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Ultimate Lyrics


Amarok 2.0 Script

Score 93%
Ultimate Lyrics

Ultimate Lyrics

Ultimate Lyrics

Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  9111
Submitted:  Jul 24 2009
Updated:  Jul 26 2010


A configurable script that fetch lyrics from various sites.

  • Features:
    - Multiple site search (reload button can change site source)
    - Google search suggestions
    - Sites arranged by priority
    - Adequate charset support
    - Automatic (omitting track numbers, bracket, parenthesis, feat) and manual adjustment for artist and song name
    - Localizable GUI settings (cache, display mode, sites...)
    - Display modes: rich text, plain text
    - File cache (with expire period)

  • Supported web servers:
    wikia.com, lyricsplugin.com, lyricstime.com, lyricsreg.com, metrolyrics.com, seeklyrics.com, azlyrics.com, jamendo.com, darklyrics.com, mp3lyrics.org, songlyrics.com, elyrics.net, lyricsdownload.com, lyrics.com, lyriki.com, lyricsmode.com, lyricsbay.com, loudson.gs, lyricsfreak.com, sing365.com, allreggaelyrics.com, stixoi.info, teksty.org, tekstowo.pl, vagalume.uol.com.br, google.com

  • Translated into:
    - Czech
    - English
    - French (needs updating)
    - German
    - Italian
    - Lithuanian (needs updating)
    - Portuguese
    - Russian
    - Serbian
    - Spanish
    If you want to help translating the script in your language or update an existent translation follow the instructions from README inside script directory.
    Note that comment from script.spec is also translatable.

  • Notice:
    - It's suggested to turn off other lyric scripts like default LyricWiki.
    - Some ideas (codes) are taken from Glyrics, LyricWiki, Lyrix and Wiki-Lyrics.
    - Serially web sites change themselves, which can cause the script stops working for the site. Script adaptations are required when a site changes its "template".
    - Script can automatically (without google support) search only sites which URL can be constructed solely by artist and title.
    - The script is usually installed in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/ultimate_lyrics/ or in ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/scripts/ultimate_lyrics/
    - It's possible to disable loading of Ultimate Lyrics in ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc or by removing Ultimate Lyrics installation folder
    - Defaults settings can be changed in main.js when GUI settings doesn't work.
    - The script is not automatically updatable. Occasionally you have to update the script manually from Tools->Script Manager->Get More Scripts->Update

  • To do:
    nothing planned

  • Known issues:
    - The script uses system language settings (chosen by GDM) instead of kde regional settings (can be altered in main.js).
    - The script should work properly with Qt framework 4.5.x or 4.6.x, but may have problems (like missing GUI settings) with an older version.

  • Changelog:

    * 2.06 (2010-8-01)
    - [Translations] Czech updated
    - [Fix] capitalization bug (thanks to w0lfx)
    * 2.05 (2010-7-26)
    - [Translations] Spanish included
    - [Change] options for longer lyrics
    * 2.04 (2010-7-7)
    - [Translations] Portuguese included
    - [Fix] lyricsplugin.com - url changed for better performances
    * 2.03 (2010-6-3)
    - [Translations] Russian included
    * 2.02 (2010-5-02)
    - [New] statusbar in search dialog
    * 2.01 (2010-3-28)
    - [Translations] Czech included
    * 2.0 (2010-3-26)
    - [New] search dialog
    - [Change] delay loading *.ui until first request
    * 1.85 (2010-1-29)
    - [Fix] possible fix for crashing bug. Order has been changed. Importer.loadQtBinding("qt.core");Importer.loadQtBinding("qt.network"); (thanks to InnocentElias)
    * 1.8 (2009-11-24)
    - [Fix] Respect the newest request when there are multiple requests (optimize responsiveness by preemption)
    - [Fix] Display lyrics only for a current track, and discard lyrics for previous one (escape to Amarok caches a wrong lyrics)

    (Ultimate Lyrics 2.06)
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     doesn't work properly anymore

     by Mikage on: Mar 3 2011
    Score 63%

    It seems not to work anymore with loudson.gs and feiticeira so, probably, it has some problems working with amarok 2.4

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     Feature request: Save as txt

     by snayle on: May 19 2011
    Score 63%

    I have an important feature request to make! I believe it wouldn't be much work. I hope you're still on the Project, Vladimir.

    My request is: Add the ability to store the displayed lyrics to a plain text file into the music file's folder, with the same name as the music file as well. This is the most simple and compatible way to store lyrics in my opinion. I can even view the lyrics on my cheap 2005 mobile this way. Plus this way the lyrics get saved to the music folder, which is what I want when I'm up for sharing the music.

    This would be so great! No other lyrics plugin I know of does this. Thank you so much in advance!

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     Not working anymore...

     by LuisSilva on: Jun 10 2011
    Score 38%

    This scrit seems to not be working anymore. I get the following message on the lyrics widget:
    Upgrade to Lyrics Plugin version 0.4

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     It doesn't work

     by nachor22 on: Jul 9 2011
    Score 38%

    It doesn't work de plugin.
    Amarok show me "Upgrade to Lyrics Plugin version 0.4"

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     RapGenius support

     by therealpxc on: Aug 22 2011
    Score 63%

    Is there any chance we could see support added for RapGenius? It's an excellent source for lyrics, even without the mass of contextual information it provides.

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     amarok 2.5 - > script not working for me

     by bollo on: Jan 2 2012
    Score 50%

    Is there anybody out there who also has issues with this script in amarok 2.5?

    I am trying to get this script to work in amarok 2.5 on OpenSuSE 12.1 / KDE 4.7.4

    I deleted the folder "~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok" and any amarok related file in "~/.kde4/share/config" to start with a clean installation of amarok. Unfortunately this did not help.

    Ideas anyone? Thanks.

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     Re: amarok 2.5 - > script not working for me

     by OsZ on: Jan 21 2012
    Score 50%

    I am at openSUSE 12.1 as well recently updated to Amarok 2.5 from Packman source and all scripts that worked for 2.4.3 are not working properly any longer. Some, like "Radio Germany" give error messages that variable QPixmap cannot be found others (like this one) are just not working without stating any error message same as "Recordstreams". Even though the scripts seams to be activated in scripts management but there are no entries in the settings drop down menu either.

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     Re: Re: amarok 2.5 - > script not working for me

     by bollo on: Jan 22 2012
    Score 50%

    There is a problem with "qt4-qtscript". The amarok script part seems to rely on this package. Unfortunately it is not available for QT 4.8

    Also see my post here:

    And this discussion:

    Until the problem is solved (make "qt4-qtscript" compile with QT 4.8) the only way to get back your scripts is to downgrade QT.


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     Re: Re: Re: amarok 2.5 - > script not working for

     by OsZ on: Jan 22 2012
    Score 50%

    seams to be a hot topic, thanks for your comments. also found the threads when searching for solutions. I downgraded to amarok 2.4.3. currently. strange though that from Suse's "updated KDE apps" as well as from "Packman" we get packages that are not working with current stable release of Suse but thats a different story. thanks for your great support. Cheers, OsZ

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