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Kim (Kde Image Menu)

   0.9.5 (KDE 4.x)  

KDE Graphic Tool

Score 85%
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  26682
Submitted:  Mar 22 2004
Updated:  Feb 23 2009


This is an image Kde servicemenu which allows to:
- compress images,
- resize images,
- convert images,
- rotate images,
- rename images,
- resize and send by mail images,
- and more other actions !
This servicemenu use ImageMagick and Mpegtools.
- Linux magzines published in its issue of May 2005 an article devoted to Kde Image Menu (Kim) ! (See www.linux-magazine.com)
- Kim is now available for KDE 4.x!


Release Kim4-0.9.5 (for kde >= 4.x):
- first available version for KDE 4.x!
Release kim-0.9.5 (for kde >= 3.3):
- auto-rotate images from EXIF informations.
Release kim-0.9.4 (for kde >= 3.3):
- create a html gallery works correctly (with portrait or landscape images).
- send by mail works correctly now!
Release kim-0.9.2 (for kde >= 3.3):
- create a "pèle-mèle" with your pictures (see http://bouveyron.free.fr/kim/images/pele-mele.jpg for a demo),
- some bugs fixed ...
Release kim-0.9.1 (for kde >= 3.3):
- sort images by date (rename the images using EXIF informations),
- some bugs fixed ...
Release kim-0.9.0 (for kde >= 3.3):
- export in a gif animation,
- export in a flash slideshow for all image format now !(demo: http://bouveyron.free.fr/kim/slideshow),
- export in a html galery(demo: http://bouveyron.free.fr/kim/galery),
- and some improvements ...
Release kim-0.8.4 (for kde >= 3.3):
- Fix some bugs ...
Release kim-0.8.3 (for kde >= 3.3):
- Fix security issues by using temporary files,
- Fix UTF-8 encoding issues in desktop files,
- Fix copyrights and other licensing stuff.

(kim4-0.9.5 for KDE 4.x)
(kim4-0.9.5 for ArchLinux)
(kim-0.9.5 for KDE 3.x)
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 doesnt work

 by CaCO3 on: Jul 13 2007
Score 50%

I had to replace every $HOST to $HOSTNAME

after that, I can make a photo montage, but only in my console with the command
./kim_pelemele image1.jpg image2.jpg

Why doesnt it work by contexmenu?

my $HOME: http://www.ruinelli.ch
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 Re: doesnt work

 by Spinnaker on: Nov 15 2007
Score 50%
Les nuits d'été

Désolé pour le français...
Je viens de passer sous Mandriva 2008 powerpack ( en reformattant /)et j'ai oublié de sauvegarder ce fameux fichier kim_resizeandsend qui m'a donné tant de mal l'an dernier avec Mandriva 2007 alors qu'il marchait très bien sous la 2006; grâce à ce post, j'ai pu le reconstituer. Il serait temps que Mandriva l'intègre dans ses distributions futures. C'est un outil indispensable.
Pour gagner du temps, voici une version qui marche ( Trois modifications : un / enlevé devant tmp à la deuxième ligne; un HOSTNAME à la place d'un HOST et un sleep 60 rajouté en bas). Peut-être qu'un connaisseur pourrait nous expliquer le pourquoi du comment!
test -n "$KDEHOME" || KDEHOME="`kde-config --localprefix`"; export KDEHOME
TMPDIR=`mktemp -d "$KDEHOME"tmp-"$HOSTNAME"/kim.XXXXXXXX` || exit 1


choice=`kdialog --radiolist "Kim - Send by mail:" 1 "Full size" off 2 "800x600 px" on 3 "600x450 px" off 4 "300x225 px" off`;

let "nbfiles = $#"
dcopRef=`kdialog --progressbar "Kim - Initialising ..." $nbfiles`
dcop $dcopRef showCancelButton true


for i in "$@";do
if [ -f "$i" ];then
#test if cancel button has been pushed
if test "true" = `dcop $dcopRef wasCancelled`;then
dcop "$dcopRef" close
exit 1
let "compteur +=1"
dcop "$dcopRef" setLabel "Kim - Resizing and compressing file: `basename "$ATTACHMENTS"`"
dcop "$dcopRef" setProgress $compteur
case "$choice" in
1) cp $i $TMPDIR;;
2) convert -resize 800x800 "$ATTACHMENTS" "$TMPDIR"/`basename "$ATTACHMENTS"`;;
3) convert -resize 600x600 "$ATTACHMENTS" "$TMPDIR"/`basename "$ATTACHMENTS"`;;
4) convert -resize 300x300 "$ATTACHMENTS" "$TMPDIR"/`basename "$ATTACHMENTS"`;;
*)exit 1;;
sleep 60
kmail --attach "$TMPDIR"/*;
dcop "$dcopRef" close;
kdialog --msgbox "Kim - Send by mail: you can write your message!"
rm -rf "$TMPDIR"

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 Send by mail

 by jayenell on: Aug 30 2007
Score 50%

'Send by mail' does not work at all. The kmail icon is flashing for 1 sec. and nothing happens.

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 lossy jpg conversion

 by yildirim on: Sep 1 2007
Score 50%

Thank you for your great idea.. It is really helpful. Just one feature you could add would be great. When I converted from a 600kb png to jpeg, I did not gain any space.. the jpeg file was 550kb..
Is it possible to add to KIM so that it will convert t a lossy jpeg so that the image would be around 100kb?

Also adding jpeg2000 would be cool :D.

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 by yildirim on: Sep 1 2007
Score 50%

just found a misspell..

When creating a gallery html with kim, I see this at the end of the html page:

Galery created with Kde Image Menu

Obviously should be "Gallery"

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 Bug in KDE

 by allistar on: Dec 19 2007
Score 50%

Hi there,
If executing the action from Konqueror with the url:


KIM doesn't work as the file doesn't pass the -f bash test. If the url is instead:


(without the "system:" at the front) then it works as expected. What need to happen I think is that the KIM scripts need to strip off the "system:" from the start of file names.

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 autorotate -date

 by gassauer on: Dec 27 2007
Score 50%

IMHO autorotate should not modify modification date
* for files without need for auto-rotation in any case.
* for other files optionally

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