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Score 83%

Link:  http://www.kftp.org
Minimum required   KDE 3.3.x
Downloads:  14338
Submitted:  Aug 17 2004
Updated:  Apr 28 2007


KFTPGrabber is a graphical FTP client for KDE. It supports SSL encryption, FXP transfers, multiple FTP sessions (using tabs), bookmark system and more.


* 0.8.1
FIX: Rewritten speed limiting code, so limits work much better now
FIX: Directory entry and path caching
FIX: Minor file exists dialog problems
FIX: Some issues related to using multiple transfer threads
FIX: Local directory scans now honor priority settings
FIX: Total speed display for multiple running transfers (patch by David Gnedt)
ADD: Added a quick option to set speed limits and number of threads

* 0.8.0
FIX: Fixed some typos
FIX: Fixed plugin library linkage
FIX: Fixed upload of empty files via TLS/SSL
FIX: Take file size into account when doing directory compare

* 0.8.0-beta2
CHG: Rewritten support for custom commands
CHG: Left sidebar is now hidden by default
ADD: Individual file mark/compare in the listviews
ADD: Simple directory compare option
ADD: Reimplemented support for SSCN
ADD: A button to clear the list of recent sites
FIX: Handle server replies containing NULLs
FIX: Implemented a proper remove files dialog
FIX: Queue and listview speed optimisations
FIX: Some crash fixes
FIX: Fixed sorting by timestamp

* 0.8.0-beta1
CHG: Rewritten the browser view to support folders with a lot of files
ADD: Added "move to top/move to bottom" options to the queue
ADD: An option to toggle the use of primary connection for file transfers
ADD: A shortcut to open the current local folder in Konqueror
FIX: Fixed a SFTP related crash when aborting
FIX: Properly filter selections when using the as-you-type filter

* 0.8.0-alpha2
CHG: Rewritten the filtering API to support complex filters
ADD: A configuration setting to automaticly retry failed transfers
ADD: An option to ignore external IP for LAN connections
FIX: Fixed some multiline parsing problems
FIX: Fixed some SSL upload related problems
FIX: Disable REST on servers that don't support it

* 0.8.0-alpha1
CHG: Rewriten the low-level engine
CHG: Some visual changes in the list view
ADD: Keep alive support
ADD: A nice as-you-type filter
ADD: Keyboard shortcuts for common file operations
ADD: A list of recent quick connect sites
ADD: "Skip all", "Overwrite all", "Resume all" options in the file exists dialog
ADD: Support for EPRT (required for IPv6 operation)
ADD: Support for machine readable directory listings (MLSD)
FIX: Many different fixes

* 0.7.0-beta1
ADD: Speed limiting support
ADD: Handling of failed transfers
ADD: "On file exists" action matrix for FXP transfers
CHG: Removed KMDI in favor of nice tab widget style from amaroK team
CHG: Configuration is now KConfigXT based
ADD: Ability to export directory listings into text files
ADD: Fast directory listings via control channel on servers that support STAT
ADD: Extrapolate transfer speed for FXP transfers
ADD: Integrated SFV checksum verifier
ADD: Global encoding option and ability to change remote encoding on the fly
ADD: Priority list (merged priority and skip list)
ADD: Show current session status
ADD: Sites as top-level queue items
ADD: Ability to view/edit remote files
FIX: Many SFTP related fixes
ADD: Support for pubkey authentication (on SFTP connections)

* 0.6.0
CHG: KFTPGrabber has now moved to KDE Extragear, so the build system has been slightly changed
FIX: Resuming files using SFTP
FIX: Do not refetch directory listings while processing the queue
FIX: Queue/server management related crash
FIX: Incorrect directory progress when aborting transfer

* 0.6.0-beta2
FIX: Request for password when selecting anonymous in quick connect dialog
FIX: Set the correct home dir on some remote connections
FIX: Bookmark related crash
FIX: Proper encoding of URLs in the queue file
FIX: One month timeshift when doing MDTM

* 0.6.0-beta1
ADD: According to the KDE HIG minimize to tray if the mainwindow is closed
ADD: Experimental support for multiple threads
ADD: Traffic graph
ADD: Commonly used site commands for GlFTPD (more to follow)
ADD: Support for setting per-site encoding
CHG: Updated libssh to the latest version to support keyboard-interactive auth
CHG: Removed howl in favor of KDNSSD Zeroconf API
FIX: Lots of crash fixes
FIX: Rewritten directory listing parser
FIX: Different queue improvements and bugfixes

