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   5.0.0rc1  Updated

Plasmoid Binary

Score 80%



Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  2983
Submitted:  Aug 28 2011
Updated:  1 day ago


Webcamoid, the full webcam and multimedia suite.

If you want to see some nice screenshots go here:


Be patient, there are many annoying and complex bugs to solve before the final release, but it's worth it ;)


- Take pictures with the webcam.
- Record videos.
- Manages multiple webcams.
- Play/Stop capture, this saves resources while the plasmoid is not in use.
- Written in C++.
- 100% Qt based software, for KDE/Qt purists.
- Custom controls for each webcam.
- Popup applet support (you can embed Webcamoid in the panel).
- Add funny effects to the webcam (requires Frei0r plugins).
- +50 effects available.
- Effects with live previews.
- Translated to many languages.
- Stand alone installation mode (use it as a normal program).
- Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
- Capture from desktop.

Installation and development

For the full installation and development guide go to:



Webcamoid 5.0.0rc1:

- Release Candidate version.
- Ported to Qt5 (without the plasmoid).
- Removed KDElibs as dependency, but still required for Qt4 build.
- Removed QImageBlitz as dependency.
- Added more effects.
- Fixed video sync.
- Initial port to Windows (help needed).

Webcamoid 5.0.0b2:

- Beta version.
- Fix many bugs.
- Many internal changes.
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Ascaf0).
- Updated to work with FFmpeg >= 2.0.

Webcamoid 5.0.0b1:

- Beta version.
- Fixed many memory leaks and bugs.
- Fixed video synchronization.

Webcamoid 5.0.0a1:

- Alpha version.
- Added live preview for effects.
- Added custom streams, including videos (local and remote) and IP cameras (mms, rtsp, etc.).
- Added desktop recording.
- Ported to C++.
- Switched from GStramer to FFmpeg.
- 100% Qt based software (GTK Free).
- Remember size of the plasmoid on close.

Webcamoid 4.0.0:

- Failed release.

Webcamoid 3.2.0:

- Stand alone installation mode improved (recommended).
- Fixed stylesheets.
- Fixed translations.
- Many internal changes.

Webcamoid 3.1.0:

- Added stand alone installation mode (Experimental).
- Fixed some bugs.

Webcamoid 3.0.0:

- Removed FFmpeg from dependencies, now it is based on GStreamer.
- Added video record.
- Added video effects.
- Added Catalan and Galician.

Webcamoid 2.2.0:

- Added new languages:

- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional)
- French
- German
- Greek
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish

Translations provided by Google translator, not me, except for Spanish (native) and Japanese.

Webcamoid 2.1.3:

- Bug fix. Pipe file is no needed anymore.

Webcamoid 2.1.2:

- Removed stdin, stderr and stdout pipes. Added -loglevel quiet. Apparently, suppress the output using pipes is a very bad idea.

Webcamoid 2.1.1:

- Fixed Popen pipe limit.

Webcamoid 2.1.0:

- New Github repository.
- GUI based on Qt Designer forms.
- Added Popup applet support, thanks to user nik3nt3.

Webcamoid 2.0.0:

- Removed OpenCV from dependencies, now it is based on FFmpeg + v4l2 Python wrappers.

Webcamoid 1.x.x:

- Old version based on OpenCV.

Mandriva(x86_64 (Mageia))
Mandriva(i586 (Mageia))
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 Excellent little Plasmoid

 by tanghus on: Aug 29 2011
Score 50%

I like it's simplicity.
One thing is that the picture quality isn't that good. VLC get's much quality. Is that maybe related to opencv?

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 Re: Excellent little Plasmoid

 by hipersayanx on: Aug 29 2011
Score 50%

Both OpenCV and VLC, for example in Linux, use V4L to capture images from the webcam. Possible reasons why in VLC the image look better can be:

- Maybe VLC captures images in higher resolution, I think that OpenCV does too, but I can not prove it because the only webcams that I have, both have a maximum resolution of 640x480 :(
- VLC uses filters to improve image quality, while Webcamoid shows pictures as they come from the webcam, without filters.

