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KDE Screensaver

Score 72%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.x and KDE 4.x
Downloads:  26423
Submitted:  Aug 17 2004
Updated:  Feb 19 2010


KWaterSaver KDE-4 Version:
2010 by Stefan Baur http://kwatersaver.c0n.de/

Port of the former kde-3 version.

KGLWaterSaver KDE-3 Version:
2004 by Stefan Baur http://kwatersaver.c0n.de/

Make sure you have OpenGL libs/headers installed. (and of course Qt/Kde3.2)

Download, compile and install...
Go to the Control Panel and choose KGLWaterSaver, set it up to use your favourite Image or Desktop and fit the performance of your computer.
(Takes 10% CPU-Time at my Duron 700 / GeForce FX 5700 at: water_res of 128x128, 24 WaterCalcs, 64ms Delay Realtime)
(config dialog will probably [hopefully :] be more intuitive in following versions)

Hope you enjoy putting your desktop under water :)


KDE-4 Version now available!

Version 0.6
Initial port. Same features as former kde-3 version.

KDE-3 Version:
some private builds supporting webcam/v4l input not for production use.

new SuSE RPM's availabe as well as a gentoo ebuild(!)

Version 0.6
added translation to German, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.
new effects: big bubble, rain
small bugfix which made water look ugly at edges sometimes
config dialog showing image preview and effect choice
Version 0.5
now also available as Mandrake 10.0 rpm! Thanks to Victor Fernandez.

Source(kde-4 Version 0.6 (source))
Gentoo(kde-4 Gentoo ebuild)
Source(kde-3 Version 0.6 (source))
Gentoo(kde-3 Gentoo ebuild)
SUSE(kde-3 Version 0.6 (SuSE 9.2 RPM))
SUSE(kde-3 Version 0.6 (SuSE 9.3 x86_64 (KDE 3.4) RPM))
other(kde-3 Version 0.6 (Mandrake 10.0 RPM by V. Fernand)
Source(old kde-3 Version 0.5 (Source))
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 mdk9.2 with kde3.2.2

 by Linuxglider on: Aug 24 2004
Score 50%

im here on mandrake 9.2 with kde 3.2.2:
first installed without deps mdk 10 rpm than compile the source with
configure --prefix/usr
and it runs fine!
have fun

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 That's pretty cool

 by mccubbin on: Aug 25 2004
Score 50%

That's about the coolest screensaver I've ever seen. I really like the 'rain' feature. Keep this one going!! For info, it installs perfectly on Gentoo 2004.2 and KDE 3.2.3.

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 RPM Version

 by georg on: Oct 4 2004
Score 50%

The RPM-Version for Mandrake 10.0 works fine with 10.1, too.

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 Re: RPM Version

 by georg on: Oct 5 2004
Score 50%

Sorry, I have to correct me: After a reboot KGLWaterSaver doesn't appear in kcontrol any more ...

Trying to rpm -e the package, rpm states, that the package isn't installed; trying to re-install it, rpm states, that the package is already installed ... pretty weird ...

Finally I tried to compile the tarball, because I really like the screensaver. I had to install a whole bunch of devel-packages, to satisfy the configure-script and make, but in the end, I didn't succeed. I was running into dependency conflicts. :-(

So I stopped at this point, hoping that someone will build an RPM for Mandrake 10.1 Community some time.

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 Re: Re: RPM Version

 by ich666 on: Oct 5 2004
Score 50%

Strange! ... but is the binary still installed? eg. can you run it from konsole:

If so, you should simply need to place the kglwatersaver.desktop file in the right folder to make it appear in kcontrol
(which is for me: /usr/kde/3.3/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/ - not sure where it is in mandrake ... just "kde-install-dir"/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/ )

Hope this helps

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 Re: Re: Re: RPM Version

 by georg on: Oct 5 2004
Score 50%

Thanx for your reply.

Yes, the binary is still installed, and I can run it from konsole -- no error messages occuring.

The kglwatersaver.desktop file is (still) in
(where all the others are), but (I swear) it doesn't appear in kcontrol's screensaver list.

I had a closer look to the file (using Konquerer's "Properties" Dialog) and it seems to be all right ...

Any other ideas?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: RPM Version

 by ich666 on: Oct 6 2004
Score 50%

as i am not sure what is the right dir in mandrake you might also try to put the kglwatersaver.desktop file in your home: ~/.kde/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/

now at least this user should see it in kcontrol...

well ... one thing i figured that is probably not 100% right in my kglwatersaver.desktop file, which you might also try to change:

open kglwatersaver.desktop in text editor (kwrite for example)

on line 5 it says:
Exec=kglwatersaver %i %m -caption "%c"

add ".kss" after kglwatersaver:
Exec=kglwatersaver.kss %i %m -caption "%c"

this shouldn't be used anyways .. but perhaps it causes the trouble...

well ... when looking at the rpm, there are

no idea what this does ... maybe try to move it away and see if this helps.

I guess a mandrake user would be of more help :-p

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: RPM Version

 by georg on: Oct 7 2004
Score 50%

You wrote:
you might also try to put the kglwatersaver.desktop file in your home

That's it. For other Mandrake users: The right place is:

It works (still after a reboot :-), and for this reason I didn't edit the kglwatersaver.desktop file.

One strange detail, which might give you a hint:
When I first installed the RPM, KGLWaterSaver appeared apart from the other savers (it wasn't categorized in kcontrol).
Now it's among the other OpenGL screensavers.
Hmm, maybe it doesn't mean anything.

And thanks a lot again (first of all for this great eyecandy-screensaver)!

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 Drops on Desktop?

 by bienchen on: Oct 20 2004
Score 50%


really niice saver.
Would it be possible to let the drops directly fall into the desktop? So that the waves a flushing the colors into confusion?



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 rocky bird problem

 by abaaa on: Nov 19 2004
Score 50%

sorry,can i ask some install problem?

1.Download, ----->ok
2.compile -------> "./configure"
and "make" ok,
correct ,no error messenge

3.install --> make install ????

4.i can not find KGLWS in Control Panel

where is thr worng , Thanks

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 Re: rocky bird problem

 by ich666 on: Nov 20 2004
Score 50%

depending on your distribution, there might be some special place where to put the kglwatersaver.desktop file which makes kglwatersaver appear in the control panel.

default is /share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/

you might try to put it to your users kde dir:

(subdirectory ScreenSavers might not exist yet)

put the src/kglwatersaver.desktop file in this dir. Then this user should be able so see it in the control panel.

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 linux t-shirts

 by damian2610 on: Dec 11 2004
Score 50%

the coolest screensaver I've ever seen


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 Not There

 by Jeremy on: Jan 15 2005
Score 50%

Says its installed but doesn't come up on my list of screensavers. :(

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