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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

   4.0 beta3  

KDE Improvement

Score 95%
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Homepage:  Link
Downloads:  144177
Submitted:  Jan 3 2010
Updated:  Aug 15 2013


:: Oxygen style for Firefox!
:: Consistent and coherent integration with KDE!

:: NEWS ( Last updated : 15 August 2013)

OXYGEN KDE 4.0 beta3 is released!

:: What's new in the 3.x-4.x version

- All XUL widgets styled using only CSS,no images at all
- Automatic color scheme detection (KDE)
- Added Firefox 4 support
- 4 different styles for the back/forward buttons
+ Classic Oxygen
+ Classic Oxygen + shadow
+ Firefox 4 style
+ Firefox 3 style
- 2 Different icon themes
+ Oxygen
+ Faenza (not completed yet)
- 3 Styles for the Firefox background
+ Oxygen Style (radial and linear gradients)
+ Oxygen Style (solid color)
+ Personas Skins
- 2 browser tab styles
+ Single
+ Plain
- 3 styles for the new tab button
- 3 styles for the menu highlight color
- 4 styles for the Firefox 4 App Menu
- 2 styles for scrollbars
- Option to hide arrows
- Rounded corners for popups and menus (Firefox 4+)
- Clear button on text boxes
+ option to hide it
- Use arrows instead of +/- in trees
- Zoom-in/Zoom-out buttons
+ option to hide them
- 3 Styles for the Speed Dial add-on
+ Oxygen
+ Air (recommended)
+ Air Clean (hides titles compared to the recommended "Air")
- Option to select a custom Speed Dial background

:: How to apply a Personas skin on top of Oxygen KDE

1. Go to Oxygen KDE Options : Background style --> Personas skin
2. Go to Add-ons Manager and enable and Apply any Persona Theme (browser restart may be required)
3. After applying a Personas skin, go back to Add-ons Manager and enable Oxygen KDE.(browser restart required)
4. After applying Oxygen KDE, go to the urlbar and type about:config and toggle pref: lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected : to true.(Restart browser)

After the restart you'll have the Personas skin and Oxygen KDE applied at the same time.(Now your settings will be kept even after a restart of the browser) Repeat the above steps to apply another Personas skin and Oxygen KDE.

:: How to hide the title bar of Firefox in KDE

1. Open System Settings
2. Go to Workspace appearance --> Configure Decoration --> Window-Specific Ovverrides
3. Look for Exceptions related to Firefox and edit it ... If there isn't create it using these values :

-To hide the title bar of all windows related to Firefox

Matching window property : Window Class Name
Regular expression to match : Firefox

-To hide only the title bar of the main window of firefox (recommended)

Matching window property : Window Title
Regular expression to match : Mozilla Firefox

4. Check "Hide window title bar"
5. Now the Firefox title bar will be hidden . Now you may need the buttons min.max,close or drag to control the window. Customize the toolbars in Firefox and you'll find these new toolbar buttons.

This procedure in the next versions should be automatic.


Downloading Oxygen KDE is totally free... but its development isn't. If you appreciate the work I've done so far and you'd like to contribute to the project, you could consider making a donation. You will find the donate button after the download links or at: http://kde-look.org/content/donate.php?content=117962

Thanks to all donators!


There are many ways to contribute to the project. The easiest way is to report bugs and suggest features commenting below.
If you are a developer you could send me patches fixing bugs or adding new features.
Finally, you could also help translating the extension in your native language.
Thank you in advance for any contribution!


Language translations can be sent to the following email address:

dimitris88 [at] gmail [dot] com

using the master translation file that you'll find in the download section.

List of translations in Oxygen KDE 4.0 beta 2 :

- ENGLISH (Add-on developer)
- ITALIAN (Add-on developer)
- GREEK:Ioannis Panteleakis
- GERMAN:Sascha Hoogen
- SPANISH:Raúl Yeguas
- SPANISH(ARGENTINA):Bersil Savone,Aguilera Darío
- BULGARIAN:Peter Nedialkov
- CHINESE:Archer
- CZECH:Pavel Fric
- SWEDISH:anonymous
- POLISH:Adrian Grzemski
- FRENCH:Sylvain Gilmand
- DUTCH (NEDERLANDS):Thom Castermans
- DANISH: Martin Schlander
- SERBIAN: Slobodan Terzić
- LATVIAN: anonymous74100
- RUSSIAN: Roman K.
- TURKISH: Efe Çiftci
- UKRAINIAN : Maxim Nosovets
- LITHUANIAN : Liudas Ališauskas

:: ASSIGNED TRANSLATIONS (to be included in the next release)

- None yet


- None


Special thanks to Trinity Networks (http://www.trinity-networks.gr) for testing and support.


