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KDE Graphic Editor

Score 81%

Issue Tacker:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  716
Submitted:  Feb 28 2011
Updated:  Sep 14 2011


A KDE utility similar to Jing or Skitch not yet as powerful as them ;)
Nice, but what is it?
It's an app that sit in the systray, left clicking the icon you can capture a screen region to draw arrows, boxes and text
on it, than you can save the result (the screenshots shown here are made with this app).

This program has the following features:
* Screen capture
* Ability to draw arrows, boxes, ellipses and text on the captured region
* Ability to choose color, size and font of your drawings
* FTP/SFTP Upload with clipboard support for custom code. Custom code? It can be a web site pointing to the ftp directory where the image has been uploaded. When the upload finish Kaption will copy the code into the clipboard so you can share the screenshot quickly with anybody

WARNING: Do not forget the -D option in cmake, other way some file will not be installed correctly and you will miss notifications and translations.
After unpacking the source code, run:
$ cmake CMakeLists.txt -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
$ make
$ sudo make install

These are todos collected in no certain order:
* Be able to add a shadow to the final image when saved/uploaded
* Be able to change (on fly or through configuration) shadow settings
* The actual icon is from Ksnapshot :) Maybe would be better to use a proper icon...
* Icons, icons and icons...
* Be able to share the image using different storage services (Dropbox, Amazon S3...)
* Be able to change the font (color, family and size) of the text element
* New graphic elements

Want to contribute? Bug reports and - even more - patches are always welcome.

Contributors are mentioned in the HISTORY and AUTHORS file including email
address. If you do not want this, please point this out in your email.


2011-09-14 Version 0.1.1
* Added application shortcut to start a screen capture (default is Meta+Print)
* Added cli option to start Kaption in capture mode (usefull for system shortcut)
* New Open image feature added to Kaption tray icon. Now you can load images into the editor.
* New editor features:
* Added new item to draw number inside circles
* Added context menu with move (item) on top/bottom (right click on a drawn item to see it)
* New save image behavior:
* Last save location will be remembered
* Possibility to set a default save location: it will save the image there without asking
* Added Greek language (thanks to Dimitrios Glentadakis)
* Code improvements

2011-04-15 Version 0.0.9
* New editor features:
* Can change item color
* Can change item size
* Can change text item font
* Item copy and paste through keyboard shortcuts
* Added handles to change the size of the grabbed region
* Added few icons
* Code improvements

2011-03-29: Version 0.0.7
* Added ellipse
* Added a tail handle to the arrow item
* Editor window is now resizable (though there is graphic glitch when scrollbars are visible, white bars may appear at the bottom and right side of the image editor, but dont worry, they will not be present in the final image, will fix soon)
* Added Russian translation (thanks to Alexey Ivanov)
* Added Ukranian translation (thanks to Yuri Chornoivan)
* Added German translation
* Updated Czech translation
* Updated Italan translation

2011-03-16: Version 0.0.6
* Added the possibility to grab window with or without frameborders
* Added the possibility to move graphic items with arrow keys
* Added Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)
* Added Italian translation (made by me)

2011-03-11: Version 0.0.5
* Added FTP/SFTP Upload feature with clipboard support
* Added the possibility to move the selection box with arrow keys
* Improved arrow shape
* Improved graphic items shadow (thanks to Donato Marrazzo for the nice shadow settings)
* First support to localization
* Some code improvement (now Kaption works also in Gnome)

2011-02-28: Version 0.0.2
* Added an info text on the top left corner when grabbing
* Removed a border appearing in the final image (when saved)
* Added an Exec key in the .desktop (thanks to Sam Rog to pointing it out)

2011-02-28: Version 0.0.1
* First public release with very basic capabilities

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 possible to assign to key

 by google01103 on: May 15 2011
Score 50%

is it possible to initiate the screen capture process by assigning it to a key (print screen)?

Suse 11.3 x64, KDE 4.6, Opera 11.x developer build
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 Re: possible to assign to key

 by 64BitRulz on: May 17 2011
Score 50%

Hi. You can change the KDE default by going to System Settings/Shortcuts and Gestures/Custom Shortcuts/Preset Actions and changing the associated application for Printscreen to kaption.



