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Plasmoid Binary

Score 83%


Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  1774
Submitted:  May 24 2014
Updated:  Oct 3 2014


Client Mpris2, allows you to control your favorite media player.

I accept any suggestion or critique.


- Version 0.7.1
- Fixed regression of stop keyboard shortcut
- Added Russian translation (by Salim Gazizov)

- Version 0.7
* Fixed problem showing the empty popup with Spotify
* Fixed the problem of rating apparently 0 when the Layout changes
* Opaque buttons are automatically configured for some Plasma-themes
* Now PlayBar uses its own default icons
* Added new design for the popup called Cool, go to the config ui
* Added shortcuts to close and restore media player
* Added Spanish translation
* The entire interface has been revised to achieve a more pleasing appearance
* Updated README.md

NOTE: All icons are customizable and are in SVG format, as well as any plasmoid.
This allows any Plasma-theme has its own set of icons for PlayBar

- Version 0.6.1
* Fixed CMakeLists.txt
* Fixed Vertical Slider

- Version 0.6
* Fixed bug that prevented show and hide the separator
* Added option to change size buttons of bar-controls
* Added Global Keyboard Shortcuts and can be configured since Preferences>Global Shortcuts>KDE Component: Shell Plasma
* Improved behavior when changing the media source
* Tweaks to the UI and various minor bug fixes

NOTE: Since now Playbar becomes binary plasmoid, please see the README.md

- Version 0.5.1
* Improved visual notifications and sliders
* The minimalist layout receives several fixes
* Various bug fixes

- Version 0.5
* Many improvements for volume slider and search position widget
* Now you can change media player manually, when more than one is available (go to contextual menu)
* Configuration window has been redesigned
* Improved performance in all the places
* Now you can choose between two different designs for the popup window (go to the configuration window "Layout")
* Added nice notifications for the media source and volume
* All animations are now most fluid and most consistent

- Version 0.4 Beta
* Now you can up and down volume with the mouse wheel from the widget and the control bar
* Added actions to show and close the player in the context menu
* More options in configuration window
* Better support for VLC player
* And many other improvements to the code :D

- Version 0.3 Alpha
* Fixed crash when changing song position with Clementine
* Improved nocover art and rating widget
* Improved the behavior of the pop-up
* Now the Artist and Album also have auto scroll
* Added opaque icons for clear themes and translucent (You have to go to the configuration window)
* Various fixes for layout

- Version 0.2.1 Alpha
* Now the label position shown negative when the minutes are zero
* Fixed bug that caused automatic scrolling would work only once

- Version 0.2 Alpha
* Added nocover image
* CoverArt busy indicator
* Many improvements to the UI
* Custom layout for Spotify
* Fixed Spotify playback control
* Better CPU usage
* Intelligent connection to Mpris2 sources
* Implemented the title with autoscroll

And many other improvements :D

- Version 0.1 Alpha
* First released

(PlayBar source code)
Arch(PKGBUILD by Yoyo)
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 by fierta on: May 24 2014
Score 50%

Where can I get these icons bar?
Sorry for my english.

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 Re: Icons

 by audoban on: May 24 2014
Score 50%

The bar icons are of the theme, more precisely Caledonia.

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 Re: Re: Icons

 by fierta on: May 25 2014
Score 50%

Thank you.

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 by UnderTheGun on: May 25 2014
Score 50%
Chakra Project

Here works very well!
Great work mate.
It's perfect for my Caledonia :P


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 Re: Great!

 by audoban on: May 25 2014
Score 70%

Thanks a lot.
Any problems please let me know.

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 Great work!!!

 by fierta on: May 25 2014
Score 63%

Very nice script. :)
Very comfortable.
But there is a problem is the load on the processor. Reduce please. (plasma-desktop 11-18% )
Kubuntu 14.04. KDE default.

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 Re: Great work!!!

 by audoban on: May 25 2014
Score 50%

thanks I'm glad you like.
I will try to reduce the CPU load for the next version.

