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Icon Tasks


Plasmoid Binary

Score 95%
Icon Tasks

Icon Tasks

Icon Tasks

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  21227
Submitted:  Aug 29 2011
Updated:  Nov 10 2011


Modified version of KDE 4.7 taskbar applet and taskmanager library.


1. Show only icons (no text) in taskbar.
2. When a launcher is activated, place the task\'s taskbar entry at the same location as the launcher.
3. Tasks with no associated launcher, are placed after launcher tasks (unless alphabetically sorted).
4. Always group tasks.
5. Only allow launchers for items with .desktop files
6. Add a dialog to manually set the association from a window to a .desktop file - so that launcher can be created.
7. Add option to activate/iconify whole group when left button is pressed (taken from SmoothTasks). If disabled, then present windows is used for the group.
8. Use oxygen \'+\' icon to indicate a collpased group.
9. Use middle button to launch new instance of a task.
10. Attempt to place start-up spinner over launcher/task.
11. Add option to always use the launcher icon for taskbar entry - even when app is active. This works-around the issue where some applications (e.g. LibreOffice) have a different launcher/menu icon than the actual app uses.
12. Workaround an issue with a tasks attention state.
13. More tasks shown in tooltips.
14. Close tasks via tooltips.
15. Show right-click menu for task in tooltips.
16. Option to show job progress over task icon.
17. DockManager API support
18. Media player buttons in tooltips
19. Unity API


1. Allow DockManager "icon-file" to refer to an icon name.
2. Add DockManager API extension (capability "x-kde-dock-item-overlay", dock item property "x-kde-overlay") to allow plugins to specify an overlay icon to be placed top-left of icon.
3. Dont attempt to get commandline for pid 0 - seems to crash KSysGuard library.
4. Use plasma themed close icon for tooltips.
5. Clear any exising entries before showing recent documents menu.
6. When reloading xbel/office recent documents, only clear old documents of that type.
7. When an action is marked as a separator, add a separator to the menu - just adding the action leads to an entry that looks like a menu title.
8. Read LibreOffice 3.4 recent documents from recently-used.xbel
9. Fix DockManager::GetItemsByPid

1. When changing tooltip from one item to the next, call the toolTipHidden slot - so that the item can unregister from the tooltip signals.
2. Fix compilation with KDE less than 4.7
3. Fix dockmanager plugin sub-menus.
4. If compiled against KDE 4.8, dont need IconTask specific taskmanager.

1. Use KSysGuard libraries to read process information.
2. Only ever show the separator if we actually have some launchers.
3. Rename taskmanagerrc to taskmanagerrulesrc
4. Middle click on tooltip is same as middle click on task.
5. Add middle click option - "Move To Current Desktop"
6. When manually moving launchers/tasks, move immediately rather than showing the drop indicator. The previous behaviour may be re-enabled by passing -DICON_TASKS_SHOW_DROP_INDICATOR_FOR_MOVE=true to cmake.
7. If there are too many windows for tooltip, display "Plus X more..."
8. Better calculation of rws and columns in tooltip.
9. Fix not being able to interact with first launcher/entry whilst a task is starting.
10. Fix totally broken dockmanager config UI.
11. Dont check if filename changes dock dockmanager, always update if an icon name is set.
12. Only store 1 container of launchers - not map for launchers, and list for sort order.
13. Fix detection of kcmodule launchers.
14. Try not to use exec() to open config dialogs, so as to not freeze plasma!
15. Remove usage of custom properties in QActions for menus.
16. Use standard KOpenWithDialog to select applications. Allows creation of non-desktop based launchers.
17. Save launcher lock state in applet, not taskmanager library.
18. All changes to taskmanager library are now in KDE/master. Because of this there is no 'basic' menu setting, as the menus have been re-arranged. The only difference between IconTasks's taskmanager and KDE (as of 4.8) taskmanager is the name of the Advanced sub menu. In KDE/master this is now know as "More Actions"
19. Don't set DESKTOP_SESSION to ubuntu, UnityFox has been updated an version 0.2.2 no longer requires this. For an updated UnityFox see:


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 KDE 4.8

 by crematory3 on: Dec 23 2011
Score 63%

In KDE 4.8 icon-tasks is integrated in plasma-widget-addons.

