0) {
    uint8_t *p;

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     by bugmenot on: Oct 14 2006
    Score 50%

    as kiso seems dead i found a new iso app:
    isomaster (http://littlesvr.ca/isomaster/index.php)

    its not kde (yet ;), but its working great and can extract and alter boot images...

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     (open)SUSE packages

     by cgoncalves on: Dec 20 2006
    Score 50%

    SUSE and openSUSE packages can be found here: http://software.opensuse.org/download/KDE:/Community/

    Carlos Gonçalves (aka Vixiado)

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     A good alternative

     by jmfv on: Aug 7 2008
    Score 50%

    This project seems dead. Using iso:/ kioslave in KDE works fine. Just type iso:/ISO_FILENAME in konqueror address bar to browse the contents of the iso file.

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