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wacom tablet


KDE System Tool

Score 85%
wacom tablet

wacom tablet

wacom tablet

Issue Tacker:  Link
Homepage:  Link
Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  4394
Submitted:  Nov 4 2009
Updated:  Jan 18 2015


KDE 4 KCModule

This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it
with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile.

For hardware support have a look at http://www.linuxwacom.sourceforge.net

Project Repository:

get the source with
git clone git://anongit.kde.org/wacomtablet

(K)Ubuntu 12.x & 13.04:

OpenSUSE 12.2, 12.3 & Factory:


# v2.1.0
* Add support for Cintiq 22HD 18 buttons
* Add image for the Cintiq 13HD layout
* Update Wacom Intuos PT S Finger touch device db entry
* Update Intuous button layout
* Update Wacom INTUOS Pen Small CTH-480 db entry (030E)
* Add Wacom Intuos Pro L PTH-851 to db (0316)
* Allow to setup Stylus/Eraser Tip Mosue button (Left-Handed Mode)
* Update database. Add HUION, add Waltop again, install missing vendors

# v2.1.0-0.1.beta1

* Implement support for multible tablets at once
* Add simple dialog app to ease tablet detection and databse adding
* Add global shortcut for profile rotation
* Add status LED support for profile rotation (Intous/Chintiq)
* Fix profile not found error on tablet connect

# v2.0.2
* Fix compile error on older Qt versions (remove iconset="theme" stuff)
* Add Raw Sample and Suppress to ui

# v2.0.1
* More translations
* Add Wacom Intuos Pro S / PTH-451/S
* Add WacomIntuos Pen Small / CTL-480S tablet
* Add definition of Wacom Intuos PT S / CTH-680S-RUPL
* Add Wacom Intuos PT M / CTH-680S-ENES
* Add support for Wacom Intuos Pro M / PTH-651
* cmake: remove extra kio linking
* adjusted control point and draw below curve area colors to be less websafe looking
* Added Wacom Cintiq 13HD
* Added Samsung Series 7 Slate
# v2.0
* Fixed bug which would prevent the default profile from being created
* Fixed bug which made it impossible to use some special keys as express
button shortcut.
* Fixed bug where the plasma applet would not rotate the stylus controls.
* Fixed bug which displayed the tablet in an inverted rotation if auto-rotate
was selected.
* Fixed bug which prevented the screen mappings from being applied correctly
when the tablet was rotated.
* Fixed bug which would not allow to set a screen mapping on the touch device.
* Fixed bug where invalid area mappings would make the stylus stick in the
upper left corner.
* Changed way how tablets are reset to their full tablet mapping to fix
problems with Intuos 5 tablets.
* Added some more tablets to the tablet database.
* Updated button hardware mappings for the Intuos 5 Touch.
* Disabled Waltop devices in the database as they are in conflict with some
Wacom devices.
* Improved button shortcut handling.
* Improved handling of auto-rotation.
* Tablet areas can now be selected for each screen independently.
* All screen mapping can now be handled with one dialog.
* Global shortcut to switch between Fullscreen and a single Monitor.
* Tablet and touch area selection now takes the rotation settings into account.
* Added feature which allows the user to invert the scroll direction of the touch device.
* Many bugfixes in the background.

you must install a wacom-driver 0.20 or higher

Source(source code 2.1.0)
openSUSE Tumbleweed
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 Lenovo X201

 by Ray-Ven on: Aug 22 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

Hi, I'd love to use this in combination wit krandr to rotate my tablet screen. Or is there a better sollution for that?
Tablet is not been recognized though.


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 Re: Lenovo X201

 by Etric on: Aug 22 2010
Score 50%

Right now it is not possible.
Never thought about krandr support, but I will add it later on.

What tablet device is in the Lenovo?

Have a look at:

If your tablet is recognized via xsetwacom, it will work :)

Let me know if you have any poblems

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 Re: Re: Lenovo X201

 by Ray-Ven on: Aug 22 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

I'm very new to this tablet things, my first device are the n900 and x210 Tablet.
Currently i'm running ubuntu maverick (alpha)
tablet and stylus work out-of-the-box

xsetwacom -list gives me:
xsetwacom list
Serial Wacom Tablet stylus STYLUS
Serial Wacom Tablet eraser ERASER
Serial Wacom Tablet touch TOUCH

but i.e. xsetwacom -s get Stylus PressCurve
(tried stylus or STYLUS and stylus STYLUS instead of Stylus) says cannot find the device 'Stylus'

xsetwacom --list -v says:
... Display is '(null)'.
... 'list' requested.
... Found device 'Virtual core XTEST pointer' (4).
... Found device 'Virtual core XTEST keyboard' (5).
... Found device 'Power Button' (6).
... Found device 'Video Bus' (7).
... Found device 'Sleep Button' (8).
... Found device 'Integrated Camera' (9).
... Found device 'AT Translated Set 2 keyboard' (10).
... Found device 'ThinkPad Extra Buttons' (13).
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet stylus' (16).
Serial Wacom Tablet stylus STYLUS
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet eraser' (14).
Serial Wacom Tablet eraser ERASER
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet touch' (15).
Serial Wacom Tablet touch TOUCH
... Found device 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad' (12).
... Found device 'TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint' (17).
... Found device 'TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint' (18).
... Found device 'Logitech USB Receiver' (19).
... Found device 'Logitech USB Receiver' (20).
... Found device 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad' (11).

hope this helps.