- Firefox 21.*,22.*,23.* compatibility!
- minor fixes

- Firefox 18.*,19.*,20.* compatibility!
- soon new features will be added once completed
- minor fixes

- Firefox 17.* compatibility!
- New translation : Lithuanian language!
- minor fixes

- Firefox 16.* compatibility!
- minor fixes

- minor fixes

- Firefox 15.* compatibility!
- minor changes

fixed separator on menu type buttons
fixed search bar default width
added a new Firefox Menu style (Style 5,dolphin-like)
changed background on new tab page
added border radius on new tab page items
tab close button updated
autoscroll texture update
about:home icons updated with oxygen ones (Firefox 13)
added preview button (as tooltips) for some options (soon more)
minor changes

- Firefox 13.* compatibility
- Added a new localization (ukrainian)
- Scollbars are not styled anymore directly from the theme :
- Note for KDE users: If you have already installed Oxygen-gtk the result will be even more oxygen-like! Otherwise this is the link to install it :
- back/forward buttons updated
- Firefox 3.6 support dropped
- Speed dial is still supported but Firefox 13 has now a completely fresh and clean "new tab" page
- minor changes

- added compatibility with firefox 11.* and 12.*
- updated folder icons
- forward button will be hidden when is not necessary (first introduced in Firefox 10)
- fixed solid backgroud style option
- fixed menu buttons
- all translations updated
- fixed a bug related to the window text color
- added a box shadow in scrollbars button in hover state
- scrollbars buttons in disabled state now seem really disabled
- buttons updated (active state)
- "most viewed" menu icon changed
- "open with.." dialog updated
- back/forward buttons updated
- speed dial group tabs updated (Air style)
- window control buttons updated ( close , minimize , maximize , restore)
- minor changes

- Firefox 10.* compatibility!
- Fixed a padding bug with classic back/forward buttons (disabled state)
- Code optimization
- Fixed some style issues of "Panorama view"
- Added a restart notification in the options panel (asked by the mozilla reviewers)
- New toolbar button : "clear history"
- New menu icon added : "paste and search"
- Integrated inspector compatibility (firefox 10)
- Fixed minor bugs

- Fifefox 9.* compatibility!
- added russian translation
- polish translation updated

- fixed height bug when only one tab is opened
- fixed background color of back/forward buttons (firefox 4 and firefox 3 styles , active state)
- identity boxes colors updated
- turkish translation updated
- new translation (Latvian)
- "updates avalaible" icon updated (Add-ons manager)
- faenza icon theme updated (added several icons)

- fixed toolbar buttons padding (Windows)
- fixed the button box background color of the title bar when the window is maximized (Windows)
- fixed height with "plain tabs" and only one tab open
- added "autodetect tabs style" option
- you can read now the tutorial "how to hide the title bar" in offline mode too
- the new window popus will not hide the tab bar- (USEFUL WHEN WE HIDE THE TITLE BAR IN KDE,TO CLOSE POPUPS EASILY)

- disabled menu items are now greyscaled
- updated about:credits page
- Oxygen KDE Options window design updated
- new option to select a custom background for the main window of firefox
- minor bug fixes
- "Reported malware sites" page fixed
- several oxygen icons updated
- toolbar buttons updated (animated too)
- rounded menu popups option is back
- new translation (tr-TR)
- code clean up
- new guide: how to hide the Firefox title bar in KDE
- menu items hover state updated
- option to disable the "Addons page" custom style
- Window control buttons are separated too
- Fixed the "Edit Bookmark" popup
- added a separator in tab prompts between message and buttons
- App tabs notifications (tab get colored)

