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Dragon Player


KDE Video Application

Score 80%
Dragon Player

Link:  http://dragonplayer.org
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  26911
Submitted:  Oct 20 2004
Updated:  Feb 26 2008


Dragon Player is a video player for KDE 4 that focuses on simplicity
and easy of use. It is the successor of Codeine, a player for KDE 3.

It is now available in gutsy-backports, check out the Dragon Player website if you use Kubuntu.


Removed the locking of the volumeSlider if the mute is active

Fixed issue where if the user ESCed the play media dialog it wouldn't reappear.
Pressing 'M' causes mute
Return to the logo when playback is explictly stopped
New Icon
Fixed crash on double click in KPart Bug #157579
The volumeSlider is locked if the mute is active

Fix status bar title disappearing on window resize
Can turn off subtitles
Can revert to the 'auto' audio channel
Save subtitle and audio channel selection
New DBus API under /Player and /TrackList. A full implementation of MPRIS.
Fix pausing and then playing causing the window size to revert.
A new smart "Play Disc" button that plays whatever kind of media is inserted and
if more then one disc is inserted it lets you pick which disc to play.
As a result, Video CD's and Audio CD's are now experimentally supported.

Fix hang on close when paused
Restore cursor hiding over the playing video widget
Restore video settings widget (contrast, brightness), as a sidebar instead of a window.
Restore KPart
Save video settings
Audio channel selectable
Volume slider toolbar. Volume saved globally, not per-file.
Imported Amarok's runtime-selectable debug() system

New maintainer: Ian Monroe
Renamed to Dragon Player
Ported to Qt4, KDE4 and Phonon. Many feature regressions. None of Codeine's bugs though... a whole new set!

Source(Dragon Player 2.0.1)
Source(Codeine 1.0.1)
other(Dragon - Arch Linux)
SUSE(One-Click SUSE install Dragon Player)
Debian(Dragon Player 2.0-1)
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 mandriva linux

 by HJH on: Sep 17 2005
Score 50%

A version for Mandriva linux is available here:
(a version for i586 and x86_64)

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 Good work!

 by fourhead on: Sep 22 2005
Score 50%

I love your app! It does what it should do - play video files. I got attention of your app because it was mentioned somewhere as an example for good usability, I thought you might want to hear that :-) I have one suggestion though: If a video is playing, I would replace the "play" button with a "pause" button, when you click it, the video is paused, and the button is a "play" button again. I think this would be a bit more logical, but still keep the interface simple.

Good work!

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 Re: Good work!

 by MxCl on: Oct 7 2005
Score 50%

The play button is a toggle button, clicking it will play when toggled and pause when untoggled. When the no video is loaded the play button is untoggled.

People aren't used to a toggle play button, so they struggle a little with this, but it really is the best solution for playback controls. I'd like amaroK to use the same.

The reason the icon doesn't change is because I think changing the icon is confusing. The icon should stay the same if possible as you shouldn't be making people worried about what the new function of the toolbar button is.

The icon and text does change in the menu though, as menus are different IMO, since they are a list of functions and people don't mind if they change, while toolbars are a defining anchor in the application.

Thanks for the comment, and I'm happy to debate this point with you if you'd like :-)

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 Praise & suggestions

 by DarthSide on: Sep 22 2005
Score 50%

I just installed it and agree: Nice app, clean and easy...

Only a few flaws I recognized:

The play menu in the menubar has a stop option, but it doesn't show up somewhere else.
I found that, when I desperately searched for it next to the play button in the toolbar and did not even find it in the rightclick menu...

When I open a video, I get a black bar at the left border. (Not scalled correctly, I think.)
And now the behaviour differs, depending on what video I am playing:
Quadratic Video(512x512):
When I maximize the window this bar is nearly as big as half the window.
(And it is also in fullscreen.)
(P.S: After some further testing I think you intended to safe the ratio. Perhaps you should then move the output to the windows center, then.)
When maximized of fullscreen the black bar "vanishes".
I am using xine-lib-1.1.0-r4

I think the window title should be changed to "Codeine - Filmtitle" (with "Filmtitle" being the title of the currently played video).

An option to set the aspect ratio to the window ratio, would be nice. So I could resize xine's video output, with resizing the codeine's window.