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 two issues

 by RRH on: Dec 24 2011
Score 63%


I like your plasmoid and use it everyday. But there are two issues I don’t like. :)

The first one is the behaviour of thumbnails when you close them. When you have at least 2 thumbs and close one of them, the other disappear. It should not. What I mean is the behaviour in Windows7 – have you seen it? Of course, there is no need to copy from Microsoft but their solution is much better.

The second issue is when titles are too long there is a problem. Because an image is worth more than a thousand words, take a look at:

Merry Christmas and keep up good work!

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 Re: two issues

 by CraigD on: Dec 29 2011
Score 50%

1. The closing of the tooltip when you close a window is a known issue.

2. The issue with the long title - I don’t see this. The text is elided just fine for me. Which version of IconTasks are you using?

p.s. IconTasks is now in KDE, so please file bug reports there. Thanks.

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 Re: Re: two issues

 by crematory3 on: Dec 31 2011
Score 50%

p.s. IconTasks is now in KDE, so please file bug reports there.

But only till 4.8 in 4.7 is not.

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 Context menu bug

 by vtts on: Dec 27 2011
Score 50%

I don't know if this is the right place to report bugs, but when a window title is really long and you have several windows open of the same application, you right click, get the context menu (with close, keep as launcher and such options) and as it gives you open window titles on top of that menu, it isn't truncated and makes context menu really wide, like fullscreen.

Here's a pic:

By the way, really great work :) I suggest making indicators changable or atleast resizable because now with small icons they look too big. But really good widget, grats :)

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 Re: Context menu bug

 by CraigD on: Dec 29 2011
Score 50%

This happens with the standard taskbar too. I guess ideally it should limit the number of characters in the menu...

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 by vtts on: Dec 29 2011
Score 50%

Ah, I see. I'll try and report this later in KDE bug tracker :) Thanks.

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 hi CraigD

 by sxe on: Dec 31 2011
Score 50%

icontasks is a great KDE improvements, thx for doing this.

Beside the greate features i would like to suggest something.

From an usability point of view it would be best to integrate the tray functionality in icontasks as well. Let me explain that a bit further.

1. When a program is not launched, i have a launcher icon without any indicator.

2. When i click that launcher, the proram starts and i get two indicators. One that shows me the program is running and the second one that it is selected.

Thats all nice so far but now comes the thing a lot of desktop environments did not manage to make as simple as i would expect it.

3. You can minimize the program (by clicking the minimize button or the launcher icon), which works like expected.

4. You can close a program which also works like expected.

5. When you close an app, that has tray functionality like clementine or amarok, the whole icontask concept gets destroyed. The launcher shows the program as closed but it is not, it is shown in the tray area. To keep the icontasks paradigm, i would expect that the program keeps running in the background but the launcher shows me that. It should look exactly like a minimized application because it is nearly the same. Only from a technical point of view it is something different but this should be hidden for users.

All in all, this would make the whole experience much more consistent if you ask me. I know that there are probably technical limitations with the current tray implementation but i think in the long run icontasks should provide such a functionality.

I hope you get what i mean, my english could be better i think. :)

I would like to hear what you think about my ideas.

-- Andy

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 Non-Grouping of certain applications

 by sjau on: Dec 31 2011
Score 79%

Would it be possible to not group certain applications.

At work I use a lot of LO docs and I usually have 3-4 open at the same time. It would help, if they were not grouped by default.

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 Re: Non-Grouping of certain applications

 by antoneeo on: Feb 2 2012
Score 63%

Exactly, this is the only issue that has been keeping me from switching over completely.
There already have been lots of requests to remove automatic grouping here, or at least to add exceptions (which amounts to the same base code, I guess).

It's a simple usability concept: 1 click vs. 2 clicks, and much less mouse movement. If you know where your windows are, have a huge-ass wide screen, and only have 2-3 windows of a certain type - Firefox, editor, you name it - open, then automatic grouping is simply not necessary.

Please please please with cherry on top, make it optional!

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