* 0.5.0
FIX: Behaviour of the "Show Tree View" button
FIX: Processing of queued transfers after aborting a transfer
FIX: Fix a progressbar related crash
FIX: Many bugfixes to the quickconnect dialog
FIX: Adjustment of licenses (thanks to Vince )
FIX: Support for servers that send their local IP instead of the correct one
FIX: Upload of files >4GB
FIX: FreeBSD threading lib detection
ADD: README and Changelog

* 0.5.0-beta1
ADD: Experimental SFTP support
ADD: Support of implicit SSL connections
ADD: Support for setting the local directory
ADD: Setting the password for anonymous connections is now possible
ADD: Using transfermodes other than plain FTP is now possible from the
quick connect dialog
ADD: Bookmark sidebar
ADD: Zeroconf sidebar
ADD: Saving the mainwindow's position
ADD: Password dialog for Zeroconf connections
ADD: Plugin framework for import filters, currently featuring a gFTP
import filter (more to come)
ADD: Option for disabling the splash screen
ADD: Ability to configure the default behavior of overwrite/resume/rename
when files already exist in local and remote directories
CHG: Use of KMDI for the user interface
CHG: Reworked bookmark editor
FIX: Off by one for the date's month when uploading files
FIX: Reconnection delay can now be up to 9999 seconds
FIX: Detection of QSA and Howl in the configure script
FIX: ETA calculation
FIX: Lots of compile fixes and other bugfixes
REM: Global option for the remote directory. The one provided by the server
is now used, if not being overridden by the bookmark setting

* 0.4.0
- first public release, so there are many bugs yet to be found ;)

Source(KFTPgrabber source code)
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 SuSE 10.1 V0.8.0b2

 by linux3114a on: Nov 8 2006
Score 50%


under DOWNLOAD section ( My SuSE RPM's )

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 Re: SuSE 10.1 V0.8.0

 by jpmartin on: Nov 10 2006
Score 50%

Thanks for the opensuse rpm.
Kftpgrabber is a good software.
Just a idea : Is it possible to have these functionnalities as konqueror :
- redo/undo
- cut/copy/pastel

Thanks for kftpgrabber
JP Martin

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 Re: Re: SuSE 10.1 V0

 by linux3114a on: Nov 10 2006
Score 50%

I'm not the owner , just created the RPM
ask your question to the owner.

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 Re: SuSE 10.1 V0.8.0

 by pueblonative on: Nov 20 2006
Score 50%

The download link doesn't seem to work when i use it.

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 Re: Re: SuSE 10.1 V0.8.0

 by linux3114a on: Nov 20 2006
Score 50%

ok ,

I have tested with my webspace of my FAI and make a download without problem with kftpgrabber 0.8b2..

Strange ! ! !

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 conections limit?

 by rapid on: Nov 27 2006
Score 50%

Termitates with error often, when there is conections limit

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 by MxCl on: Dec 29 2006
Score 50%

Very slow transfers for many files. Totally unecessary bubble popups for a totally unecessary systray icon, every file.

And it hung halfway through. Then various other things broke.

Shows promise. But currently I cannot rely on it.

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 Fairly Impressed

 by timtw on: Dec 30 2006
Score 50%

Have to say I agree about the bubble popups and systray icon. But I totally like this thing.

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 Re: Fairly Impressed

 by Kostko on: Dec 30 2006
Score 50%

Everything you mention is configurable and can be disabled if you don't like it.

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 OpenSuse 10.2 RPM

 by pupil on: Dec 30 2006
Score 50%

v0.8.0 RPM
available at my site.

if you need the debuginfo rpm and/or the SRPM, just contact me.

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 i really like it

 by okapi on: Dec 31 2006
Score 50%

it's a great software for me!
actually i can't understand the complaints written above.
KFTPGrabber isn't slow at all. it works perfectly for me.
great features and functionality. thank you for your work!

michael singer
a visual notebook

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 Nice work

 by ocilent1 on: Jan 1 2007
Score 50%

I also like this app very much. It still has some problems eg. deleting many files on a remote ftp server is very slow. I am using it to manage a large (shared) rpm repo (9000+ srpm/rpms) and its greatest advantage over something like gftp is how you can compare files in dirs. You can easily identify and select differing files between host and remote dirs (unlike gftp which doesn't hide files that are the same).

For those of you that don't like the pop up balloons after transfers, its just a simple matter to disable them in using its configuration options (like I do).

kftgrabber is also the only decent linux ftp app that I can find that will also connect to an ftp server that is using ftp over TLS/SSL (implicit). I have tried others and none seem to work for me.

Keep up the good work guys :-)

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