- fixed the bug that break the layout of all web sites that use the div "header" element
- fixed chinese(TW) translation
- updated all translations
- New translation (sr-RS)
- added firefox 6 compatibility

- fixed restart prompt of Oxygen KDE Options
- fixed position of window controls
- italian,french,chinese(taiwan),czech translations updated
- fixed the "Cannot apply the css file" bug
- option to hide the Firefox title bar
- most translations updated
- Greek translation fixed
- fixed the bug with the download status bar add-on
- minimize,maximize and close toolbar buttons are now unified
- maximize button change icon to restore when the window is maximized
- "zoom in", "zoom out" icons updated
- "select all" icon updated
- removed option to show the zoom-in zoom-out buttons in the status bar
(they already exist as toolbar buttons in firefox 4+)
- menu popups updated
(adopted a new tecniche to draw nice menu corners)
- removed option --> Rounded corners
(adopted a new tecniche to draw nice menu corners)
- new toolbar button : Show/Hide menu bar
- new toolbar button : Show/Hide bookmarks bar
- new toolbar button : Show/Hide add-ons bar
- new toolbar button : Show Find bar
- option to drag the firefox window (blank space)
- Instant Apply option
(you see the result when you restart your window decorator,it works only with Oxygen)
- fixed background color when customizing the toolbars
- fixed box shadow of notifications
- New design for Add-ons manager
- New design for Oxygen KDE Options
- Added border on the main container of tab prompts
- fixed position of buttons (Session Restore Page)
- Speed dial custom background now appy instantly (cross-platform)
- Master translation files updated
- Code clean up
- Minor bug fixes

- Improved tabs (a little more rounded)
- Added 4 new toolbar buttons (drag window,minimize,maximize,close) Useful when you hide the title bar.
- Pin tabs bug fixed
- Added scrollbar top and bottom arrows option (No arrows, one button, two buttons)
- 1 translation added (el-GR)
- 10 translation updated
- added a nice separator between items in the autocomplete popup of the awesome bar
- clicking on the blank space of Firefox will drag the window (comment below if you want this or not)
- Forced the oxygen kde extension to do things only when the Oxygen KDE theme is selected
- minor bug fixes

- Fixed the height of the tabs
- Fixed Polish translation
- Fixed Edit bookmark popup
- Added 1 translation (da-DK)
- Updated 1 translation (pl-PL)
- Now the "new tab" button is always 16x16
- minor bug fixes

- New implementation of tabs ... It should improve the performance
- Better support for dark color schemes
- Windows Aero support
- Better Linux and Windows support for Firefox 4 and 5
- Fixed identity popup box
- Code clean up
- Added 2 translations (zh-TW , nl-NL)
- Updated 1 translation (cs-CZ)
- fixed some missing icons in web console
- changed loading animation on tabs
- minor bug fixes

- Improved tabs
- Code clean up
- fixed width of identity boxes
- added 10 translations
- fixed about:support page
- fixed about:memory page
- fixed some problems related to toolbar buttons
- minor bug fixes


(Oxygen KDE 4.0b3 (firefox 4.0 - 23.*))
(Mozilla site (latest version))
(Mozilla site)
(Master translation files)
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 Houston, I Have a Problem ...

 by goona on: Aug 16 2011
Score 63%


When I use Firefox without title bar, all other upcoming windows like e.g. download manager window and firefox options menu has also no title bar, and can only be closed again, when I press ESC. Moving around the windows is also not possible. This is really annoying.

Is it possible to hide only the main window title bar, so that download manager and the options menu still use the title bar?

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 Re: Houston, I Have a Problem ...

 by mistermaulwurf on: Aug 19 2011
Score 63%

Try using the exception "Mozilla Firefox" (without quotation marks) instead of just "Firefox". This way, my main window appears without decoration, but the download/bookmark windows have one.

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 Re: Re: Houston, I Have a Problem ...

 by goona on: Aug 20 2011
Score 50%

Changing "Firefox" to "Mozilla Firefox" has sadly no effect here. But it works when I go to ´Systemsetting > Window Decoration > Configure Decoration > General > Window-Specific Overrides > Edit´ and change ´Matching window property: "Window Class Name" to "Window Title". But it seems, that the way to success it´s the same in both solutions.

