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Score 83%

Link:  http://www.kftp.org
Minimum required   KDE 3.3.x
Downloads:  14283
Submitted:  Aug 17 2004
Updated:  Apr 28 2007


KFTPGrabber is a graphical FTP client for KDE. It supports SSL encryption, FXP transfers, multiple FTP sessions (using tabs), bookmark system and more.


* 0.8.1
FIX: Rewritten speed limiting code, so limits work much better now
FIX: Directory entry and path caching
FIX: Minor file exists dialog problems
FIX: Some issues related to using multiple transfer threads
FIX: Local directory scans now honor priority settings
FIX: Total speed display for multiple running transfers (patch by David Gnedt)
ADD: Added a quick option to set speed limits and number of threads

* 0.8.0
FIX: Fixed some typos
FIX: Fixed plugin library linkage
FIX: Fixed upload of empty files via TLS/SSL
FIX: Take file size into account when doing directory compare

* 0.8.0-beta2
CHG: Rewritten support for custom commands
CHG: Left sidebar is now hidden by default
ADD: Individual file mark/compare in the listviews
ADD: Simple directory compare option
ADD: Reimplemented support for SSCN
ADD: A button to clear the list of recent sites
FIX: Handle server replies containing NULLs
FIX: Implemented a proper remove files dialog
FIX: Queue and listview speed optimisations
FIX: Some crash fixes
FIX: Fixed sorting by timestamp

* 0.8.0-beta1
CHG: Rewritten the browser view to support folders with a lot of files
ADD: Added "move to top/move to bottom" options to the queue
ADD: An option to toggle the use of primary connection for file transfers
ADD: A shortcut to open the current local folder in Konqueror
FIX: Fixed a SFTP related crash when aborting
FIX: Properly filter selections when using the as-you-type filter

* 0.8.0-alpha2
CHG: Rewritten the filtering API to support complex filters
ADD: A configuration setting to automaticly retry failed transfers
ADD: An option to ignore external IP for LAN connections
FIX: Fixed some multiline parsing problems
FIX: Fixed some SSL upload related problems
FIX: Disable REST on servers that don't support it

* 0.8.0-alpha1
CHG: Rewriten the low-level engine
CHG: Some visual changes in the list view
ADD: Keep alive support
ADD: A nice as-you-type filter
ADD: Keyboard shortcuts for common file operations
ADD: A list of recent quick connect sites
ADD: "Skip all", "Overwrite all", "Resume all" options in the file exists dialog
ADD: Support for EPRT (required for IPv6 operation)
ADD: Support for machine readable directory listings (MLSD)
FIX: Many different fixes

* 0.7.0-beta1
ADD: Speed limiting support
ADD: Handling of failed transfers
ADD: "On file exists" action matrix for FXP transfers
CHG: Removed KMDI in favor of nice tab widget style from amaroK team
CHG: Configuration is now KConfigXT based
ADD: Ability to export directory listings into text files
ADD: Fast directory listings via control channel on servers that support STAT
ADD: Extrapolate transfer speed for FXP transfers
ADD: Integrated SFV checksum verifier
ADD: Global encoding option and ability to change remote encoding on the fly
ADD: Priority list (merged priority and skip list)
ADD: Show current session status
ADD: Sites as top-level queue items
ADD: Ability to view/edit remote files
FIX: Many SFTP related fixes
ADD: Support for pubkey authentication (on SFTP connections)

* 0.6.0
CHG: KFTPGrabber has now moved to KDE Extragear, so the build system has been slightly changed
FIX: Resuming files using SFTP
FIX: Do not refetch directory listings while processing the queue
FIX: Queue/server management related crash
FIX: Incorrect directory progress when aborting transfer

* 0.6.0-beta2
FIX: Request for password when selecting anonymous in quick connect dialog
FIX: Set the correct home dir on some remote connections
FIX: Bookmark related crash
FIX: Proper encoding of URLs in the queue file
FIX: One month timeshift when doing MDTM

