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KDE Other Utility

Score 82%

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.4.x
Downloads:  6886
Submitted:  Apr 12 2004
Updated:  Jul 12 2006


Edit 20060711: got my hands on a SuSE10 machine: added SuSE10 rpm packages for libqtpod

IPODSLAVE - an iPod IO slave

This is a prerelease version of the upcoming 0.8 version. Be aware that this is work in progress and may contain bugs, although it works like a charm for me.
This version is based on the latest libqtpod release 0.3-rc1.

This ioslave enables KIO aware apps like konqueror or amarok to access the
Music stored on an Apple iPod. It further allows you to organize playlists.

To have access to your iPod mount it (some distros do this automatically when
the iPod gets plugged in) and open the URL "ipod:/".
If you have more than one iPod connected to your system you'll get a list of
directories named after the mountpoints of the iPods found. If you open one
of the directories you'll get a list of 4 directories:
Artists, Playlists, Utilities and Transfer.

If just one ipod is found the slave will automatically redirect to it's

You can copy songs from an Album to a playlist, move tracks between
playlists or albums or copy songs from one iPod to another.
You can also add new mp3 files or directories containing them to your iPod(s)
by copying them to the "Transfer" directory.
Be aware though that the changes you make aren't saved automatically to your
iPod's database - use the "Synchronize" utility under ipod:/Utilities to do
Make sure you have a backup copy of your original iTunesDB file.
This file can be found under iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB in the directory
struture of your iPod. If you open the Synchronize utility it'll provide a link
to this file that you just can drag and drop to a save place.

* since this version is a prerelease and work in progress you may encounter bugs/problems/instabilities
* browsing and opening the mp3s with KIO aware apps (like konqueror,amarok or
* browsing and copying songs and playlists with konqueror
* copying tracks and albums off of the iPod
* copying mp3 files and directories to the iPod
* renaming/moving albums
* accessing playlists
* when using konquerors detailed list view it'll show meta information about
single tracks (like author, length etc)
* On The Go Playlists and Playcount support provided by Benedikt Elser
* iPod shuffle support by Guenter Schwann

What next:
* kded plugin to provide access to the core functions via DCOP (thanks to
Andrew De Quincey for this and lotsa more good ideas and code) and to
provide notifications when something changed
* Podcast support
* photo / artwork support
* upload/download videos to the new iPod Video

Bugs/noticable problems:
* when deleting a Track from a playlist the numbering of the tracks won't
get reorganized (e.g. when deleting track 2 the list will be
1 - blah.mp3
3 - moreblah.mp3
4 - etc ... )
until synchronized with the iPod's database. This is because the numbering
must be consistent between 2 or more deletes (e.g. when deleting a list of
* mp3 files need to have sufficient id3 information (Album, Artist, Title and
Be aware when copying tracks to the ipod that the sort order heavily depends
on the id3 tracknumber field. Make sure the id3 information is sufficient.
* Sometimes (almost always) you need to hit the "reload" button to make changes
* please report any problem you encounter with the software to the sourceforge
project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpod
* Since podcasts and smart playlists are unsupported at the moment you'll lose
them when synchronizing the database.

Hints for installation:
* in order to install it correctly it needs to be configured with
configure --prefix [path to your KDE installation]
* On a SuSE AMD64 add the --enable-libsuffix=64 configure switch
(is this true for other AMD64 distros too?)
* id3lib is needed now


Changes for version 0.8-pre1
* separated the whole ipod/iTunesDB code to a separate library - libQtPod
* supports updating smart playlists
creating new ones or editing smart playlist rules is not yet possible
* when synchronizing with the database it will automatically create backup copies of the old files.
* writing MHOD52 for the master playlist implemented
this speeds up operation of the browse menu and also results in smaller gaps between songs

Changes for version 0.7.3
* ignore ItunesDB elements we can't handle yet
* fixed bug where itunesdb didn't get written when slave was compiled with gcc4 - thanks to Jeff Weeks for pointing this out and fixing it

