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KDE Video Application

Score 89%



Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  4902
Submitted:  Oct 30 2009
Updated:  Mar 5 2010


RecordItNow is a plugin based desktop recorder for KDE

recorditnow-0.8 depends on KDE-4.4

#### dependencies ####
recordmydesktop (tested with recordmydesktop-
Joschy(joschy-snapshot-23-02-10 attached)

ffmepg for ffmpeg encoder/recorder plugin
mencoder (part of mplayer) for mencoder encoder plugin
xfixes for mouse cursor in screenshots/zoom

#### INSTALL ####
tar -xvjpf recorditnow-0.8.1.tar.bz2
cd recorditnow-0.8.1
sudo sh install.sh

#### git ####


makes life easier for packagers (rename GPLV2 to COPYING, buildin joschy)

05.03.2010: Release 0.8
New: Keyboard monitor
New: ffmpeg-recorder
New lib for uploads: Joschy
some new config options
Improved gui
Improved zoom
Many "under the hood" improvements
some bug fixes

22.12.2009: release 0.7
KAuth support
improved frame
new: circle under the mouse cursor
updated fr translation, thanks to Sébastien Vrillaud
updated hu translation, thanks to Barcza Károly
Some fixes
UI stuff

08.12.2009: release 0.6
Fix some little bugs
add french translation (thanks to Sébastien Vrillaud)
Fix some typos
new feature: Timeline
Improved mouse config
Improved recordmydesktop config (search)
Some krazy2 fixes
You can now select a mouse (recommended)
To fix the permissions, see http://recorditnow.sourceforge.net/#fix

29.11.2009: release 0.5
updated ebuilds
If you want to install the translations you need to specify them now for example with:
cmake -DLINGUAS="de hu"
add shortcuts config page
new features: zoom + show mouse clicks
Fix 2 little bugs in both uploader plugins
Fix cursor position on screenshot plugin

22.11.2009: release 0.4:
add tray overlay also in KDE-4.3
new default formats(ffmpeg/mencoder): wmv mpeg mkv
reset the timer after recording
ui stuff
new options for the screenshot plugin: quality/draw the mouse cursor/branding
new upload plugin: blip.tv
libgdata is now no longer required
Internal optimizations
new ebuilds

11.11.2009: add czech translation, thanks to Pavel Fric
10.11.2009: fix missing icon + update hu translation(thanks to VectoR)
10.11.2009: fix missing if in main.cpp
10.11.2009: Release 0.3:
new ebuilds
fix a crash that occurred after editing the toolbar
fix a leak
ui stuff
add shortcuts
add play/open and delete button
save the time and frame size
add upload plugin youtube
the timer can now be paused and stopped
add encoder plugins: ffmpeg and mencoder
add Portuguese (Brazil) translation, thanks to Márcio Moraes
fix workdir config
HIG stuff
fix start if session management is enabled

01.11.2009: fix header
01.11.2009: replace Experimental tray with KSystemtrayIcon on kde-4.3 (LibKNotificationItem-1.cmake is not installed by default)
31.10.2009: fix ld on KDE-4.3
31.10.2009: add translation (hu), fix build, HIG
31.10.2009: fix build with KDE-4.3
30.10.2009: Release 0.1

(source 0.8.1)
(blackPanther OS, and other RPM based distributions)
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 Video sometimes stutters

 by hellocatfood on: Feb 4 2010
Score 50%

Great software. It's the only one that actually gives me a decent framerate and workable interface!

I'm having a few problems in that when I press record, even if the framerate is set to 10/15, my windows start to move a lot slower. Are there any bug reports that I can send?

Also, as suggested by some people maybe you could add a plugin that launches key-mon when the program is loaded

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 Re: Video sometimes stutters

 by justi on: Mar 5 2010
Score 50%

>> I'm having a few problems in that when I press record, even if the framerate is set to 10/15, my windows start to move a lot slower. Are there any bug reports that I can send?

Thats normal because recordmydesktop(the recorder) sends many requests to X (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System) and that takes some time.