THX, you've put me on the right track ;-)

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 Re: Re: Houston, I Have a Problem ...

 by goona on: Aug 20 2011
Score 63%

Changing "Firefox" to "Mozilla Firefox" has sadly no effect here. But it works when I go to ´Systemsetting > Window Decoration > Configure Decoration > General > Window-Specific Overrides > Edit´ and change ´Matching window property: "Window Class Name" to "Window Title". But it seems, that the way to success it´s the same in both solutions.

THX, you've put me on the right track ;-)

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 Re: Re: Re: Houston, I Have a Problem ...

 by jimmy88 on: Aug 20 2011
Score 50%

hmmm really interesting ... I didn't know how to hide only the title bar of the main window ! Thanks mistermaulwurf :) I will add this tip in the description

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 by flyingsheep on: Aug 16 2011
Score 70%

is it possible to make the dragging lazier, i.e. wait before the dragging starts until the mouse moved three pixels away from the grabbing spot or a second has passed (whatever happens first)?

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 Re: dragging

 by jimmy88 on: Aug 20 2011
Score 50%

This is how the kde dragging system works ... I'll try to achieve this in the future versions :)

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 Re: Re: dragging

 by goona on: Aug 22 2011
Score 50%

The kde dragging system has a delay of 1 second to avoid unwanted actions ;-)

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 Tab bar size

 by odddude on: Aug 17 2011
Score 50%

Hi, I think I may have found a bug.

If I open only one tab, the tab bar is a few (~6) pixels smaller than if more than one tab is open - quite annoying. The problem is resolved if I disable the extension.

If you think that this is a problem in the extension and you need more info from me, then I'll be happy to oblige, of course.

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 Re: Tab bar size

 by jimmy88 on: Aug 20 2011
Score 50%

Are you sure that the pixels are 6? I think that it's just one ... If I need some help to fix this (testing) I'll let you know :)

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 Re: Re: Tab bar size

 by odddude on: Aug 21 2011
Score 50%

When I measured it it was 6.

Interestingly, one of my extensions on Windows 7 has a bug that can cause tabs to vanish. If on Windows 7 I manage to get a FF window with 0 tabs open, its tab bar is those same 6 px shorter than it usually is.

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 why not

 by PaKoX on: Aug 18 2011
Score 50%

Hey why not you add and version of the Australis theme? you know? The posible New Firefox Theme but ported for with a KDE version

Look this link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/australis/

imagina that but on KDE... Nice or not?

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 Re: why not

 by jimmy88 on: Aug 20 2011
Score 50%

interesting ... I have to check what this theme does to get this result :) thanks it would be a nice idea to have an option for a minimalistic version of Oxygen KDE

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 Out-of-date in mozilla.org

 by NetCutter on: Aug 25 2011
Score 63%

And yet again new version doesn't get to mozilla.org
Why is that? I mean is there some reason of basically breaking the idea of auto-updating addons?

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 Re: Out-of-date in mozilla.org

 by jimmy88 on: Sep 1 2011
Score 50%

Hi , it doesn't depend on me .. The mozilla reviewers decide if an add-on should be added in the public channel ... About the previous version (3.3) the mozilla reviewer told me to fix 2-3 things on the code ... So , I think the next release (3.5) will be approved (as I fixed all the cases the reviewer told me) and you'll find it here and in the mozilla adddons site a few days later :)

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 NoScript icon on status bar getting clobbered

 by pablo2525 on: Sep 2 2011
Score 50%


First off: thank /you/! What awesome work. I very much appreciate what you've done. FF looks slick.

I have FF 6.0.1, NoScript and Oxygen KDE Options 3.4.3. The NoScript icon in the status bar (bottom of the window) gets clobbered when I enable Oxygen KDE.

If I mouse over the icon, I can see the NoScript options. However, the icon is not the original NoScript icon. It's something ... well ... hard to describe! :)

I could e-mail you a screen scrape of the affected area.

Let me know if you need more details.

Thank you!

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 Re: NoScript icon on status bar getting clobbered

 by pablo2525 on: Sep 2 2011
Score 50%

Well, after tweaking some of the settings, the problem has gone away.

I'll post back if it returns. :)

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