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WorkFlow Plasmoid


Plasmoid Binary

Score 81%
WorkFlow Plasmoid

WorkFlow Plasmoid

WorkFlow Plasmoid

Wiki:  Link
Version Control:  Link
Issue Tacker:  Link
Downloads:  1680
Submitted:  Dec 6 2011
Updated:  Mar 24 2013


New Video v0.4.x: https://vimeo.com/62428523
Video v0.3.x: https://vimeo.com/60116122
Video v0.2.x: https://vimeo.com/48100760

This is an effort to create a KDE Plasmoid that integrates Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities from Plasma Desktop in just one component.

If you try to install it by source you will need:

BuildRequires: kdebase4-workspace-devel >= 4.9
BuildRequires: libkdecore4-devel >= 4.9
BuildRequires: xorg-x11-libX11-devel
BuildRequires: libkactivities-devel >= 4.9
BuildRequires: libkde4-devel >= 4.9

The package provides except the QML plasmoid:
- plasma data engine for workareas,
- workflow components (qml plugins),
- Workarea manager (a dbus service to keep Workareas synced)

after you untar the source file you can run:
sudo sh install.sh
in the main directory from the extracted archive
but you will need all the above packages installed in your system.

After that you can just add the plasmoid in your desktop exactly as you do with all the other plasmoids.

This plasmoid has been designed for Panel and Dashboard use mainly.

With regards,


Translate the plasmoid in your language:

Report issues or new ideas:


-- dropped support for Plasma IconItem in order to maintain compatibility with Plasma Desktop 4.9

-- added support for the kwin script :)
-- added dbus interface(workarea manager) for synchronization between the plasmoid and the kwin script
-- added support for multiple backgrounds when the user chooses different widgets in every Virtual Desktop
-- changed behavior with Virtual Desktops. Virtual Desktops are not forced to follow Workareas settings. The workarea manager trys to handle every situation
-- added Portuguese language
-- changed the shortcuts become globally available through the workarea manager
-- changed the appearance of About Dialog in order to be more scalable
-- improved hover appearance in panel
-- various bug fixes

-- Change the plasmoid to clean qml plasmoid
-- added / created workareas data engine
-- added Order activities by dragging them in unlocked state
-- added global hotkeys to go to next/previous ordered activity
-- added Keyboard navigation, use your keyboard to navigate through Activities and Workareas
-- added Filtering for Windows, The user can use the following shotcuts (Ctrl+F , /)
-- added a 4th state for windows (sameWorkareas - a window exists in all same Workrareas(position) for all Activities)
-- added use Ctrl+Wheel to zoom-in / out
-- added feature, window preview can be dragged in Calibration Dialog
-- added feature, disable the default background and use Plasma theme settings.
-- added a disable state for Everywhere Panel, the bottom panel is hidden and allActivities windows appear in all the Workareas
-- fixed not altering the default kde behavior for windows.
-- fixed the shortcut issue (it couldnt be saved from the configuration dialog)
-- fixed zoom responsiveness
-- fixed not showing windows in one desktop case
-- dropped built-in tooltips and use the plasma default one
-- dropped themes support (they werent themes just aliases)
-- dropped add widgets feature

-- window previews when the plasmoid is in the panel
-- use the current activity's icon in the panel (you can enable it from the configuration dialog)[/b]
-- Tooltip for the plasmoid when used in the panel
-- new zoom slider
-- delete activity button moved to the stopped activities
-- various bug fixes
-- added french translation

-- added Spanish,German translation

-- fixed:workarea name when adding a new VD
-- improved windows dragging (remake)
-- load properly default openSUSE wallpaper

-- Change Activities through the panel icon with scroll wheel
-- Activate Activity by clicking just to its title
-- improved dragging Window responsiveness
-- various fixes for loading Wallpaper for SingleImage plugin
-- fixes for Debian installation