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 Re: Re: Great work!!!

 by donpedro69 on: May 25 2014
Score 50%

waiting for it! ;)

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 some issues

 by denk on: May 27 2014
Score 63%

First of all: VERY NICE!

Second, I found some issues:
1. if the track name is longer, it is not possible to read the complete text as it is cut off; maybe you can implement some scrolling of too long texts
2. in case of Spotify it is only possible to pause the player but, resuming play is not possible; what I could find out is:
- qdbus-qt4 org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.spotify / org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer2.Play doesn't work
- qdbus-qt4 org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.spotify / org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer2.PlayPause WORKS!
maybe, you can find some sort of fix for that, for example
- special workarounds per application
- at first try Play, if that doesn't work call PlayPause

That's it for now. Thanks for taking these into account!

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 Re: some issues

 by audoban on: May 27 2014
Score 50%

Thanks for the awesome feedback: D

What you say the title is true, I am now trying to improve with autoscroll

Spotifiy has broken all his Mpris2 interface, not only the Play, also the Volume, the Position of the song and the Stop function. I will try to fix what you can.

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 Re: Re: some issues

 by denk on: May 30 2014
Score 50%

Thank you for your fast fixes! AWESOME:-D

There seems to be a new issue now:
As you can see on screenshot http://picpaste.de/playbar1-SELzANbE.png the title has two lines and breaks the layout. On this screenshot http://picpaste.de/playbar2-25Ic5gl0.png I'm hovering over the title and it is reduced to one line as it should be. As you also can see on this screenshot the title is still not shown in total which means scrolling ends and three dots get appended instead of scrolling till the end of the title. Regarding scrolling metadata what about artist and album, could you try to make them scrollable, too?

Another issue:
I have a dark theme and the buttons are dark to as you can see here http://picpaste.de/playbar3-ZpVBAWDZ.png
Is there anything you can do on your side or do you have an idea how I can change the color?

An idea for a new feature:
Could you implement the global keyboard shortcuts like it is done in Play Control http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Play+Control?content=144437

Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

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 Re: Re: Re: some issues

 by audoban on: May 30 2014
Score 50%

- The title is the only one that has automatic scrolling, because I also like :P But can be configured to do what you say (When I finish configuration interface)..

- The problem of the title is fixed since this morning

- I've also thought about making the buttons change color, but QtQuick 1.1 is a little limited at times: (In QtQuick 2.0 this is not a problem. By the moment the buttons are taken from the Plasma theme...

- Keyboard shortcuts seems like a great idea, I'll have in mind.

Thank you very much for your help: D

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 Re: Re: Re: some issues

 by audoban on: May 31 2014
Score 50%

Plasma theme that you're using? I need to check something.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: some issues

 by denk on: May 31 2014
Score 50%

Usually I use Oxygen (that's the one in the screenshot). I tried a few others (Androbit, Caledonia, Produkt) which lead to the same dark buttons on dark background. If there is anything else I can check for you or help you with, please ask.

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 by ArthurTaborda on: Jun 7 2014
Score 50%

Exactly the music plasmoid I was looking for. Beautiful, non intrusive and much better than the KDE default.

Thank you!

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 Re: Beautiful

 by audoban on: Jun 7 2014
Score 50%

You're welcome!

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 Possibility of Changing Ratings?

 by dmeyer on: Jun 9 2014
Score 50%

One of my major complaints with all the music control widgets to date has been the lack of ability to change (or even see) the rating of a song. This plasmoid is great in that it solves at least part of that problem. Absolutely love the looks and functionality as well.

Any chance changing the rating of a song could be implemented?

Thanks for your wonderful contribution.

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 Re: Possibility of Changing Ratings?

 by audoban on: Jun 9 2014
Score 50%

Unfortunately Mpris2 not have that capability. In the future I think I can do an implementation, however you will have to wait a little longer :)

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