Changes for version 0.7.2
* make sure everything gets written to the ipod's harddrive when
synchronizing the database and before ejecting the ipod.
This should prevent filesystem corruption when ejecting the
ipod right after using the synchronize utility.
* sort playlists by title when saving the database to the iPod
* fixed a bug where playlists didn't get read in correctly

Changes for version 0.7.1
* implemented creating/renaming artist and album
* artists and playlist titles are case sensitive now
* moving tracks between ipods fixed
* check for known filetypes (.mp*) when adding files to the iPod

Changes for version 0.7
* iPod Shuffle support by Guenter Schwann
* support for "On The Go Playlists" and Playcount support by Benedikt Elser
* show track meta info for konquerors detailed list view
* support for multiple ipods
* added import directory where tracks and folders can be copied into
* added eject utility
* show total/used/available disk space at the statistics page

Source(ipodslave release 0.8-pre1)
Source(libqtpod release 0.3-rc1)
SUSE(libqtpod rpm for SuSE10.1/i586)
SUSE(libqtpod rpm for SuSE10 /i586)
SUSE(libqtpod rpm for SuSE9.3/i586)
(ipodslave previous release 0.7.3)
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 make :: errors

 by einELCH on: May 22 2005
Score 50%


i get some errors when i run make:
itunesdbparser.cpp:22:19: kswap.h: No such file or directory
itunesdbparser.cpp: In member function `void
itunesdbparser.cpp:139: error: `KFromToLittleEndian' undeclared (first use this
itunesdbparser.cpp:139: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only
once for each function it appears in.)

seems that kswap.h is missing, but i dunno in which package it resides in.
can somebody help me?
thx in advance..

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 Re: make :: errors

 by Thunfisch on: May 22 2005
Score 50%

If I recall correctly kswap.h should be part of the kdelibs tarball. Maybe the configure script somehow doesn't pick the right path to your KDE includes.

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 Re: Re: make :: errors

 by einELCH on: May 24 2005
Score 50%

a 'dpkg -S kswap.h' says that no *kswap.h* was found, and i have 'kdelibs kdelibs4 kdelibs4-dev kdelibs-bin kdelibs-data' installed.

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 Re: Re: Re: make :: errors

 by einELCH on: May 24 2005
Score 50%

my kde version is kde3.4.0 from deb http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.4.0/ ./, i forgot to mention that.
does ipodslave work with this release??

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 Re: make :: errors

 by jerryy on: Jul 20 2005
Score 50%

For a Fedora Core 4 solution to the same error, I needed to install kdelibs-debug:
yum install kdelibs-debuginfo
(44MB yuk!)

./configure CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/src/debug/kdelibs-3.4.1/kio/misc/kntlm"


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 Re: Re: make :: erro

 by cristi1979 on: Jul 20 2005
Score 50%

or copy kswap.h in src/itunesdb

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 by Thunfisch on: May 29 2005
Score 50%

Yeah, it does work with 3.4.0 for me.
And again: kswap.h is part of the official KDE-3.4.0 release.


You should talk to the package maintainer of your KDE package. He'll tell you why kswap.h isn't included.


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 Re: empty

 by Thunfisch on: May 29 2005
Score 50%

I didn't reply to the appropriate message, sorry for that.

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 list by album

 by wdso on: Jul 28 2005
Score 50%


Thanks for kio_ipod slave. Working well both with Firewire and USB.

One suggestion: Could you add a fourth folder listing all the albums (and genre)? It would make it a lot easier to select compilations.

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 Creating new Artist

 by bluelambda on: Sep 17 2005
Score 50%

How can i create new artist folder?

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 FC4 solution

 by emoore on: Nov 15 2005
Score 50%

Rather than dl 44Mb of debug libs, dl kswap.h from websvn and copy it to /usr/local/include. Compile works fine.

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 SuSE 10.0 RPM

 by linux3114a on: Dec 15 2005
Score 50%



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