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Task Timer


Plasmoid Script

Score 88%
Task Timer

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  710
Submitted:  Jun 7 2010
Updated:  Feb 2 2014


This is a very simple plasmoid to keep track of your time.

Once you add some tasks, click on one to start timing. Red tasks are paused, green tasks are being timed.

You can also reset, rename and delete tasks.

Time is measure in hours:minutes:seconds

There are 2 ways to install this plasmoid:

1. Click on 'Get New Widgets' from the Plasma 'add widgets' window. From there choose 'Download from internet' then find and select Task Timer.

2. The other way is to download the plasmoid file from the link below. Then in the terminal type:

plasmapkg -i tasktimer.plasmoid

To upgrade/reinstall type:

plasmapkg -u tasktimer.plasmoid

Requires Python script engine for Plasma

Installation on Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install plasma-scriptengine-python

Kai Maaßen (hateshark), Shafqat Bhuiyan (priomsrb)



0.4.2 - 01/02/14
- Fixed Bug: Vertical layout discarded after reboot

0.4.1 - 01/12/13
- New function to reset all timers at once

0.4 - 05/02/12
- New maintainer: Kai Maaßen
- Added settings for vertical/horizontal layout
- Starting a task stops the current one automatically

0.3 - 30/01/11
- Added changing task time manually. Patch by Tomás Teijeiro Campo

0.2 - 09/06/10
- Added settings to change task colors
- Added 'Reset Timer' menu item
- Edit boxes are now the same size as buttons
- Pressing Esc while editing cancels editing

0.1 - 07/06/10
- Initial release

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 by repli2dev on: Jun 7 2010
Score 50%

Cool and easy to use!

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 Very useful

 by raindogx on: Jun 8 2010
Score 50%

I find this very useful. However, the colors are too bright for me. Any chance of a more neutral color scheme as an option? Perhaps light and dark grey?

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 Re: Very useful

 by raindogx on: Jun 10 2010
Score 50%

Thank you.

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 Re: Re: Very useful

 by priomsrb on: Jun 10 2010
Score 50%

You're welcome :)

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 by sharkk on: Jun 14 2010
Score 50%

nice one, but it could be awesome if it could be possible to save to a file something like:
"name task" "time"
for every task and maybe to load the tasks from a file.

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 Re: nice

 by priomsrb on: Jun 14 2010
Score 50%

Ok. I can try adding import/export in the next release. I'm thinking it would be best if the file format was XML instead of plain text in case tasks become more complicated in the future.

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 Re: nice

 by priomsrb on: Jun 15 2010
Score 50%

One thing I would like to ask is what are you planning to use it for? Is it for import/export, accessing timer values or something else?

I want to know because I think there maybe other alternatives to solving your problem as well.

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 Installing Problem

 by steffenB on: Oct 11 2010
Score 50%

I would love to give the Task Timer a try. Looks awesome and simple. However, have problems installing it.
System: OpenSuse 11.3
steffen@makalu:~> plasmapkg -i 125922-tasktimer.plasmoid
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 1: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 3: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 5: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 6: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 7: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkgnPuzB9/metadata.desktop, line 8: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 1: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 3: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 5: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 6: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 7: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
"KConfigIni: In file /tmp/kde-steffen/plasmapkg3ZpSeJ/metadata.desktop, line 8: " Invalid entry (missing '=')
plasmapkg(8002)/libplasma Plasma::Package::installPackage: Package plugin name not specified
Installation of /home/steffen/125922-tasktimer.plasmoid failed.

Can anybody help? (Yeah, I tried the click version, too. But did not work.) Any help would be appreciated.

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 Re: Installing Problem

 by priomsrb on: Oct 12 2010
Score 50%

This is due to a problem with unzipping files in KDE SC 4.5.1 and affects all downloadable plasmoids. There is a bug report for this problem which can be found here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=249980

This issue should be fixed with KDE SC 4.5.2.

There is also a workaround that you can try. Type the following in the terminal:
unzip 125922-tasktimer.plasmoid -d tasktimer
plasmapkg -i tasktimer

Hope this helps.


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 Re: Re: Installing Problem

 by steffenB on: Oct 12 2010
Score 50%

Thanks alot. After the update to 4.5.2. Task Timer works.

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 nice hack

 by toyg on: Oct 16 2010
Score 50%

I've read the source, curious to see how you achieved data persistence, and I see that you basically abused the configuration infrastructure, creating one group for each task.

I'm not being critical towards you: I tend to do the same, because is probably the best way to achieve simple data persistence in plasmoids, which is sad. it just makes me think that the DataEngine specification has miserably failed.

rant over :)

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 Re: nice hack

 by priomsrb on: Oct 16 2010
Score 50%

lol. Haha.

Yeah the main reason I went for the config file approach was becuase it was the simplest to do at the time. Also I couldn't find an easy way to do a tree like structure for a data engine. I needed a tree because there could be multiple plasmoids, each with their own set of tasks.

However I did not delve into data engines that much. It may actually be possible if I look over it again. Also if combined with data-engine services it could make the plasmoid code simpler.

Whether this is a weakness in the dataengine system I do not know. Because there are many more sophisticated plasmoids that successfully use data engines and it seems to work fine for them.

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 by jmtodaro on: Nov 22 2010
Score 50%
Illustration & Design

Great job on this plasmoid, it works perfectly. It is so very useful, Thanks a lot!

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 Re: Thanks!

 by priomsrb on: Nov 22 2010
Score 50%

Thank you for your kind feedback. It's nice to see that people like this plasmoid. However there are still improvements to be made. I hope I can work on this plasmoid more to make it even better.

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