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Improving KDE


KDE Improvement

Score 79%
Improving KDE

Improving KDE

Improving KDE

Link:  http://
Downloads:  48982
Submitted:  Oct 13 2004
Updated:  Nov 28 2004


1. Changed the plastik theme to draw a lighter line as listview branch.
2. Rounded selection in iconview (konqueror/kdesktop)*
3. A modern looking rubberband (gnome/xp semi-transparent style).*
4. Modified dialogs when in iconlist mode to highlight item on mouse over (mozilla-firefox).
5. Added a new konqueror sidebar look.
Idea from http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=17049
6. Now sidebar is saved per profile (bug 58580)
7. Fixed bug 88964 (Highlighting of files in Detailed List View does not
correspond to the area of activation).

Obs.: All patches are tested in kde-3.3.1/qt-x11-free-3.3.3 official
sources. I can't garantee that they will work in other kde versions.

* some patches are modified versions from the patches found in

I started a thread in kde-devel mailing list to discuss the insertion of the patches in next kde release.
See http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=109863377620287&w=2
Some of the improvements are already in KDE CVS.
I contacted trolltech and they are analyzing the patches.

- To improve the performance of the rubberband try to enable the option
"RenderAccel" in your XF86Config file.
(sinve version 0.5.2 the rubberband performance is improved)
- To enable the new konqueror sidebar look add the line "SidebarStyle=1" in the file $HOME/.kde/share/config/konqsidebartng.rc in the group that has the same name of the profile you want to change:
For example:

If anyone has more ideas (original ideas) to add to this patches, tell me and perhaps i will try to implement them.


v1.0.0: (2004-Nov-28)
* fixed bug with rubberband in iconview mode.
* added install instructions.

v0.5.5: (2004-Oct-31)
* fixed bug when new rubberband effect is disabled.

v0.5.4: (2004-Oct-31)
* added rubberband color cache (improve rubberband performance a little more). I can't do incremental patch cause i'm using the KDE CVS version now. The only file that was modified is kdelibs/kdefx/kstyle.cpp

v0.5.3: (2004-Oct-31)
* improved rubberband performance in iconview (now only the modified area is draw).
* fixed bug when drawing rubberband and right mouse button is clicked.
* added incremental patch. For those who are using version 0.5.2 just apply the patches found in dir patches-0.5.2.
Note: Only use the patches found in dir patches-0.5.3 if you are using version 0.5.2. Any doubt how to use this mail me.
* added TODO file. If you found any bug not in TODO mail me, and i will try to fix.

v0.5.2: (2004-Oct-26)
* fixed error in drawing the item background in konqueror detailed view mode when that is a background image set. You just need to recompile kdebase/konqueror/listview.

v0.5.1: (2004-Oct-26)
* fixed compile error in kdebase/konqueror/listview.

v0.5.0: (2004-Oct-25)
* a lot of cleanup and refactoring.
* fix bug in konqueror detailed view mode that made the alternate background lines draw incorrect (thanks to DarkLord to point this out).
* now no app will be affected by the patch for bug 88964.
* modified qt patches to kde ones so is more easy to get they accepted by kde developers.
* removed kdepim patch (no more necessary).


(gentoo ebuilds (thanx to f10nk))
(another gentoo ebuilds (thanks to taskara))
(slackware packages (thanks to pcxz))
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 error with compile