-- this is the initial release

-Actions for Activities
-- Add Default Activity
-- Stop Activity
-- Restore Activity
-- Remove Activity
-- Rename Activity
-- Change icon for Activity
-- Clone Activity (this is not from generic library, maybe there are some missing
-- Add plasmoids in any Activity (unlocks widgets and opens widgets explorer)
-- Fetch background for Activity (it works only for single image backgrounds)
-- Lock/Unlock Activities

-Actions for Workareas
-- Add Workarea
-- Remove Workarea
-- Rename Workarea
-- Workareas use the current screens ratio
-- Activating a Workarea

-Actions for Windows
-- Three states for every window(Single,All Workareas,Everywhere)
-- Dragging window from WorkArea to Workarea
-- Window Previews (supported only on the Dashboard)
-- Enable/Disable Window Previews
-- Window Previews Callibration Dialog (in order to set correctly the window center)
-- Windows Dialog for specific WorkArea (previews are supported)
-- Show/Hide Windows

-- Zoom Support
-- Three animations levels (No animations, Basic, Full)
-- PopUp Plasmoid support, The plasmoid can be placed in panels
-- Running and Stopped Activities are placed in different areas
-- Stopped Activities can be hidden
-- Scrolling support for most of the elements
-- Everywhere windows show in a different place
-- Configuration Dialog
-- Help Tour for the project's goal
-- About Dialog for the project
-- PlasmaComponents support for most of the elements
-- Icons themes support
-- Tooltips support
-- First Run Dialogs (for Help Tour and Windows Calibration)
-- Internationalization support

(Source File)
SUSE(OpenSUSE 1-Click Packages)
Ubuntu(Ubuntu for KDE 4.9)
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 Preparing version 0.2.2

 by Psifidotos on: Jan 3 2013
Score 50%

Version 0.2.2 is almost ready, the current master branch is going to be used
For anyone interested in helping somehow:

1. Translate the plasmoid in your language:

2. Test master branch in order to find any broken behavior: https://github.com/psifidotos/workflow-project

New Feautues:
--window previews when the plasmoid is in the panel
--use the current activity's icon in the panel (you can enable it from the configuration dialog)
--Tooltip for the plasmoid when used in the panel
--new zoom slider
--delete activity button moved to the stopped activities
of course, many bug fixes from 0.2.1 ...

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 Version 0.3.0 almost ready...

 by Psifidotos on: Feb 17 2013
Score 50%

Version 0.3.0 is almost ready and in a few days is going to be yours....
I believe that many will laugh a lot with this release because there are many new features (some of them are anticipated for very long time)

New features can be seen in the ChangeLog in project's github page:
if you could test the new version (important:remove completely any previous version)
please send me any bugs you find. We are only a few days behind the official release, let's make this release a celebration one.

If you can wait but you can help in translation please help internationalize more the plasmoid through the easy to use transifex page:

See you in a few days with announcements, videos and a new version to talk about...


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 by Contrast on: Feb 24 2013
Score 50%

Great job on the new release! All the new features seem to be working great. I just finished packaging and installing the latest version, and I'm exeriencing a (relatively minor) bug - the widget is taking up a very wide area in the panel. Here's a screenshot to show what I mean http://i.imgur.com/s2tKYXi.png. Aside from that, this seems to be the release I've been waiting for (i.e., it's pretty much perfect). Thanks for all your hard work!

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 by Psifidotos on: Feb 24 2013
Score 50%

Please open an issue in the project's issue tracker in order to track that done (OS version, kde version, panel configuration, plasmoid setting etc.)...

Thank you a lot for you kind and warm words, gives us a lot of strength for the future...


Call for everyone:
The project is totally open and everyone that wants, there are many areas that can help... (coding, wiki, documentation, translation, videos, promotion (e.g. just uploading some videos showing its workflow in youtube, vimeo etc.) :)

If we want to keep all this effort alive in time more hands are needed in the above. In the future from this project we want to present more fantastic things like:
- Per Activity Resource Support (new feature of Documents linked in an activity)
- a kwin effect (like the plasmoid)
- a pager that uses workareas dataengine
- present our effort to KDE core development team and help KDE development in general. This way it would be possible to integrate in the core libs as many features are accepted which will make consistency happen with all the different elements in KDE e.g.add activity ordering in kactivities...

