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KDE Sound Application

Score 89%



Homepage:  Link
Downloads:  4766
Submitted:  Dec 21 2011
Updated:  Mar 23 2015


Cantata is a (yet another!) client for the music player daemon (MPD). Originally started as a fork of QtMPC, the code is now *very* different. Cantata can be compiled with KDE support, or as a pure Qt4 application. The interface is very configurable - most views can be shown as either a list or tree structure.

Currently Cantata has the following views:

1. Library - sorted as Album Artist (or Artist if Album Artist not set), Album, and finally Track.
2. Albums - displays albums as icons, sorted by their title.
3. Folders - displays MPDs virtual filesystem. (This view is hidden by default)
4. Playlists
5. Dynamic - dynamic playlists
6. Streams - allows saving of internet radio URLs, searching for stations via TuneIn or ShoutCast, station listings from; Digitally Imported (+Sky, JazzRadio, RockRadio), TuneIn, IceCast, ShoutCast, SomaFM, etc.
7. Online - Jamendo, Magnatune, SoundCloud, and Podcasts
8. Devices - enables copying from/to USB-Mass-Storage (UMS) and MTP devices, and ripping AudioCDs

The sidebar has a context menu, allowing you to control its style and what items are shown.

Refer to http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Client:Cantata, and https://cantata.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/README, for further information.


1. Fix Ubuntu Touch builds.
2. When refreshing search menu, clear items first!
3. Fix setting of cover when existing cover is embedded in music file.
4. Fix OSX executable name for case-sensitive filesystems.
5. Hide ratings widgets, etc, in tag editor for devices and Mopidy, etc.
6. Use Control+Alt+Number as shortcut to toggle an output.
7. Don't allow to set short-cuts for actions that are menus.
8. Add high-dpi support to Linux and Windows Qt5.4 builds.
9. When calculating ReplayGain, if peak value is less than 0.00001 then assume the calculation is invalid.
10. When parsing podcast RSS, if episode is marked as video (e.g. video/mp4) but the url ends in an audio extension then it is proably an audio podcast.
11. Correctly initialise seach category.
12. Fix potential crashes on refresh.
13. Fix duplicate notification when Cantata is started whilst playing, or when 'Replace Play Queue' is used.
14. Only show output change notification if outputs menu was not previously empty.
15. Construct a new config object, rather than changing group, to avoid any race conditions.
16. If fading volume on stop, then reset volume just before stopping. Some outputs (e.g. pulse audio) only allow setting a volume whilst playing.
17. If 'url' entry is empty in 'enclosure' section of podcast RSS file, then use 'guid' text as url - if possible.
18. Fix copying of covers to UMS, etc, devices if song is transcoded.
19. Add an option for 64 bit non KDE linux builds to install helper apps to lib64 instead of just lib. Pass -DCANTATA_HELPERS_LIB_DIR=lib64 to cmake.
20. In tag editor, only mark rating as changed if it has been.
21. For Linux non-KDE builds, use login1 interface to detect system resuming.
22. Enable scrobble 'love' button even if scrobbling is disabled.
23. Don't crash when detecting an audio CD with no tracks.
24. When playing a digitally imported (or JazzRadiom, etc) stream from the favourites section, then modify the URL if the user has a premium account (to match what existing behaviour is stream is played from the station list)
25. Workaround build issues with SpeexDSP 1.2rc2
26. Use correct stream icon in playqueue for streams with no song details.
27. Fix FreeBSD build.
28. Respect carriage returns when displaying comments in context view.
29. Fix replaygain calculation when ffmpeg is using planar formats.
30. Enable 'save' button when reading ratings from multiple files.
31. Fix cantata-remote script (used for Unity launcher integration) when this uses qdbus.
32. Fix display of rating in tag dialog when only 1 file is being edited.
33. Fix fetching of ratings in table style playqueue.
34. Don't convert -ve track, disc, or years to unsigned - set to 0.
35. Bundle openSSL libs with windows builds.

MS Windows(1.5.2)
Mac OS X(1.5.2)
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 Debian amd64 package

 by elric80 on: Apr 13 2012
Score 50%

Thanks Craig for your continued work on this awesome app!

I made a binary package for Cantata that STILL needs some polish, yet installs files just fine. Built on sid, works fine on wheezy, and I guess it'll be fine with Ubuntu.


