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KDE Video Application

Score 83%



Link:  http://kalva.berlios.de
Minimum required   KDE 3.x
Downloads:  20958
Submitted:  Apr 24 2005
Updated:  Dec 31 2007


Kalva is a Lightweight Video Application

Kalva is a simple to use and easy to setup videorecorder for the K Desktop
Environment. It is using the console tool MEncoder from the MPlayer package
to do the real work. Kalva's main goal is to be quite simple to setup and easy to use. But apart from that it provides quite some useful features.

You can schedule a movierecording by choosing the date
from a calender (will be passed to at) and a serial recording by choosing the
days of the week (feeds your crontab). You can manage your scheduled

You can store the neccessary MEncoder Options in hardware- and quality
profiles. You can easily share your profiles and your channellist via New
Stuff (take a look at www.kde-files.org for channellists, hardware profiles
and quality profiles).

Kalva can import channellists from e.g. xawtv or xawtv4 and generate a knew
one using scantv. You can edit and store that list. You might as well
download a channellist from www.kde-files.org (KHotNewStuff).

Kalva has a DCOP interface. This is meant as a convinient way to support
recording for external EPG apps like xmltv browsers (f.i. KTvSchedule) that You can optionally launch with a (configurable) toolbar button. If You
want to use the DCOP interface You can push Kalva into KDE's systemtray
(works just like with JuK or amaroK).

You can manage Your videocollection with the build in file browser and Play the selected video files with MPlayer or call a (configurable) video editor on the active directory.

If you want to follow the active developement process, the bleeding edge of
Kalva's sources can be found in kde-svn


binaries v0.8.90 (testing)
This release brings IVTV support. As I do not owe a PVR card I can not test this. I am looking forward for Your profiles that may show up on kdefiles.org ;-)
* SUSE 10.0 i586 with kde from stock (Sun Dec. 31 2007).
+ deb for kubuntu (Sat Jan. 05 2008)

binaries v0.8.81 (stable)
* Fedora core 5 i386 (thanks to Martin Gansser, new since january 7th 2007)
* ArchLinux-Buildfile
* deb for Kubuntu dapper drake (thanks to João Pinto)
* deb for Kubuntu breezy badger
* SUSE 10.0 i586 with kde from stock. This time even linux user authors shouldn't be able to crash Kalva ;-)

* Wed 4th of october 2006 - ml@andreas-silberstorff.de
- the rectangle for previewing the crop area when watching tv can now be turned off
- improved the dcop iface for better use with tvbrowser
- fixes a bug concerning tv options on the experts page of the quality profiles

binaries v0.8.78 (stable)
Fedora core 5 i386 (thanks to Martin Gansser)
SUSE 10.0 i586 with kde 3.5.3 from smart/apt (Use with care! If You do not have a decent KDE I have to advice You to wait for the offical apt RPM from suser-scorot to upgrade which will hopefully be available in the first week of july)

* Sun 18th of june 2006 - ml@andreas-silberstorff.de
- fixes a bug that prevented the use of the aumix-functionality and raised also some other minor issues.
- fixes some bugs concerning special chars in filmtitles or in the station names (better support for UTF8)

binaries v0.8.76 (stable)
Debian package for SID (thanks to Harry Auschner)

* Fri Apr 14 2006
- fixed some compiler issues, compiles now on Fedora Core 5
- fixed a bug concerning the device combo for aumix
- restarts running MPlayer (preview) when choosing profiles

since v0.8.75 (stable)
* Fri Mar 31 2006 - ml@andreas-silberstorff.de
- the profiles and the channellist are configurable from the
main window, no need anymore to open prefs dialog for each
recording session if You want to use a special profileset
- bbugfix: no need for a channel to be set when recording
from composite (i.e. input = 1)
- fixed a bug in the movie manager when the daytime contains
the searched string (was a too aggressive filter regex)
- first code cleanups,
-> improved filehandling,
-> fixed some syntax issues (see

Also known to distribute Kalva:
Kalva-stable via klik
SuSE 9.2-10.0 i386 and IA64 via apt (suser-scorot)
Mandriva RPMs (cooker)

for older history look at the homepage

(Download from projectsite (U might need to scroll))
(Project site at Berlios)
other(Buildfile for ArchLinux)
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 by BOSSoNe on: Aug 31 2005
Score 50%

Really great app !
Do ypu plan to support ivtv cards? http://ivtv.sourceforge.net

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 Re: whish

 by taki on: Aug 31 2005
Score 50%

If the card is supported by MPlayer / MEncoder, yes. Kalva is only a frontend. It supports every card that the MPlayer components support.

Looking at the ivytv site it seems that it is not supported at the moment. But maybe you should look at http://www.mplayerhq.hu and ask in a mailinglist on that site what the status of ivytv support is at the moment.

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 Re: Re: whish

 by BOSSoNe on: Aug 31 2005
Score 50%

In fact that's not the encoding task which is needed but only schedule task cause the card outputs mpeg2 stream directly from the device. eg:
cat /dev/videoX > file.mpg

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 Re: Re: Re: whish

 by taki on: Dec 10 2005
Score 50%

Some time has gone into the land and things may change... With DVB cards You can record the mpeg2-stream with Kalva as the MEncoder gives a very simple solution to do this. MEncoder simply provides the copy output type for the input URL dvb./.

If a similarily simple solution for recording the mpeg stream from ivitv cards via MEncoder exists Kalva might support these cards as well. So if anyone out there having such a card can give me a hint about ivytv support in mencoder don't hesitate to drop me a line ;-)

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 Debian Package

 by Kwellmeister on: Sep 17 2005
Score 50%

Thanks for the great app !

I made a debian package (for "unstable" aka "Sid") and everything works fine.
(Except for the necessity to add Config::Crontab to my installed perl modules.)

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 Re: Debian Package

 by taki on: Sep 17 2005
Score 50%

Nice to hear :-)

If you like to share the deb package you might mail me a link to put into the homepage or send me the package and I will put it on the download page.

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 SuSE9.3 RPM

 by linux3114a on: Nov 14 2005
Score 50%



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 Re: SuSE9.3 RPM

 by taki on: Nov 14 2005
Score 50%

Thanks for rebuilding the RPM.

I should have mentioned the following site, where You can find RPMs for many SuSE-releases. So if You want kalva stable on a decent SuSE you can just apt-get install kalva.

I will try to convince Sebastien to build kalva 0.8.49c RPMs for apt as well. I could as well call 0.8.49c stable though, it runs as stable as 0.8.0. It is only that it is not as complete as I want it for 0.9.




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 SlackWare TGZPackage

 by gohanz on: Nov 27 2005
Score 50%

A SlackWare 10.2 Package with SlackBuild script is ready to download!!


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 Great app..for bttv

 by steelfanatic68 on: Jan 14 2006
Score 50%

Love this app....works great with my bttv based card,but, ...mplayer/mencoder will not play nice with my cx8800 (leadtek Win2000 expert) based card!! I get a "half screen" and terrible picture.
Anyone else having this difficulty?
Anyway around this?

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 composite features

 by adm-scans on: Mar 6 2006
Score 50%

would be nice to have the ability to use the composite input. I use Composite1

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 Re: composite features

 by taki on: Mar 6 2006
Score 50%

Set input to 1 in the hardwareprofile should provide recording from composite.
You will have to provide one station in the channellist - this is fixed in subversion since yestereve ;-) but for the binaries you still need to set a station.

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