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KDE Other Utility

Score 83%

Link:  Link
Downloads:  8251
Submitted:  Jul 15 2004
Updated:  Jul 22 2005


Komposé provides a fullscreen view of all your tasks and/or virtual desktops where every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of it's own.

0.5 now features support for the Composite and Damage extensions (disabled by default, enable it in the preferences), however with the current state of graphics drivers XOrg may be awfully slow (or even crash sometimes) when enabling the Composite extension.
So blame me for your bad gfx drivers :)


- well, 0.5.2 didn't show plain and tiled backgrounds right... here we go
- updated author's email addy

- Nicer layouting (less grid-like)
- ADD: Icons for different views (thanks to Bill Kendrick)
- FIX: no more debug out if compiled normally (qDebug() to kdDebug())
- some code cleanups
- Remove flicker on desktop widget mouseover
- Added the ability to show the currently activated Desktop number on the systray icon (thanks to Debajyoti Bera)
- get rid of KRootPixmap
- Autoactivate when mouse moves on to the screen edge

-Hot corners delay controls whether Kompos�is started and not when it's started :)
-imlib2 error message added to configure script
-Fixed "if a kompose window (prefs, about) is open, you are stuck"
-Added german translation (thanks to Thomas Fischer)

-Composite support to take screenshots without raising windows
-Damage support for live-updates of windows
-major refactoring for a cleaner design
-new View Type (current desktop)
-activate when mouse moves in one of the screen's corners
-added popup menu for windows
-added a small screenshot delay for passive screenshots. This should make switching between tasks seem more responsive (redraws occur before taking screenshots) and help on most of the "overlapping windows" problems
-fixed flashing background when activating Kompos�
-Switched to themable KDE cursors
-Window title changes are now updated properly
-Correct handling of windows that are on all desktops
-additionally using hjkl(vi) keys for moving and c/m keys for close/minimize/restore
-Imlib2, Composite and Damage autodetected through configure
-some minor bugs and various smaller performance improvements

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 by gryphonlord2001 on: Aug 14 2004
Score 50%

for some reason, while kompose works great normally, running under the fd.o xserver mozilla firefox and thunderbird are drawn as black rectangles... but otherwise kompose seems speeded up!

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 Repost from KDElook

 by wwwonka on: Aug 23 2004
Score 50%

Empty Desktops fresh
by Yaba on: 08/23/2004, 2:33

Surely some people may like it to have unused desktops smaller.

In my opinion it's confusing to have a different desktop layout depending on the current usage.

Would be great, if you could make this configurable, so that I can switch back to the previous view with lots of wasted space ;-)To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just need to work on it.
- Scott Granneman, Security Focus
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- . Re: Empty Desktops fresh
by wwwonka on: 08/23/2004, 10:33

Agree completely with above. I liked having my view as 4 distinct desktops, wether empty or not...alot less confusing. Can't please everybody all the time time I suppose.

As for the reliance on systray and the non daemon feature here are my suggestions: Allow kompose to start as a daemon(invisible - no systray) and to be called by another switch. Running with --singleshot and no daemon seems real slow. Ideally I would like to have kompose running in the background and called with an icon of my choice in my panel.

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 Re: Repost from KDElook

 by oisch on: Aug 23 2004
Score 50%

For the daemon stuff:
You can do that. run kompos hidden and create an icon that calls the dcop command (find the one you want via kdcop).

For the Virtual Desktops:
So many people bothered me that wasting so much space sucks and so I changed it... didn't even consider the possibility that somebody would not like it ;)
Sorry guys, I will make it switchable for the next release.

Maybe the next release should be a 0.4.2 which should fix some small bugs users have submitted to me and add some little features like this one.

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 make error

 by Linuxglider on: Aug 23 2004
Score 50%

sr/include/kdatastream.h: At top level:
/usr/include/kapplication.h:177: warning: `void addCmdLineOptions()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:360: warning: `DCOPClient* dcopClient()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:366: warning: `void disableAutoDcopRegistration()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:617: warning: `int startServiceByName(...)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:663: warning: `int startServiceByDesktopPath(...)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:709: warning: `int startServiceByDesktopName(...)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:734: warning: `int kdeinitExec(...)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:757: warning: `int kdeinitExecWait(...)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:861: warning: `int random()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:1155: warning: `void startKdeinit()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:1186: warning: `void installSigpipeHandler()' declared `static' but never defined
configure with prefix=/usr runs perfect here but make breakes with this:

/usr/include/kapplication.h:1194: warning: `bool guiEnabled()' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kapplication.h:1317: warning: `void sigpipeHandler(int)' declared `static' but never defined
/usr/include/kurl.h:916: warning: `bool isRelativeURL(...)' declared `static' but never defined
make[2]: *** [main.o] Fehler 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/olaf/Desktop/kompose-0.4.1/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Fehler 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/olaf/Desktop/kompose-0.4.1'

can someone help??

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 Excellent work

 by g1gsw on: Aug 24 2004
Score 50%

I really like this it is excellent.

Keep up the good work


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 Really great App !

 by manor on: Sep 2 2004
Score 50%

I use it the whole time now and hope you keep on working on it.

Kompose is very useful.I had to spend a lot of time to find my spread programs all over the virtual desktops before kompose.

Speed (v.0.4.2) is so good now that it is usable.

Thanks a lot !

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 faster screenshots?

 by meyerm on: Sep 6 2004
Score 50%


I really like your app. Do you know skippy (http://thegraveyard.org/skippy.php)? It's very similar. But I can't get it to work with many dekstops like kompose. So I would prefer kompose. But it is much faster than kompose - at least after the first screenshot. The first time opening the kompose window it is awful slow, afterwards it's still not really usable for everyday usage but much better. Skippy feels much, hmm - smoother(?).

Will this waiting all "disappear" with XCompose? Is it then possible to see the "live" output of window (not needed, just curious)?

Thank you - I'm _really_ looking forward for this app maturing :-)

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 Re: faster screenshots?

 by oisch on: Sep 6 2004
Score 50%

Well I may have answered the 100th performance question today, so I should really write a FAQ.

When it comes to drawing operations, scaling and screenshot taking I believe that Kompos is not slower than skippy. When first activated skippy seems to be even slower, when activated another time it's quite fast.
This is because skippy caches the scaled screenshots. Kompos does not, but I believe I'll have to implement this behaviour at least optionally. The drawback is a higher memory usage.

XComposite gives waiting another name on my ati card, but apparently it's faster on nvidia cards. I hope the XOrg guys improve performance before the final release.
live output would be possible (triggered screenshots updates every second or something like that, but performance will be an issue I believe).

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