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 more thoughts

 by zeltakc on: Apr 15 2012
Score 50%

Hya again

I have some more thoughts if you dont mind :)

1) mpd has a new queue-like function (song priority):


would it be possible to add it either with a shortcut or with the cool hover like add/play button. here is a mockup:


2) is it possible to add the song info hover like in the album view (the box with the file type etc) for the playlist view as well (i often want to know if the song is flac/mp3 etc)

3)concerning the backdrops, if you think it wont work for lyrics can you maybe consider a middle pane (ala amarok/gmpc?) Gmpc already has this implemented and its works really well, as it darkens the fanart and uses white text, see screen:


this could be a user option (weather or not to have the pane present)

4) As for the global keyboard shortcut to focus on the search filter in the library, i didnt mean a key to launch cantata (its always in the background on my PC), rather of a way to bring it up and auto focus on the filter box in the library view in order to quickly search the album/song and quickly add it to the playlist. For example see in screen:


i would press the keyboard shortcut and it would bring me to (1) the filter box, then id press tab/other key and i could use the up/down key to press play (enter) or add (alt-enter) etc (2)..

this could also be just a command line argumant and i can assign it to a key shortcut through khotkeys if that easier. any thoughts?

thx again


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 Re: more thoughts

 by CraigD on: Apr 16 2012
Score 50%

1. I'll think about this. But in your screenshot how would you set the priority? Also, would you not want the priority displayed in the playqueue?

2. Done for 0.7.0

3. Dont like the idea of a central info pane - its one of the first things I re-arranged with Amarok when it was possible. I will think about adding support, but its not a high priority for me. [ Patches always welcome :-) ]

4. I've extended the DBUS interface for 0.7.0. To raise cantata window:

qdbus org.kde.cantata /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2 Raise

to show library page, and focus in search field:

qdbus org.kde.cantata /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2 showPage library true

The view is the next 'tab' stop down, so that already works. As for adding a song with 'Enter', etc, you can already assign keyboard short-cuts to the add/replace actions.

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 3 requests about album arts

 by thenktor on: Apr 17 2012
Score 50%

Hi, I think the new version (0.6.1) has improved much, thanks for that :)
And I have another 4 requests:
1. In library view there should be a place holder for the album art that is shown while the arts are loading. The place holder should have the same size like the album arts. At the moment the search results are moving further down as soon as the album arts appear.
2. Make size of the album arts in the grouped album view (playlist) configurable, too.
3. Add an bigger maximum size for all album arts
4. On hovering the album art in the upper left corner a higher resolution image could be shown (e.g. 500 px)

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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 Re: 3 requests about album arts

 by CraigD on: Apr 18 2012
Score 50%

1. The default 'cd' icon should be used when the cover is loading. This is the case for me at least. I have, however, noticed that if you change the size of the covers - this default icon is left at its previous size. This may be the error you are seeing.

2. Tricky. At the moment, the first row is 'Header + 1st track'. This fits nicely with the cover size, increasing the size would disrupt this.

3. Why? It uses enough memory as is!

4. I'll think about this.

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 Re: Re: 3 requests about album arts

 by thenktor on: Apr 18 2012
Score 50%

1. OK, I should check this with another icon theme. For me it did not show any cd icon. But still it will be a problem if icon size changes.

2. I understand. Maybe the header can have more than one line? E.g. the album year in the second line. This would increase the tiny size.

3. I have plenty of memory and I love album arts :D OK, this is not really important.

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 Re: Re: Re: 3 requests about album arts

 by CraigD on: Apr 18 2012
Score 50%

1. I lied, sorry! Just tested, and it does adapt to change in icon size.

2. Dont like the idea of using a 3rd line. What I /might/ do is draw the album cover behind the playqueue. So that its drawn beneath (e.g.) the first 5 entries.

3. I'll add an extra-large setting (64 pixels for library, 160pixels for albums?)

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 Amazing music player

 by vishzilla on: Apr 23 2012
Score 50%

My friend, you have just hit the sweet spot. KDE trully deserves such an app.

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 Search and git repo

 by mzalewski on: Apr 23 2012
Score 50%

I'm not sure if comments here are preferred way to contact with maintainer, but I wanted to drop two feature requests:

1. It would be great if there could be more advanced search function. Right now Cantata search in every tag it has in database. Sometime it is slow and it finds many unwanted results. Narrowing search string to specific tags and combining them together (like: "find every song with 'garden' in title and 'rose' in artists") could be really useful. As for user interface, maybe put little arrow on right side of search box - after clicking, it would expand advanced search (in a way very similar to gmail's new web interface). Or make search bar keyword-aware (e.g. artist:roses title:garden), preferably with automatic keyword completion. Or just open new window with advanced search settings ;) .

2. How about public git repo? There are few free sites, like github or gitorious.org. I believe that contributing to this great project would be made easier this way. Of course source packages of final versions could still be posted here.

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 Re: Search and git repo

 by CraigD on: Apr 23 2012
Score 50%

1. Will think about this

2. Not too keen on git, but I have uploaded the svn repository to googlecode: https://code.google.com/p/cantata/

Please feel free to contact me via email, and feel free to submit patches :-)

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 Play queue fix

 by ber0es on: Apr 24 2012
Score 50%

I suggest to change the view of play queue, so cover pic won't overlap with song selection and play arrow (https://www.dropbox.com/s/4i3wz9x6eji4v9b/snapshot50.png). May be the good way would be to use 2 lines against cover pic to display album info (https://www.dropbox.com/s/srf4xgolesed3b3/snapshot51.png).

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 Re: Play queue fix

 by CraigD on: Apr 24 2012
Score 50%

No. I dont like the 1st track taking 3 lines. I like the play queue as is.

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