* 0.6.0-beta1
ADD: According to the KDE HIG minimize to tray if the mainwindow is closed
ADD: Experimental support for multiple threads
ADD: Traffic graph
ADD: Commonly used site commands for GlFTPD (more to follow)
ADD: Support for setting per-site encoding
CHG: Updated libssh to the latest version to support keyboard-interactive auth
CHG: Removed howl in favor of KDNSSD Zeroconf API
FIX: Lots of crash fixes
FIX: Rewritten directory listing parser
FIX: Different queue improvements and bugfixes

* 0.5.0
FIX: Behaviour of the "Show Tree View" button
FIX: Processing of queued transfers after aborting a transfer
FIX: Fix a progressbar related crash
FIX: Many bugfixes to the quickconnect dialog
FIX: Adjustment of licenses (thanks to Vince )
FIX: Support for servers that send their local IP instead of the correct one
FIX: Upload of files >4GB
FIX: FreeBSD threading lib detection
ADD: README and Changelog

* 0.5.0-beta1
ADD: Experimental SFTP support
ADD: Support of implicit SSL connections
ADD: Support for setting the local directory
ADD: Setting the password for anonymous connections is now possible
ADD: Using transfermodes other than plain FTP is now possible from the
quick connect dialog
ADD: Bookmark sidebar
ADD: Zeroconf sidebar
ADD: Saving the mainwindow's position
ADD: Password dialog for Zeroconf connections
ADD: Plugin framework for import filters, currently featuring a gFTP
import filter (more to come)
ADD: Option for disabling the splash screen
ADD: Ability to configure the default behavior of overwrite/resume/rename
when files already exist in local and remote directories
CHG: Use of KMDI for the user interface
CHG: Reworked bookmark editor
FIX: Off by one for the date's month when uploading files
FIX: Reconnection delay can now be up to 9999 seconds
FIX: Detection of QSA and Howl in the configure script
FIX: ETA calculation
FIX: Lots of compile fixes and other bugfixes
REM: Global option for the remote directory. The one provided by the server
is now used, if not being overridden by the bookmark setting

* 0.4.0
- first public release, so there are many bugs yet to be found ;)

Source(KFTPgrabber source code)
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 by m0m0t0mb0 on: Jan 26 2005
Score 50%

I would want to know if there will be a way to synchronize two folders?

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 Not stable

 by tisource on: Jan 30 2005
Score 50%

Of many graphical ftp clients I've tried on linux, KFTPGrabber is a good balance between control and simplicity.

Unfortunately, it is very unstable on my system (Fedora Core 3). I installed it via rpm, and found it buggy, so I uninstalled the rpm and installed it from source. It was significantly more stable, but still unusable.

I've had the program crash when I initiate queued transfers, and I've also had it claim it completed several 10 MB downloads in a matter of milliseconds... and won't actually transfer any files.

I've also had problems with bookmarks. I select a site from the bookmarks, and it opens a new local browser tab instead of opening a ftp connection. Often trying to do a quick connect makes the app crash.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anything I can do to improve the stability of this app?

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 Suse 9.2 RPM build

 by linux3114a on: Feb 1 2005
Score 50%

kftpgrabber-0.5.0-suse92.i586.rpm at http://home.tiscali.be/raoul.linux/download.htm

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 version for suse 9.3

 by RND on: Apr 24 2005
Score 50%

anything due for suse 9,3 soon?

Insert RaNDom comment here

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 by yggdrasil on: Apr 25 2005
Score 50%

I just tried to upload phpMyAdmin (extracted - not the tarball). On approx 90% the connection was interrupted (timeout?) and an error message popped up: "Could not enter directory "/"".
Did this happen to someone else?

Except of this issue KFTPGrabber is the best KDE-based FTP-client so far!

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 Crash on start

 by Lenz on: Apr 27 2005
Score 50%

I installed 0.60-beta1 a few hours ago via the gentoo cvs ebuild. Unfortunately it crashes almost every start... :( Must be some obvious problem, it is easily reproducible. After a few times it starts without crashing.

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 Re: Crash on start

 by Kostko on: Apr 28 2005
Score 50%

Hmm.. can you configure kftpgrabber with --enable-debug=full and post the backtrace when it crashes ?

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