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KDE Groupware/PIM

Score 83%



Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  17724
Submitted:  Aug 15 2004
Updated:  Jun 25 2011



KMobileTools is a nice KDE-based application that allows to synchronize and manage mobile phones with your PC. It handles full SMS control, dialing calls, phonebook, and phone status monitoring.

As KDE moved from version 3 to version 4, KMobileTools had started to be ported to Qt4 along with major API changes. A new engine has been written and the GUI redesigned. However, the former developers had to drop the project due to a lack of time and I recently decided to take it over. So, this developer release is also a CALL FOR DEVELOPERS: I won't be able to ensure the complete work, I need support and want to form a new team for development. Coding on KMobileTools is real fun, but I am very busy with my master degree and my coding experience is still not that rich, making KMobileTools evolve (too) slowly.

The project has migrated from the KDE Playground SVN to Gitorious: http://gitorious.org/kmobiletools
I currently have no time anymore to continue hacking on KMobileTools. Feel free to clone the git repo and to submit merge requests for every contribution of yours. Git is now the best mean to share the code and to make contributions easier through the clone/merge system it provides. I remain available for project administration and any insight I could give about the project. From now on, the project is in the hands of the contributors!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hacking on KMobileTools. As you can see, most of the work is done, let's finally finish it! The following list is how I would set the priorities: https://gitorious.org/kmobiletools/pages/Home


2011-06-25 Project cession
* The project has migrated from the KDE Playground SVN to Gitorious:
I currently have no time anymore to continue hacking on KMobileTools. Feel free to clone the git repo and to submit merge requests for every contribution of yours. I remain available for project administration and any insight I could give about the project. From now on, the project is in the hands of the contributors!

2010-10-12 KMobileTools 1.5.0-SVN20101222
* Gammu engine is back again, partially working
* Info and status pages (phone detail homepage) is redesigned and working
* welcome and overview pages are working again and now use the new KDE4 design
* lots of bugfixes
* big code clean up (more to come!)

2010-10-12 KMobileTools 1.5.0-SVN20101012
* first developer release of the new KMobileTools for KDE4
* New engine API
* openSUSE packages provided for testing purpose

2007-06-05 KMobileTools 0.5.0_beta3
* Including 19200 baudrate.
* Fix that allows to try fetching SMS even from phones that don't have SMS slots.
* Adding support for the incoming kdebluetooth-1.0-beta3.
* Fixing user interface issues for SMS CVS exporting.
* Fixing SMS exporting to maildir (thanks to cerebro84 at gmail dot com).
* Some autotools fixes.
* Adding a working gammu engine, thanks to Matthias Lechner.
* Adding KNotify support, and making it configurable in the user interface.

2007-04-06 KMobileTools 0.5.0_beta2
* Simulate ATE0 in phones that don't accept it.
* Remove warnings about Locked Phone where we want to use a timeout.
* Bugfix: Sometimes device is loaded twice.
* Bugfix: Phonebook stops when encountering an error.
* Bugfix: Better modem errors handling. Parsing SMS/Phonebook
continues even after errors, now.
* Fixing compilation on kde < 3.5
* Fixing infinite loop on kbluetoothpairingwizard.
* Adding CrashHandler "stolen" from Amarok.
* Making wizards use also gksu for non-kde users.
* Allowing more than one channel for each device with the bluetooth
* New wizard page for bluetooth: now kmobiletools can use bluetooth
devices without needing to bind them. Needs kdebluetooth 1.0-beta2.
* Bugfix: removed crashing when trying to configure devices.
* Bugfix: sometimes kmobiletools was hanging when fetching phonebook.
* Threading fixes: less crashes, less cpu/memory usage, more overall
* Fixing phonenumbers fetching.
* Increasing and fixing timeouts for racing issues.
* Added an obex kioslave, based on openobex, configurable from
kmobiletools GUI.
* Improved wizard for phone detection.
* Added a dialing handler dialog.
* Added a tab for the phonebook page to display contacts from other
devices or from KDE AddressBook.

Source(Git current master snapshot)
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 Samsung Phones

 by famewolf on: Dec 8 2004
Score 50%

Anyone tried this on a samsung phone?

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 very promising app

 by polrus on: Dec 10 2004
Score 50%

good work, i'm desperately looking for an app that would allow me to sync my ericsson t610.
I could browse my phone tel. book but couldn't do anything without it - maybe in next version :)

keep up the great work

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 Re: very promising app

 by RockMan81 on: Dec 11 2004
Score 50%
KMobileTools Development Team

t610 should be supported. Just check you've the right SMS/Phonebook slots in the config dialog

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 Re: Re: very promising app

 by polrus on: Dec 13 2004
Score 50%

yes i can browse my phonebook but there sould be a support for exporting to kpim or something -
also reading email from telphone address book would be a nice thing,

AFAIK theres no such app that would import data from t610 to kmail kcontact or anything like that- calendar synchronization would be great also :) but thats for the future maybe-

keep up the great work

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 Re: Re: Re: very promising app

 by RockMan81 on: Dec 14 2004
Score 50%
KMobileTools Development Team

For exporting addressbook, you can add ~/.kde/share/apps/kmobiletools/kmobiletools.vcf to your kdepim addressbook (as a file resource).
For mail and other stuff.. well, here you should really wait :)

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 sync of addressbook?

 by daperi on: Dec 18 2004
Score 50%

your tool is a great start in the right direction ...

i'm searching for long for a solution to sync the addressbook from kmail/kontact with my t610 but didn't find anything easy for it (i mean real sync: change a detail on PC or phone and then sync them correctly, so that the information is on both devices in the end)

looking forward for your next releases ... keep the great work up


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 Re: sync of addressbook?

 by sszilveszter on: Mar 6 2005
Score 50%

I think its ok to
add a file in Kontact

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 by cyclon on: Jan 3 2005
Score 50%

Thanks for your work! It's great!!!

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 KDE 3.2.x no support

 by olahaye74 on: Feb 2 2005
Score 50%

Despite the fact that the ChangLog says it now compile again for KDE 3.2, it seems that it's not true.
The configure script search for makekdewidgets which is a script that appeared in KDE 3.3.0 if I'm correct.
Is there a specific option to configure script to circumvent this problem?

The error:
checking for makekdewidgets... not found
configure: error: The important program makekdewidgets was not found!
Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.

My Distribution: Mandrake 10.1 / KDE 3.2.3 / gcc 3.4

Anyway, this app look realy cool despite the fact I'm stuck to V 0.3.1

BTW: Is there a backup phonebook / restore to another phone feature in 0.4.1?

Olivier LAHAYE

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 Re: KDE 3.2.x no support

 by RockMan81 on: Feb 18 2005
Score 50%
KMobileTools Development Team

Ok, i got it.
Just try this:
i tested it on slackware, downgrading KDE to 3.2.
Note: QT 3.2 seems _NOT_ supported.

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 Sony Ericsson T68

 by sszilveszter on: Mar 5 2005
Score 50%

tried on that mobile works fine
works good with:
+hungarian letters as well
+DC, ME, RC, SM,
-but works not with HP (Hierarchical Phonebook)
+Could save my SMS messages to a file.
...should able synronize with adress book, or save the phonebook to a file
Great Program!

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