 by aivs on: Oct 27 2004
Score 50%

[root@localhost kdebase-3.3.1]# make
then mv -f ".deps/konq_listview_la.all_cc.Tpo" ".deps/konq_listview_la.all_cc.Plo"; else rm -f ".deps/konq_listview_la.all_cc.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
In file included from konq_listview_la.all_cc.cc:3:
konq_listviewwidget.cc: In member function `void KonqBaseListViewWidget::readProtocolConfig(const QString&)':
konq_listviewwidget.cc:305: warning: `listing' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/kprotocolinfo.h:539)
konq_listviewwidget.cc: In member function `virtual void KonqBaseListViewWidget::contentsMousePressEvent(QMouseEvent*)':
konq_listviewwidget.cc:398: error: no matching function for call to `KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber()'
konq_listviewwidget.h:202: note: candidates are: virtual void KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber(QPainter*)
konq_listviewwidget.cc: In member function `virtual void KonqBaseListViewWidget::contentsMouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent*)':
konq_listviewwidget.cc:432: error: no matching function for call to `KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber()'
konq_listviewwidget.h:202: note: candidates are: virtual void KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber(QPainter*)
konq_listviewwidget.cc: At global scope:
konq_listviewwidget.cc:487: error: prototype for `void KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber()' does not match any in class `KonqBaseListViewWidget'
konq_listviewwidget.h:202: error: candidate is: virtual void KonqBaseListViewWidget::drawRubber(QPainter*)
make[3]: *** [konq_listview_la.all_cc.lo] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/apps/konstruct/kde/kdebase/work/kdebase-3.3.1/konqueror/listview'
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/apps/konstruct/kde/kdebase/work/kdebase-3.3.1/konqueror'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/apps/konstruct/kde/kdebase/work/kdebase-3.3.1'
make: *** [all] Error 2
[root@localhost kdebase-3.3.1]#

At what my problem?

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 Re: error with compile

 by andrunko on: Oct 27 2004
Score 50%

seems that something went wrong when you applied the patches.

which version of kdebase are you using?


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 Re: Re: error with compile

 by aivs on: Oct 28 2004
Score 50%

I use patch 0.5.2 and kdebase-3.3.1

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 Re: Re: Re: error with compile

 by aivs on: Oct 29 2004
Score 50%

problem is decisioned

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 Aliased edges?

 by SlipStreamScapes on: Oct 28 2004
Score 50%


First of all, incredible work! Congratulations!

I have just a small question whether the selected rounded box around the file name and/or folder name could be drawn with aliased edges as right now there is still some jaggedness?

Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes,


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 Re: Aliased edges?

 by andrunko on: Oct 28 2004
Score 50%

thanks, i will see what i can do.


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 Re: Re: Aliased edges?

 by bushwakko on: Oct 28 2004
Score 50%

and how about making the tiny corners in plastik aliased too :) when we're in to aliasing I mean.

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 Building debs

 by DarkLord on: Oct 28 2004
Score 50%

Unfortunately my tries to build some nice deb packages have not been fully succesfull. WHile I build and even uploaded kdeartwork and kdelibs succesfully (at least I think so) there seems to be no use as long as qt and kdebase are not compiled correctly - nd that didn't work for me.

Thanks andrunko for the tips about kdelibs btw - compilation did finished when I placed the diff in /debian/patches but it seems that it didn't get applied.. or something else is missing (qt is) - anyway the new stuff doesn'T seem to be there.

Don't have enough free time to look into this now, but no matter if andrunko provides debs or not I'll be sure to get this to work for me =)

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 see the version

 by aivs on: Oct 29 2004
Score 50%

What about to add to standart kde "about kde"
line with version of patch?
At example: kcontrol --> menu "Help" --> "About KDE" --> "K Desktop Environment. Release 3.3.1 + Improving KDE 0.5.2

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 One thing...

 by ratta on: Oct 29 2004
Score 50%

It is a great work, but still a bit slow, like nautilus was some time ago :-)
When the selection changes only the difference should be drawn, not everything.
If i have some time i will help you to optimize it!!!

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 Re: One thing...

 by andrunko on: Oct 31 2004
Score 50%

I did some changes in iconview to improve the performance. I believe that can be improved a little but is much better than the old versions.


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 amazing but...

 by pc22 on: Oct 31 2004
Score 50%

This is an awesome improvement to the since now awfull and not very usable sidebar.
But there's duplicated info when a tab is selected, for example in the screenshot you have "home folder" and immediatly below "home folder" again.
May be without the inner one would be even more better looking.


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