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Plasmoid Binary

Score 85%



Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  1948
Submitted:  Mar 29 2009
Updated:  Aug 8 2010


This is the first virtual keyboard for plasma. I made it for everyone who is using a touchscreen or plans to use one.

This is now part of the kdeplasma-addons package for KDE 4.4.


There are some requirements for compiling. Check out the following from the readme.


- You need a working GNU Compiler toolchain.
- Cmake
- KDE Headers files (kde development packages)
- Xlib Header files (X develpment packages)
- XTest Extension Header files (X develpment packages)
- QT Header files (QT development packages)


In the main directory run
- cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
- make
- make install/strip (as root or: sudo make install/strip )



- Plasmaboard does only (!) work when you place it in the panel. You can place it on the desktop but clicking on its buttons will do nothing

- When pressing "Alt Gr" the symbols on the keyboard do not adapt. This is an issue with the underlying X-Function, which seems
only to do mapping for the shift key correctly. No known solution yet. Despite of that AltGr works as expected

- When changing the xkb-modmap, plasmaboard does not adapt automatically. You need to force the relabeling of the keys. Press "Shift" for example

- Backspace key does not work in eclipse. Don't know why. If you find other applications in which plasmaboard doesn't work as expected, please report


This is the version of plasmaboard shipped with KDE 4.5.0 plus a bugfix. I provide it here for everyone still using KDE 4.4.

Advantages over the 4.4 version are quite big. Read here:

- Fixed building bug

- WARNING: This is not compatible with KDE 4.2 anymore!
- Will be part of KDE 4.4. kdeplasma-addons
- Improved labeling of keys and its performance
- Added transparency to key notifications
- Added tooltip for the keyboard
- Enhanced scaling behaviour inside of a plasma panel

- There is now a text label on the keyboard for switching between the basic and the extended layout. I think it is necessary that you can switch between them without using the context menu. However - if you have a bette idea how to provide this switching functionality please let me know.

- Font size on buttons is now scaled with the size of the keyboard
- That means the key label will always fit onto the keys (minus some bad translations)
- the popup showing the last pressed key is working far better now

- Much code cleanup
- Fixed bug concerning the switch between layouts
- Shows the last pressed key in a tooltip

Added the patch for kdelibs, that need to be applied for getting plasmaboard working on KDE 4.2.3/4.2.4 . Perhaps some package mantainers can add it to their packages?

- Fix for plasmaboard loosing focus when opened. This needs a patch for KDE which is NOT in the vanilla 4.2.4 packages. Hope to get some package maintainers patching their distro packages. It does work on coming KDE 4.3 releases, RC1 for example.
- Added missing gpl stuff for packaging
- nothing else, sorry, no time

- Clicking on keys like Control, Alt or Meta deactivates them now
- Closing the keyboard clears all pressed function keys
- Extended mode now provides a keyboard

Bugfix. Arrows on keys should be visible with every correct plasma theme now.

Just a small build-fix. If 0.4 it built for you, you don't need it.
0.4 still has a problem with unreadable labels on some keys. That's a problem with some plasma-themes I still have to investigate. In glassified and aya it works.

Enter, Tab, Shift, Caps, Backspace and ArrowKeys now have arrows painted on instead of a text label

Plasmaboard does now have all keys you might need. You can switch to the old basic layout via the conextmenu.

Many changes in the code. But you will notice the following enhancements:
- keyboard is now fully scalable in all directions
- symbols are repeated if you keep the key pressed
- Changed WIN-label to META
- Most "known issues" are gone

0.1.1: Bugfix. Function keys work now.
(Enter, Backspace and so on didn't work in 0.1. Uh, that's painful). Changed labeling of Control and Enter-Key

0.1: Initial version

(Patch for kdelibs 4.2.3/4.2.4)
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 Feature request

 by warnec on: Jun 12 2009
Score 50%

Still doesn't work w/4.2.4. Hopefully will get fixed in 4.3. I'm not a hardcore linux user enough to compile some core KDE4 components myself. I'm just too lazy ;)

One small feature request - right now the plasmaboard has a fixed aspect ratio (so e.g. it cannot be widened without increasing its height) and for me, the letter buttons are too high (I mean, they are rectangular, and their height is much bigger than width), and in real keyboard, the letter keys have square form. Hope you can remove the aspect ratio restriction!

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 Re: Feature request

 by Jinidog on: Jun 12 2009
Score 50%

See my README above. This is acutally fixed. But the patch did not get into KDE 4.2.4 . Hope to get some patched 4.2.4 packages soon.
It is fixed in KDE 4.3 Beta2

The aspect ratio ist not fixed. I can resize plasmaboard freely.

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 Still doesn't work

 by warnec on: Jun 16 2009
Score 50%

I'm on KDE 4.3 beta2 currently (all kde4 packages 4.2.90 w/ qt 4.5.2) and after I open firefox and click on the address bar, and then click a letter on Plasmaboard (when plasmaboard is on the bottom panel) Firefox window loses focus and no letters appear.

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 Re: Still doesn't work

 by Jinidog on: Jun 17 2009
Score 50%

Damn it. Does this happen in Firefox only?

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 Re: Re: Still doesn't work

 by warnec on: Jun 17 2009
Score 50%

Dunno, because a few hours later my whole installation broke and I needed to manually revert back to 4.2.4 in order to get any GUI.

I suggest you update to 4.3b2 and see for yourself.

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 Re: Re: Re: Still doesn't work

 by Jinidog on: Jul 23 2009
Score 50%

Tested with current svn code and it worked well

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 Still doesn't work

 by warnec on: Aug 13 2009
Score 50%

Still doesn't work in KDE 4.3 (Arch kdemod) Tested on the desktop and in the panel, doesn't output any characters on the window.

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 Re: Still doesn't work

 by Jinidog on: Aug 13 2009
Score 50%

Sorry, cannot reproduce. It works in example with the latest kdelibs-4.2.4 package in Fedora. And I have it working on kubuntu karmic with kde 4.3.

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 by warnec on: Aug 13 2009
Score 50%

Sorry, it works. I noticed it works about 5 mins after writing that it doesn't... :/

I wanted to remove my comment, but the funny thing was that I remembered that before writing it the last 2 comments were me saying it doesn't work it 4.3b2 and you responding does in svn. So after taking a look at the comments, I saw as the last 2 comments me and you responding. I did it in such a haste, that I thought it was my previous comment about beta2!

I simply thought something went wrong in kde-look and my false comment wasn't sent, that's why I didn't write it works. Now I see I made two mistakes... ;)

Anyway, works like a charm. Thanks!

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 Name change?

 by warnec on: Aug 16 2009
Score 50%

Hi. After compiling I noticed it is now named "Keyboard" instead of "Plasmaboard" in plasmoid chooser in KDE< and there is no icon (only '?')

Is the name change deliberate? And how about the icon?

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 Re: Name change?

 by Jinidog on: Aug 17 2009
Score 50%

The name change came with the integration of plasmaboard in kdeplasma-addons. This name is better.

I don't know why you do not see an icon. Probably your icon-theme does have an icon for kcharselect. I'm waiting for my own icon from the oxygen team.

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 Tested, works great

 by supermadman on: Aug 25 2009
Score 50%

I'm a gentoo user, and the latest version works incredibly well for almost all use-cases. This is an incredibly useful plasmoid for touch screens.

The one use-case that it didn't work under was typing into other plasmoids, and I can appreciate the difficulty in implementing that. Good luck, and well done thus far!

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