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 Re: Re: Re: Lenovo X201

 by Ray-Ven on: Oct 4 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

xsetwacom --list -v gives me:
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet eraser' (13).
Serial Wacom Tablet eraser ERASER
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet touch' (14).
Serial Wacom Tablet touch TOUCH
... Found device 'Serial Wacom Tablet stylus' (15).
Serial Wacom Tablet stylus STYLUS

and using the numbers (13,14,15) let's me change settings. Doesn't work with the names though.

and xsetwacom get "13" TabletID gives back:

what now?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Lenovo X201

 by Ray-Ven on: Oct 4 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

xinput list-props "Serial Wacom Tablet touch"

Device 'Serial Wacom Tablet touch':
Device Enabled (125): 1
Coordinate Transformation Matrix (127): 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000
Device Accel Profile (247): 0
Device Accel Constant Deceleration (248): 1.000000
Device Accel Adaptive Deceleration (249): 1.000000
Device Accel Velocity Scaling (250): 10.000000
Wacom Tablet Area (270): 0, 0, 2631, 1652
Wacom Rotation (271): 0
Wacom Serial IDs (273): 227, 0, 3, 0
Wacom TwinView Resolution (274): 0, 0, 0, 0
Wacom Display Options (275): -1, 0, 1
Wacom Screen Area (276): 0, 0, 1280, 800
Wacom Proximity Threshold (277): 0
Wacom Capacity (278): -1
Wacom Pressure Threshold (279): 27
Wacom Sample and Suppress (280): 2, 4
Wacom Enable Touch (281): 0
Wacom Hover Click (282): 0
Wacom Enable Touch Gesture (283): 1
Wacom Touch Gesture Parameters (284): 50, 20, 250
Wacom Tool Type (285): "TOUCH" (287)
Wacom Button Actions (286): "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0), "None" (0)

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lenovo X201

 by Ray-Ven on: Jan 9 2011
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

I realize, that you added support for the x201!
Nice! Too bad I can't find a deb package :-(
I'll try to build a dirty checkinstall package - If you want me to send it to you, let me know

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 x201 tablet

 by Ray-Ven on: Aug 31 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

Maybe I should let you know following facts:
2.6.35-19-generic (amd64, Maverick)
KDE 4.5
kcm tablet 1.0

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 Re: x201 tablet

 by Ray-Ven on: Aug 31 2010
Score 50%
Schoolteache r

kcmtablet 1.2.0, sorry (is there no edit button?!)

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 run kcm setings at startup

 by rdydel on: Sep 7 2010
Score 50%

Works very well with my Wacom PrnPartner 2 on openSUSE 11.3.

I heve one question, how to make run kcm tablet setings at a startup openSUSE?
Now when I boot sustem, I have to run system setings and get to keyboard & mouse, and since then my configuration works.

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 Can you include PO files?

 by gokcen on: Oct 2 2010
Score 50%


Thanks for the KCModule, this was what we were waiting.

1- Can you please include missing pot/po files so we can translate the application and it will be better for distros to include this module.

2- Can you also use "svn export" to get rid of .svn directories in tarball?

3- Can you get the latest commits from KDE SVN and make this tarball up-to-date?

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 Re: Can you include PO files?

 by Etric on: Oct 7 2010
Score 50%


1- Can you please include missing pot/po files so we can translate the application and it will be better for distros to include this module

The pot files are now included in the file. About the translation process, as this program will hopefully soon be part of the KDE family the translation is done in the same way all translations are done in KDE (and some already started to translate it)

2- Can you also use "svn export" to get rid of .svn directories in tarball?

The tarball should be without any .svn directories now

3- Can you get the latest commits from KDE SVN and make this tarball up-to-date?

I've updated to the current status, that is available in kdereview at the moment. As I changed a lot in the tablet detection area, some more feedback is always appreciated.

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 wacom 4 graphire not detected

 by nowardev on: Oct 7 2010
Score 50%

libxi-dev to compile on kubuntu..
but doesn't work :D

xinput --list
⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Logitech USB Mouse id=9 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad id=11 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Macintosh mouse button emulation id=12 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Wacom Graphire4 4x5 eraser id=13 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Wacom Graphire4 4x5 cursor id=14 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Wacom Graphire4 4x5 pad id=15 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Wacom Graphire4 4x5 id=16 [slave pointer (2)]
⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=10 [slave keybo

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 no way graphire4

 by nowardev on: Oct 8 2010
Score 50%

doesn't work anyway

xsetwacom list dev

Wacom Graphire4 4x5 eraser ERASER
Wacom Graphire4 4x5 cursor CURSOR
Wacom Graphire4 4x5 pad PAD
Wacom Graphire4 4x5 STYLUS

xsetwacom get "Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tabletid

sudo nano /usr/share/kde4/apps/wacomtablet/data/wacom_devicelist

added but....noway doens't work

name=Wacom Graphire4 4x5

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 Re: no way graphire4

 by Etric on: Oct 8 2010
Score 50%

is the kded started? in the system settings you can start/stop the kded services on its own.

usually when my program is installed the service is not started right away (but will start every time the system is restarted afterwards)

in case the kded is running, could you start the kded with debug output please.

to enable debug output, run:
and enable the output for the kded (or just everything)

in the konsole run:
kquitapp kded

plugin / out you tablet and the wacomtablet should complain why your tablet is not found

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 Re: Re: no way graphire4

 by nowardev on: Oct 9 2010
Score 50%

kded4 was crashing everytime
and yea was your software :D
downloaded the B version
and it's working
ty so much
wheel still doesn't work on my graphire buyt i know it's a xsetwacom problem with my tablet.

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