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Grub2 Kcm


KDE System Tool

Score 67%
Grub2 Kcm

Grub2 Kcm

Grub2 Kcm

Minimum required   PyKDE/PyQt
Downloads:  2780
Submitted:  Jan 26 2011
Updated:  Apr 4 2011


This Kcm module manages the most common settings of Grub2 .
It uses the KAuth authorization system to gain root privilegies and is thus well integrated in system settings, under startup/shutdown.

Grub features supported/general:
  • Default item

  • Timeout

  • Hidden timeout

  • Force menu

  • Countdown

  • Background image

  • Linux quiet and splash parameters

  • Text and background colors

  • Grub features supported/advanced:
  • Distributor

  • Default commandline

  • Gfx resolution (with video card probe support)

  • Disable recovery

  • Disable memtest

  • Disable uuid

  • Disable gfx

  • Disable OS prober

  • Init tune (with presets)

  • Grub features supported/security:
  • Enable security

  • Manage users

  • Manage groups

  • Crypt passwords

  • Grub features supported/tools:
  • Package name

  • Package version

  • Host OS

  • (Re)install grub on device

    Grub2 Kcm requires cmake, make, g++, kdelibs-dev, pyqt, pykde and gettext.
    Starting from version 1.3, python-xlib will be used if available to display the current screen resolution.
    Move in the build directory and issue the following commands:
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
    sudo make install

    You can follow the development on kde git: https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/sysadmin/kcmgrub2/repository

    It is available in many languages. Since it is a kde playground project, you should use the kde translation system if you want to help with translations.

    Starting from version 1.1, full names will be used instead of numbers when the default boot item is not Linux. This ensures that the default item doesn't change when new Linux kernels (which usually come first) are installed/removed. We still use numbers for Linux entries since you will usually want the latest version to be the default, and not a specific kernel.


    v1.3 - 2011/04/04
    Translations (thanks to the respective KDE translation teams):
    * New: Czech, German, Low Saxon, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian, Danish, Spanish, Hungarian
    * Updated: Lithuanian, Italian, Dutch, Russian
    * Add support for GRUB_INIT_TUNE, including presets
    * Add support for probing the video card for VBE resolutions (largely based on vbespy/vbetest)
    * Add support for changing text and background colors
    * Add tips to explain non-obvious settings
    * Rework the General tab
    * Minor fixes
    v1.2 - 2011/03/12
    * Add Russian translation (thanks to Yuri Efremov)
    * Update Italian translation
    * Add full support for Grub security features (users, groups, crypted passwords)
    * Add support for installing/reinstalling Grub
    * Add Grub version reporting
    * Add support for GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER option
    * Display useful error messages instead of generic ones
    * Gracefully handle wrong grub.cfg permissions
    * Rework the helper to make it cleaner

    v1.1 - 2011/02/03
    * Add French translation (thanks to Bruno Patri)
    * Add Dutch translation (thanks to Ronald Stroethoff)
    * Add Lithuanian translation (thanks to Andrius Štikonas)
    * Fix a bug that prevented the gfx mode and and the distributor from being edited
    * Add support for NetBSD/OpenBSD directory structure
    * Reload configuration files after applying changes
    * Use full name instead of number if the default item is not Linux
    * Add button to restore default values
    * Disable "Show menu" and "Show countdown" options if timeout is not enabled
    * Disable memtest option if no memtest has been found
    * Disable "Graphical mode" input if "disable graphical mode" is enabled
    * Show the "updating configuration" progress dialog only after the user has entered the password
    * Use fputs() instead of fprintf() in the backend
    * Port everything to new-style signals/slots method
    * Update license to GPLv3

    v1.0 - 2011/01/26
    * First public release

    Source(Grub2 Kcm)
    Ubuntu(Grub2 Kcm)
    Arch(Grub2 Kcm (PKGBUILD))
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     Arch Linux PKGBUILD

     by pejakm on: Jan 26 2011
    Score 50%


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     Re: Arch Linux PKGBUILD

     by kbios on: Jan 26 2011
    Score 50%

    WOW, that was fast!

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     (K)Ubuntu Natty packages

     by andreduartesp on: Jan 27 2011
    Score 50%

    Packages for (K)Ubuntu Natty here http://goo.gl/LYj6p

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     Re: (K)Ubuntu Natty packages

     by kbios on: Jan 27 2011
    Score 50%

    Thank you! That's very appreciated.

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     French translation

     by bruno666 on: Jan 28 2011
    Score 50%

    Great work!

    Here's the French translation :


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     Re: French translation

     by kbios on: Jan 28 2011
    Score 50%

    Thank you! I will add it in the upcoming 1.1 version, which should also have a workaround for ubuntu natty and a few other fixes.

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     Re: Re: French translation

     by stikonas on: Jan 30 2011
    Score 50%

    Lithuanian translation:

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     Re: Re: Re: French translation

     by kbios on: Jan 31 2011
    Score 50%


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     by CraigD on: Jan 31 2011
    Score 50%

    Nice tool - fixes one of the missing features in Kubuntu. (The others being; firewall (which I've handled with kcm_ufw), service manager, and some sort of mount manager).

    However, perhaps the title in System Settings could be more user-friendly / non-techie. Perhaps use the term "Bootup Manager", or something similar. I don’t think the user really needs to know, or care, about it being Grub2. After all, most non-techie people, would have no idea what Grub2 is.

    Reply to this



     by kbios on: Jan 31 2011
    Score 50%

    Hi Craig
    You're right - not everyone knows what Grub2 is, and I surely agree that from a distribution point of view bootloader configuration would sound better (every distribution has only one bootloader, after all). My concern, though, is from a kde point of view: there is already, for example, a module for Grub Legacy, and renaming mine "bootloader configuration" would probably sound like saying "this is official" or something like that.
    However, I don't want to impose my view in any way, so I would like to hear other opinions about this and then decide in time for 1.1 (this Thursday).

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     Re: Re:

     by CraigD on: Jan 31 2011
    Score 50%

    The app would still be 'kcmgrub2' - just the user visible string in System Settings would change. Which I think is fair enough - why would you want/need more than 1 way to modify grub2?

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     Re: Re: Re:

     by kbios on: Feb 3 2011
    Score 50%

    Ok, since no one has opposed to this, I will make the change for version 1.2 (which will allow translation changes). For now, enjoy the new 1.1!

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     Thanks for the good job

     by stikonas on: Feb 15 2011
    Score 50%

    Nice to see this project progressing nicely. Continue the good work! Booloader configuration was reallly missing a piece in KDE.

    On the side note, wouldn't this project gain much more visibility (including more translations) if hosted in KDE infrastructure (e.g., here: https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/sysadmin)?

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     Re: Thanks for the good job

     by kbios on: Feb 15 2011
    Score 50%

    Hi, thanks for the kind words.
    Yes, I plan doing that as soon as I have some free time, probably in a few weeks.

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