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 Re: Re: Video sometimes stutters

 by hellocatfood on: Apr 19 2010
Score 50%

It's ok, it seems it's because of the ATI graphics card. It doesn't provide hardware acceleration for libfb, which is what most desktop recorders use: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk-recordmydesktop/+bug/509111

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 good work!

 by emonkey on: Mar 2 2010
Score 50%

Thank you very much for this nice tool. I really like it, maybe I'm able to find a packager to get it on future kubuntu releases. Would be great to install it through the normal package management.

(Unfortunately I'm lack of knowledge and time at the moment to package it myself ... )

Keep on the good work!

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 Re: good work!

 by emonkey on: Mar 2 2010
Score 50%

Btw. There are some more dependencies ... findKDE4Internals.cmake module is in kdelibs5-dev package (K/Ubuntu)

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 Good work: keep it up

 by silviosky on: Mar 6 2010
Score 50%

Hi Justi,

Thanks a lot for this new excellent release.

As soon as Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is released (that is, at the end of April) I am going to test RecordItNow on it (I will work on the Gnome desktop).
I would like to translate its GUI into Italian, in order to send you the Italian strings :-)
Naturally, I am going to write you in case I find out some little bugs to fix.
Most of all, I am going to sponsor you the remaining part of my sponsorship for RecorditNow :-)
In the meantime, THANKS again for your work

Best regards,


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 Keys loggin

 by Fri13 on: Jun 27 2010
Score 50%

Is the Testatur-monitor tied to the main window or can it be separated?

I would love to see something like the KWin effect showing the pressed shortcuts. Or plasmoid what we could place to panel and it could show the shortcuts (like Ctrl+Shift+A) on it. Then it could be placed to own panel what be placed top of windowses and get it been visible all the times without main window of this application!

What is Linux and GNU/Linux?

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 Re: Keys loggin

 by justi on: Jul 21 2010
Score 50%

It is a completely independent library.

It would be easy to write a plasmoid, but I have no idea how it could look like...
any ideas/mockups? :)

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 Default Bitrate is to low

 by argeleb on: Aug 4 2010
Score 50%

The default bitrate of the recordmydesktop plugin on the encoding page of 45.000 is too low. With this setting, the produced video only had a few frames (3 frames or so, i mean different pictures, the video length is ok though).
After changing this setting to the maximum, i was able to create a screencast with more pictures.

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 kubuntu problem?

 by nowardev on: Aug 8 2010
Score 50%

i have kde 4.5rc2

- Congratulations! All external packages have been found.

-- Install translation: tr
-- Install translation: hu
-- Install translation: cs
-- Install translation: de
-- Install translation: fr
-- Install translation: pt_BR
CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.
Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:
X11_Xcursor_LIB (ADVANCED)
linked by target "recorditnow" in directory /home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

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 Re: kubuntu problem?

 by nowardev on: Aug 8 2010
Score 50%

ok solved installing

sudo apt-get install libxcursor1 libxcursor-dev

but now ...

home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src/cursorwidget.cpp:46:34: error: X11/extensions/shape.h: No such file or directory
/home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src/cursorwidget.cpp: In member function ‘void CursorWidget::setMode(const CursorWidget::WidgetMode&)’:
/home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src/cursorwidget.cpp:129: error: ‘ShapeInput’ was not declared in this scope
/home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src/cursorwidget.cpp:129: error: ‘ShapeSet’ was not declared in this scope
/home/kubuntu/Downloads/recorditnow-0.8/src/cursorwidget.cpp:129: error: ‘XShapeCombineMask’ was not declared in this scope

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 Re: Re: kubuntu problem?

 by nowardev on: Aug 8 2010
Score 50%

sudo apt-get build-dep recorditnow


sudo apt-get install libxcursor1 libxcursor-dev libxfixes-dev pkg-config recordmydesktop mencoder ffmpeg libavcodec-unstripped-52 libavdevice-unstripped-52 libavformat-unstripped-52 libavutil-unstripped-49 libpostproc-unstripped-51 libswscale-unstripped-0 libx11-dev build-essential git-core kdelibs5-dev libxext-dev

and i have compiled not sure about this


anyway now i have 0.8 :D

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