The "reset video scale" entry in the r-click menu doesn't seem to work properly. I can reset the scale only one time, afterwards the entry will be disabled till I restart(stop,play) the video.

I think double-left-click -> fullscreen would be a intuitive addition...

Is it on purpose that the position slider doesn't opperate in "realtime" (change in video postion immediately when changing the slider position)?

And a question: Why did you put the toolbar at the top, instead of at the bottom, where it is located in other players? Was this a request by a user?
(Just curious and yes, I know I can move the toolbar.)

Thanks for this nice app,

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 Re: Praise & suggestions

 by MxCl on: Oct 7 2005
Score 50%

1. I may remove the stop menu entry altogether, as there is no reason to use it really. It's only there due to popular demand. It's nowhere other than the menu as it's no use.

2. I'll have to look into this.

3. It did do this in the 1.0-betas, I changed it as I don't think it's much use really, and mostly because KDE handles this badly (so does Windows) and you just can't find Codeine in the taskbar with normal Videos having 200 character long titles. For KDE 4 I hope KWin and co. will have separate atoms for Document Title and Application Name, so this can be handled better. Until then I don't think much is lost by not showing it like this. The problem is complex, and basically titles are too damn long to show in a useful way, is it more useful to show Codeine or "some seriously long title about...", I felt the former.

4. Good idea

5. Hmm I thought I'd fixed it, thanks.

6. Good idea again :-)

7. Toolbars at the top are more normal for KDE applications, and I don't know any good reason why video players tend to go bottom (please enlighten me if you know). The lack of realtime update for video is because xine doesn't always do this well, and because I have a better solution that I plan for the future. Maybe for 1.1 I'll do realtime as you are right, this is better.

Thanks for the comments, and I hope you reply.

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 Re: Re: Praise & suggestions

 by DarthSide on: Oct 29 2005
Score 50%

1. Why remove it completely? I think the ability to stop the playback and start from the beginning is important...

3. About too long titles:
That's why I suggested "Codeine - Filmtitle". So you still have Codeine in the name, but don't have those ugly "" and "" in it, because of multiple instances/windows with the same name...

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 by dansmug on: Nov 2 2005
Score 50%

Notification of xine being unable to play files on non-local disks

When trying to play a file from another harddisk, Codeine will give an error about missing codecs for playing that file. When I copy that same file to my Linux-harddisk it plays without a flaw. My guess is this has something to do with Xine being unable to play files from non-local disks. Kaffeine has the same problem, but there the error-message gives the information that Kaffeine can only play local files. Could you incorporate the same error-message in Codeine?

I hope you understand my qyestion. Sorry for using KDE-apps, but the bugreport function wouldn't work.

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 Re: Wish

 by dansmug on: Nov 2 2005
Score 50%

I've got more information. Apparently, this problem of being unable to read non-local files, only happens when I use the media:/ kio-slave to open mediafiles. Unlike other programs that mention this, Codeine gives an error about a missing plugin.

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 Re: Re: Wish

 by Superstoned on: Jan 6 2006
Score 50%

maybe you should send him an email if this hasn't been fixed already ;-)

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 pusling's repo

 by op4latino on: Nov 7 2005
Score 50%

Is it possible to make it as deb? you can talk with pusling so he can put it in his repos http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=29317

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 build error

 by ronacc on: Nov 12 2005
Score 50%

trying to build for suse 9.2 x86-64 i get this error from scons
src/app/playDialog.cpp: In constructor `
Codeine::PlayDialog::PlayDialog(QWidget*, bool)':
src/app/playDialog.cpp:30: error: `KStdGuiItem' undeclared (first use this
src/app/playDialog.cpp:30: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only
once for each function it appears in.)
src/app/playDialog.cpp:30: error: syntax error before `::' token
src/app/playDialog.cpp:59: error: syntax error before `::' token
scons: *** [build/app/playDialog.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

i am using scons 0.96.1-3
my qt is 3.3.3-24
kde 3.3.0
libxine 1.1.0-13.pm.0
python 2.3.4-3.2
anyone have any idea why ?

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 Re: build error

 by MxCl on: Mar 29 2006
Score 50%

Hopefully fixed in version coming after this date. Thanks for the report.

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