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AmaroK XUL Remote


Amarok Script

Score 81%
AmaroK XUL Remote

Link:  Link
Minimum required   PyKDE/PyQt
Downloads:  5200
Submitted:  May 1 2005
Updated:  May 24 2007


Control AmaroK from any Firefox browser on your network.

This AmaroK script embeds a Firefox extension and a HTTP server

- player manipulation: play, pause, stop, next, previous, seek, volume
- auto refreshing playlist view, plays a given track on click, can delete tracks
- collection browser with filtering, ordered by artist/album
- drag and drop tracks, album and artists to the playlist
- cover view for current track
- access restricted by login/password/IP address

The project developpement is now hosted on: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xul-amarok/
please go there to report bugs or wishes.

- python >= 2.3
- pyqt (python QT bindings)
- AmaroK >= 1.4.3
- Firefox >= 1.5

- Download the archive, then install and run it with AmaroK script manager
- On the first launch, you will be prompted for some parameters:
- interface(optional): the IP adress of your network interface the server will listen on (empty means all)
- port (required): you can leave 8888 as a default
- login/passwd (optional): if you wish to restrict access
- on any host on your network, launch firefox, go to http://amarok_host:8888 , and install the extension
- restart firefox
- launch "AmaroK remote" in the firefox "Tools" menu.
- set the options of the extension to match those on the server

If you get troubles with the configuration interface, you can use this sample xulremote.ini file:

debugajax = off
debugdcop = off

passwd =
login =

allowed =

interface =
port = 8888

of course replace with the IP you want to listen on.


1.0 - 2007-05-24
- new option to open the remote in a tab
- disable launch by KDE session manager (closes #1614228)

0.9b - 2007-04-30
minor fixes:
- Default server IP address to
- No more client hostname lookup
- new window for cover display

0.9a - 2006-11-03
- fix bug [ 1585368 ] Wrong file name transmitted

0.9 - 2006-10-21
- feature: context menus on collection and playlist
- feature: restrict connections from an IP addresses list
- works with firefox2, Amarok 1.4.3
- extension code rewrite

0.8 - 2006-04-30
- feature: delete tracks from playlist (press delete key)
- better playlist refreshing behaviour
- more playlist columns
- bugfix: collection browser now works fine with sqlite
- bugfix: more robust handling of unicode/non-unicode locales

0.7a - 2006-03-01
- bugfix: non resolved IPs could not connect
- no changes to extension

0.7 - 2006-02-25
- login/password authentication (HTTP Basic)
- big changes on the script side, now a pyqt application
- configuration interface
- always use dcop CLI, pydcop no longer required
- unicode bugfixes
- no more javascript warnings
- debugging possibilities, see xulremote.ini

0.6 - 2006-02-12
- unicode support
due to some issues with unicode and pydcop, the command line dcop is used for some actions

- reworked communication layer
uses AJAX instead of XML-RPC, which was designed for ascii

- sliders for seek and volume
adapted from foxytunes (thanks to Alex Sirota)

- amarok message on new connections
- cover view

0.5 - 2006-02-05
- support for firefox

0.4 - 2005-10-16
- drag and drop now works with albums and artists
- support for special characters

0.3 - 2005-09-10
- support for firefox 1.5 (won't work anymore with 1.0.x)
- use the new firefox preferences system
- works with amaroK 1.3
- better layout
- collection browser handles compilations
- dropped the Dynamic mode switch

0.2 - 2005-05-03
- Add a party mode enable/disable switch
- corrected bugs in the collection browser
- some cleanups

other(version 1.0 for firefox 1.5+)
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 Not working

 by KNT on: May 1 2005
Score 50%

When I try to run the script in amaroK it stops after a half second.

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 Re: Not working

 by mbedouet on: May 1 2005
Score 50%

what is the output when you launch it by hand?:
cd ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote

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 Re: Re: Not working

 by KNT on: May 1 2005
Score 50%

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/knt/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 6, in ?
from Amarok import Amarok
File "/home/knt/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/Amarok.py", line 12, in ?
os.popen( "kdialog --sorry 'pydcop (DCOP bindings for Python) is required for this script.'" )
NameError: name 'os' is not defined

I don't know python so I don't know how to fix it :p

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 Re: Re: Re: Not work

 by mbedouet on: May 1 2005
Score 50%

ok, you miss python dcop bindings, you can install:
- python-dcop package on Debian
- libkdec1 on Mandrake
- kdebindings on RedHat

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 ReX4: Not

 by KNT on: May 3 2005
Score 50%

Arrrghh... I'm so lAmE
(Sorry for my incompetence...)
It works nice but I too rarely use firefox...

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 by eean on: May 2 2005
Score 50%

Tried it out, seems to work great.

Outside of your TODO list, it'd be cool to be able to turn on and off party mode but thats not until 1.3.

Please make bugs for any DCOP actions you might need, we like supporting our script writers. :) Looks like you want a `dcop amarok playlist removeByIndex(int)` ?

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 Re: great

 by mbedouet on: May 2 2005
Score 50%

Hi, I already have a patch for removeByIndex(int).
however, something like removeMedia(url) would be better.
I will have a look on this and propose a patch on the ml.

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 Re: Re: great

 by eean on: May 3 2005
Score 50%

Oh, well patchs are even better.

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 Stupid question, but

 by Ekardnam on: May 3 2005
Score 50%

"- pydcop (python DCOP bindings) python-dcop package on Debian, libkdec1 on Mandrake"

What should I install if I'm a Slackware user? It says it can't find pydcop, but I can't find source/slack pack?

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 Re: Stupid question,

 by mbedouet on: May 4 2005
Score 50%

You may try kdebindings:

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 Great Work!

 by Alexander on: May 6 2005
Score 50%

Suberb! I was lookin for a way to be able to alter the playlist from a wirelessly connected laptop, without losing the ability to change the songs on the host computer..

This was a life-saver :)

Great work man, this script should be part of the main Amarok package :)


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 Re: Great Work!

 by eean on: May 8 2005
Score 50%

Well, no it shouldn't since it only works with Firefox. However, amaroK 1.3 will make it really easy to install scripts so it will be brought to "the masses".

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 not working

 by malcooke on: May 17 2005
Score 50%

I'm a relative newbie to all of this Linux thungy so I might be doing something stupid.

Tried this with SUSE 9.2 and KDE 3.4, fails to find the pydcop stuff. I can't install kdebindings-python as it thens seems to be missing other stuff (libqscintilla) and conflicts with other things like pyqt. Any one help? Am i looking at the right thing (kdebindings-python) for pydcop or what?

What I really want to be able to do is fully control amarok from the other (windows) pcs on my network. My SUSE box is a file and print server. Is there some other tool I could consider to do this?

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 Re: not working

 by mbedouet on: May 17 2005
Score 50%


I think you're right, you need kde python bindings.

However I haven't used Suse for years, I don't know how they manage dependancies.
It seems to be a dependency problem have you installed/upgraded packages from multiple sources?
maybe YAST could resolve this problem?

have a look here, you may need kdebindings3-python:

another solution would be to use vnc or NX for example.

hope this helps.


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 Re: Re: not working

 by malcooke on: May 19 2005
Score 50%

Ok Thanks for the feedback - It was because I'd installed some python stuff from elsewhere which got the version numbers / dependencies out of sync. Uninstalled and refreshed from the suse kde site and now it works fine.


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 by ziuchkov on: Jul 30 2005
Score 50%

phenomenal! please keep up the excellent work!

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