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 by OlgM on: Mar 29 2013
Score 50%

This plasmoid is really helpful. Thanks a lot for your work.

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 Re: Amazing

 by Psifidotos on: Apr 2 2013
Score 50%

thank u a lot...

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 Great but needs polish

 by t1010011 on: Mar 29 2013
Score 50%

I loved the concept of managing activities and workspaces in one place. but there is way too much information in everywhere, toogles, zoom, specially fading icons etc.

At least for me it needs to be streamlined:

- Activities in a line. Workspaces on columns, as it is, but no need of a right panel to paused ones.

- Add remove buttons and naming always visible.
When scrolling the activity name should stay fixed and the workspaces only should roll.

- I'm glad the window managing can be disabled as I don't make use of it.

- Confirmation pop ups are annoying...

With all said. I still love your work and find it amazing =] keep up!

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 Re: Great but needs polish

 by Psifidotos on: Apr 2 2013
Score 50%

Thanks a lot for the ideas but I would like some more information.... BTW for new ideas you can use of course the Issue Tracker for the project.

- [no need of a right panel to paused ones.]
You can hide it if you want to by clicking on the three dots

- [Add remove buttons and naming always visible.]
I believe that this creates too much clutter without need

- [When scrolling the activity name should stay fixed and the workspaces only should rol]
How the user then could understand the Workareas in which activity do they belong?

- [Confirmation pop ups are annoying]
which ones? most of them are because the action is too important, e.g. deleting an activity can not be undone. In the past some users wanted confirmation dialogs also for removing Workareas but because the undone in very easy I didnt add them

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 Gentoo ebuild

 by H00K on: Apr 1 2013
Score 50%

This is absolutely brilliant!

It is pretty much how I imagined how activities + VD could be used :)

Although it’s slightly less flexible then my previous manual solution (WorkFlow does not understand a window which is in several, but not all activities), this might prove for the better as it forced me to make some more clean separations between some tasks.

Now I’m running it with the KWin script bound to Meta+A and I am as happy as a puppy :)

Well, for all Gentoo users, I’ve created an ebuild for the plasmoid+dataengine package:


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 Re: Gentoo ebuild

 by Psifidotos on: Apr 2 2013
Score 50%

Thank you a lot for everything...

- [Although it’s slightly less flexible then my previous manual solution (WorkFlow does not understand a window which is in several, but not all activities),]

I dont want to force a specific use of windows with Activities. This hasnt been supported yet from an implementation point of view. Please open an ticket in the issue tracker.
The problem is that I havent found a way yet in QML to catch array's changes. The window's activities is a list of strings.

-[Now I’m running it with the KWin script bound to Meta+A and I am as happy as a puppy :)]
I work also with the KWin script :)

[Well, for all Gentoo users, I’ve created an ebuild for the plasmoid+dataengine package]
fantastico... :)

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 Re: Gentoo

 by H00K on: Apr 2 2013
Score 50%

I just opened the bug/wish.

I hope to get the Gentoo ebuild into the official Portage tree, but until then I plan to maintain it on the bugzilla link above.

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 Re: Re: Gentoo

 by Psifidotos on: Apr 5 2013
Score 50%

Dear Matija,

I was going to add your link for the file but a security warning from the browser is appearing for the certificate, if this can be solved no problem to add the link for the file both here and in the downloads page in the WorkFlow Project official page.


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 Link security

 by H00K on: Apr 6 2013
Score 50%

The certs for bugs.gentoo.org look fine on my ReKonq.

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 Re: Link security

 by Psifidotos on: Apr 7 2013
Score 50%

In firefox I get:


dont you get one?

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 SSL valid for link

 by H00K on: Apr 8 2013
Score 50%

It works just fine for me in Rekonq and Firefox.

Maybe you’re missing some standard certs on your system :/

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