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KDE System Tool

Score 77%


Link:  http://
Minimum required   KDE 3.x
Downloads:  6668
Submitted:  Aug 18 2004
Updated:  Sep 21 2004


FSTabEdit is a control center module to edit your fstab.
It is very basic, but easy to use as well.
If you know what to put in your fstab, you'll be able to use it.
This is similar to the software "Kouvert", but it's implemented as a control center module instead of being a seperate application and it's written in C++, so it doesn't need installed Python and PyQT-bindings.
It hasn't that many options Kouvert has to offer, but I heard some voices disliking interfaces over-filled with options like Kouvert.
If you like more simple interfaces, you may like FSTabEdit.

* It doesn't matter how you vote *
* for this app, but please let me *
* know WHY you voted as you voted *
* so I can improve it. *


Added RPM I got from Mohamed Eldesoky.
Thanks for providing us with this RPM again.

Complete rewrite of fstabedit.
Added an overview of found and configured devices.
IMPORTANT! It depends on Linux 2.6!
It will run on Linux 2.4, but not all features will be supported!
It isn't even tested on systems with 2.4, I don't have any left anymore.

Added RPM I got from Mohamed Eldesoky.
Thanks you for providing us with this RPM.

Added screenshot of the new version as a preview to show what's coming up.
The current code is able to fill the list with available devices like shown in the second screenshot.
The buttons don't do anything right now and now changes will be saved.
Not even in memory.
Stay tuned for new versions.

Stop using version 0.2!
It has a major bug which may render your system unbootable!
Mountpoints that are written by fstabedit-0.2 won't work as they should because of a syntax-error in the generated config-file.
This problem is fixed (and tested!) in version 0.3.
Update immediately!

(Resala RPM (compatible to FC2) - v 0.4)
(Source v 0.3 (old))
(Resala RPM (compatible to FC2) - v 0.3 (old))
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 I forgot...

 by pfefferberg on: Aug 20 2004
Score 50%

/proc is destined to revert back to it's original purpose in the future, that is just for processes and sysfs (/sys) will take care of all the info stuff. So maybe it would save some hassling in the future if FSTabEditor would already support it. And it's probably a good idea to make 2.4 support a compile time option.

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 Re: I forgot...

 by SegFault on: Aug 20 2004
Score 50%

Yes, I know.
But for my first tests /proc was much easier :-)
I need to get further information about sysfs to make any real use of it.
The problem with the 2.4 kernel is there seems to be no function or proc-file that reports me _any_ available block device.
So I think I'd have to parse the kernel logs.
But I can't assume that it is stored at all.
Or, if stored, what the filename of the log-file is.

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 FsTabEdit redesign

 by SegFault on: Aug 20 2004
Score 50%

I didn't thought that so many people are interested in a graphical interface to fstab for KDE, so I didn't put that much design-work in the current version.
I'm going to chance that.
This time I'll make a featurelist beforehand and try to implement most of it.
Please report ANY requests, suggestions and ideas to my eMail-address segfault_ii AT web DOT de
I will take a look at them when writing the featurelist.

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 Nobody needs this ??

 by informix on: Aug 21 2004
Score 50%

This is exactly the wrong thought!

It is one of SuSE-Linux main features to combind many of these tools into yast2 and integrate Yast2 into KControl, like Mandrake too ...


But many things like this should be included into a kcmsyscontrol-like-package

for all servers, squid, webmin, ftp , apache, iptables, nfs-server, sshd, samba, ........ and especially for things like Lineak, Freevo and QJoypad3 !!

All these Kcontrol-Modules are MISSING!

So .... now You know what you could do next ..

Me is currently working on a gnokii KControl-Module to setup Nokia-Phones for use this kaddressbooksync and all irda-alls (why in hell isn´t sth. like kbeam included in kde :(( ??? WHY ???)

All these are features, nobody mentions and respects, but everybody wants"!!

I´m waiting for feedback to this and

Thank You for Your work !! - Another step to change a desktop-world !!!

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 good one

 by leartist on: Aug 24 2004
Score 50%

but could you add a filter for security. I think about a checkbox "Show system devices". If this is checked and only then display the devices "/", "/sys", "/proc" and "/boot". All others could be shown.

Please rename it, especially in the control-center. A name "Devicemanager" or in german "Laufwerksverwaltung" could be better than "FSTab Editor". Think about usability here.

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 Re: good one

 by vdboor on: Aug 30 2004
Score 50%

What about "Static filesystems"? It's the name I had in mind for a simular module.

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 Whoo hoo.

 by vdboor on: Aug 30 2004
Score 50%


I'm very excited to see this app, I had simular plans to create such module but you already did it!!
I believe Linux needs these control center modules. (just like a module for syslog, sudo, courier-imapd, apache, postfix, etc..)

I also have some suggestions, based on my own orginal ideas:
* what about showing icons for the devices, and group them by type:
- Hard disks,
- Removable media,
- Virtual file systems,
- Network shares
* Offer two view modules:
- Table view (your current view)
- Grouped view, including the nice expanded partitions in your second screenshot.
* Change the options textbox into some dialog with checkboxes, and perhaps a custom field for unsupported options.
* Your current "add" button is a bit weird, but I'm wondering: is the next screenshot your current development version?

Thanks in advice! I love this app already, but I see some room for improvement as well.

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 Re: Whoo hoo.

 by SegFault on: Aug 30 2004
Score 50%

Yes, the second screenshot is my current development version.
The first screenshot shows the version that you can download currently.
It is version 0.3.
The second screenshot shows what will become 0.4.
I'm not quite sure about the grouping you'd like to see.
It would be hard to do this with the new interface.
If you have suggestions for a better interface - feel free to send it to me.
The texts on the buttons aren't fixed you know. It takes a double-click in Qt Designer to change them ;-)
And remember: It's called development version right now ;-)

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 Re: Whoo hoo.

 by informix on: Aug 31 2004
Score 50%

As I said! And it is nice to see, that somebody agrees with me!

We need this configuration-tools for getting KDE/linux to a mature desktop system!.

Without frontends, no cmd-line-hateing-normal-windows-user will switch over to Linux!

I have a basic example how I crack "every" Windows-User to switch to Linux:

At first... I show him some emulators, players and tools... In Windows and Linux!!

Then I show him freevo, which is in generall a complete gui for manymany multimedia/system/pim tools.
And I can see it: They are shocked! Cause they see that windows is a noob system!!

95% of all users I showed the capabilities off freevo now have it at home!

The reason :

1.)One Frontend for everything
(even only useable only with a 10 button remote, or joystick)
2.)Linux in general as a backend.

After seeing the simplicity of this frontend, they start to go deeper and deeper.

This is the striking point of every
DE, Frontend or Gui!

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 hurry up!

 by soulrebel on: Aug 31 2004
Score 50%

well what are you waiting for?? hurry up and get it to kde.org for kde3.3.1 or 3.3.2!! ;)
i think that in general kde needs soo many more kontrol center modules. i think kcontrol should configure all of the system. screw yast and mandrake control center, especially yast which needs 5mins to load... why would you want multiple config apps!?
please get this integrated into kontrolcenter, see i am lazy and i really like your app but i rather edit fstab by hand than download and compile and install kcontrol modules...
anyway keep up the work ;)

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