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 Re: Re: possible to assign to key

 by google01103 on: May 17 2011
Score 50%

yes but that just starts Kaption and places it in the system tray - I'd like to be able to actually start the screen capture process

Suse 11.3 x64, KDE 4.6, Opera 11.x developer build
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 Re: Re: Re: possible to assign to key

 by bardack on: May 17 2011
Score 50%

It's a planned feature. The next version will contain updated translation and the possibility to start the screen capture with a key shortcut even if the application is not in the systray.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: possible to assign to key

 by tcat on: Jun 22 2011
Score 50%

Great, I will be really happy. Sometimes I have to grab situations where I must hover something with mouse. Maybe a D-Bus support (command) can be enough, so I can set up shortcut in the related kcm (module of system settings).

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: possible to assign to key

 by bardack on: Sep 14 2011
Score 50%

Now you can: or by application shortcut or by command line:

$>kaption --capture

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 Kaption as default in KDE UserBase Wiki

 by pipesmoker on: Jun 16 2011
Score 50%
KDE Webteam


KDE UserBase Wiki (http://userbase.kde.org) is looking for a screen capture tool with the option to add numbers to screenie. You tool is very near to that. We would like to have a list of numbers in coloured circles that can be moved onto the screenie.

A text comment doesn't help us, because it would be difficult to translate the exported image afterwards.

Did you think of adding your tool to the git repos of the KDE Project yet?

Thanks for this handy tool!

Best regards


P.S.: The very best would be an upload feature using the Wiki API.

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 Re: Kaption as default in KDE UserBase Wiki

 by bardack on: Jun 17 2011
Score 50%

I will be glad to contribute and to add Kaption to the git repos of KDE.

Since I would like to know some more details about the features you need maybe you can point me to a specific mailing list or IRC channel, thanks.

Within tomorrow I will push Kaption into KDE repos.

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 Re: Re: Kaption as default in KDE UserBase Wiki

 by pipesmoker on: Jun 18 2011
Score 50%
KDE Webteam

Join #kde-www on irc.freenode.net, my nick is "pipesmoker".

I am looking forward to our chat :D

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 Gentoo ebuilds

 by tcat on: Jul 2 2011
Score 50%

I made ebuild for this fantastic tool. You can download here (0.0.9 and HG version available):


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 Re: Gentoo ebuilds

 by bardack on: Sep 14 2011
Score 50%

Thank you, new version out. If you update the stable ebuild, I will put it on the package download list.

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 Re: Re: Gentoo ebuilds

 by Scrill on: Nov 14 2011
Score 50%

Hi, here is Gentoo ebuild for 0.1.1 version: https://github.com/Scrill/scrill-overlay/tree/master/kde-misc/kaption

The app is great, thanks!

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 by virgolus on: Sep 14 2011
Score 50%

Thanks for this awesome piece of software

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 by google01103 on: Sep 14 2011
Score 50%

would not mind the ability to highlight a line(s) of text in the image - would it be possible to add opacity?

like the new saving method, would it be possible to customize it - would prefer "kaption-yyyymmdd" to "screen-yyyymmddd"

Maybe borrow the pastebin plasmoid functionality for image servers

would it be possible to allow multiple occurrences of the app once a region has been captured? now must save or discard

really nice app, thanks

Suse 11.4 x64, KDE 4.7, Opera (Opera-Next version)
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 Re: highlighting

 by bardack on: Sep 15 2011
Score 50%

Highlighting tool and custom pattern for filename are into todo list. Maybe next release.

Support for image hosting services is planned.

Multiple occurences of the editor is not planned, I should think about it.

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 service menu

 by google01103 on: Sep 15 2011
Score 50%

just noticed I can open files by right clicking tray icon but when I tried opening a png within Dolphin by right click -> open with, it did not work

Suse 11.4 x64, KDE 4.7, Opera (Opera-Next version)
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