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 Arch depends

 by ZomAur on: Aug 29 2011
Score 50%

To get this working with arch, you need to also install python2-numpy and python2-distribute with opencv.

Cool plasmoid though, I rather like the minimalistic interface. :)

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 by Krog on: Aug 31 2011
Score 38%

works without problem here on gentoo but the quality is REALLY bad... maybe is it possible to modify the script to use a better quality?
every application that uses webcam does better than this (kopete, skype, gtalk via browser...)

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 Re: quality

 by hipersayanx on: Aug 31 2011
Score 50%

When you say that the image is bad quality, you mean low resolution? Is pixelated? Low FPS? when you take a picture, what is the resolution of that photo? What is the resolution of your webcam?

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 Re: Re: quality

 by acidrums4 on: Sep 3 2011
Score 50%

I have Gentoo also, I just installed your plasmoid and works very fine. I took a photo and seems ugly, but I know that it's due to the quality of my camera. I have an USB camera (Sonix JPEG usb camera) connected via UVC.
Gracias por este plasmoid!

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 offtopic: wallpaper

 by sl1pkn07 on: Nov 27 2011
Score 50%

please. share wallpaper :3

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 Re: offtopic: wallpaper

 by hipersayanx on: Nov 27 2011
Score 50%

Jajaja XD, at your wish:


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 Re: Re: offtopic: wallpaper

 by sl1pkn07 on: Nov 27 2011
Score 50%



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 The Plasmoid will not work

 by gorzka on: Dec 20 2011
Score 50%


I habe installed the Plasmoid and python-opencv.

When I drag the plasmoid to the desktop I become the info that python-opencv must be installed.

What can I do?
I have Kubuntu 11.10

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 Re: The Plasmoid will not work

 by hipersayanx on: Dec 20 2011
Score 50%

What version have you installed? There are some problems with the previous version (1.1.1)

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 Re: Re: The Plasmoid will not work

 by gorzka on: Dec 20 2011
Score 50%

Version 1.1.1

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 Re: Re: Re: The Plasmoid will not work

 by gorzka on: Dec 20 2011
Score 50%

Ok, I have installed the last version and it works ;-)

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 Plasma Desktop Crash

 by KnusperKeks on: Feb 29 2012
Score 50%

Im using KDE 4.8 with chakra and everytime i use your widget it works perfectly....but after 5minutes running it the whole plasma desktop crashes....3 different users could reproduce it so it is not my cam or PC since.

is this nown and if yes what can i do about it

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 Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by hipersayanx on: Feb 29 2012
Score 50%

Fixed thanks you, download and test the latest version.

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 Re: Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by KnusperKeks on: Mar 1 2012
Score 50%

It is still crashing it just takes now around 20minutes before it crashes. Again checked on 3 PCs with different webcams and distris (mintKDE, Chakra, and Arch) all with KDE 4.8.

So it got 15minutes better xP

Thank you for ur fast respond

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 Re: Re: Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by hipersayanx on: Mar 2 2012
Score 50%

Ok, tested for 12 hours continuously with the same webcam, no crashing, test the new version again.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by KnusperKeks on: Mar 2 2012
Score 50%

Ok I tested again it is still crashing under chakra but it took nearly 2 hours now till it crashed (I checked it 2 times).
Unfortunatly i have only chakra PCs around right now so i cant test further.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by hipersayanx on: Mar 2 2012
Score 50%

I was tested webcamoid 12 hours on Arch (Chakra and Arch have similar packages versions).
Now, I tested it in a Kubuntu netbook around 6 hours, it goes slow but does not crashes.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Plasma Desktop Crash

 by KnusperKeks on: Mar 3 2012
Score 50%

found the Problem it was in the gstreamer ffmpeg Plugin after i tried a different version it worked.

Thanks for your work.

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