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AmaroK XUL Remote


Amarok Script

Score 81%
AmaroK XUL Remote

Link:  Link
Minimum required   PyKDE/PyQt
Downloads:  5200
Submitted:  May 1 2005
Updated:  May 24 2007


Control AmaroK from any Firefox browser on your network.

This AmaroK script embeds a Firefox extension and a HTTP server

- player manipulation: play, pause, stop, next, previous, seek, volume
- auto refreshing playlist view, plays a given track on click, can delete tracks
- collection browser with filtering, ordered by artist/album
- drag and drop tracks, album and artists to the playlist
- cover view for current track
- access restricted by login/password/IP address

The project developpement is now hosted on: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xul-amarok/
please go there to report bugs or wishes.

- python >= 2.3
- pyqt (python QT bindings)
- AmaroK >= 1.4.3
- Firefox >= 1.5

- Download the archive, then install and run it with AmaroK script manager
- On the first launch, you will be prompted for some parameters:
- interface(optional): the IP adress of your network interface the server will listen on (empty means all)
- port (required): you can leave 8888 as a default
- login/passwd (optional): if you wish to restrict access
- on any host on your network, launch firefox, go to http://amarok_host:8888 , and install the extension
- restart firefox
- launch "AmaroK remote" in the firefox "Tools" menu.
- set the options of the extension to match those on the server

If you get troubles with the configuration interface, you can use this sample xulremote.ini file:

debugajax = off
debugdcop = off

passwd =
login =

allowed =

interface =
port = 8888

of course replace with the IP you want to listen on.


1.0 - 2007-05-24
- new option to open the remote in a tab
- disable launch by KDE session manager (closes #1614228)

0.9b - 2007-04-30
minor fixes:
- Default server IP address to
- No more client hostname lookup
- new window for cover display

0.9a - 2006-11-03
- fix bug [ 1585368 ] Wrong file name transmitted

0.9 - 2006-10-21
- feature: context menus on collection and playlist
- feature: restrict connections from an IP addresses list
- works with firefox2, Amarok 1.4.3
- extension code rewrite

0.8 - 2006-04-30
- feature: delete tracks from playlist (press delete key)
- better playlist refreshing behaviour
- more playlist columns
- bugfix: collection browser now works fine with sqlite
- bugfix: more robust handling of unicode/non-unicode locales

0.7a - 2006-03-01
- bugfix: non resolved IPs could not connect
- no changes to extension

0.7 - 2006-02-25
- login/password authentication (HTTP Basic)
- big changes on the script side, now a pyqt application
- configuration interface
- always use dcop CLI, pydcop no longer required
- unicode bugfixes
- no more javascript warnings
- debugging possibilities, see xulremote.ini

0.6 - 2006-02-12
- unicode support
due to some issues with unicode and pydcop, the command line dcop is used for some actions

- reworked communication layer
uses AJAX instead of XML-RPC, which was designed for ascii

- sliders for seek and volume
adapted from foxytunes (thanks to Alex Sirota)

- amarok message on new connections
- cover view

0.5 - 2006-02-05
- support for firefox

0.4 - 2005-10-16
- drag and drop now works with albums and artists
- support for special characters

0.3 - 2005-09-10
- support for firefox 1.5 (won't work anymore with 1.0.x)
- use the new firefox preferences system
- works with amaroK 1.3
- better layout
- collection browser handles compilations
- dropped the Dynamic mode switch

0.2 - 2005-05-03
- Add a party mode enable/disable switch
- corrected bugs in the collection browser
- some cleanups

other(version 1.0 for firefox 1.5+)
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 0.9a Album Tag

 by lithium- on: Nov 29 2006
Score 50%

Thanks for this great AmaroK script/ff plugin.

I've found one small issue: songs without a value for album set in the id3 tags are not displayed in the treeview of AmaroK XUL Remote.
AmaroK itself just shows 'Unknown' if the album is not set.

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 by midna on: Nov 30 2006
Score 50%

Whenever I search for something other than an artist all it displays in the results is the Various Artist and when I click on it, everything is there. Regardless of the search. Also, if I search for something I know doesn't exist, Various Artist shows up the same way.

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 Re: Search

 by mbedouet on: Nov 30 2006
Score 50%

I know the collection browser needs improvements, but that should be done with a DCOP API, on Amarok side for querying the collection.
Anyone interested?

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 Bad collection view

 by gislio on: Dec 13 2006
Score 50%

I am running Amarok 1.3.9 under Ubuntu 6.06 and I am having difficulty with the collection view -- it fails to expand to the song level. I select the + in front of the Artist and it expands to a list of Albums, but when I click the + in front of an Album, nothing happens. Consequently I am unable to add songs to the playlist.

I have no other problem. If songs are already there, I can play them without problems, control volume, etc. Swell!

I've tried accessing from Firefox 1.5.x and 2.0.x. Same problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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 Can't configure it

 by foolosophy on: Dec 27 2006
Score 50%

After installing the script through Amarok's script manager, I made it run but the config screen never showed up. I tried connecting from a computer in my LAN but couldn't do it. I even tried changing the default port, but I had the same results.

Here's a dump of the script's registry:

[XUL remote] error reading config: won't start HTTPD
[XUL remote] starting readStdin
[XUL remote] error reading config, using defaults
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/threading.py", line 442, in __bootstrap
File "/home/pablo/.kde3.5/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 281, in run
self.app = XULRemote( sys.argv )
File "/home/pablo/.kde3.5/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 224, in __init__
File "/home/pablo/.kde3.5/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 237, in startHttpd
File "/home/pablo/.kde3.5/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 258, in configure
self.cnf = ConfigDialog()
File "/home/pablo/.kde3.5/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote/XulRemote.py", line 73, in __init__
ip=socket.getaddrinfo(socket.gethostname(), None)[0][4][0]
gaierror: (-2, 'Nombre o servicio desconocido')

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance,


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 Re: Can't configure

 by computercolin on: Jan 10 2007
Score 50%

I had the same issue. Based on that gaierror (your locale must be spanish speaking, hablo español un pocito) and it can't get your hostname. I had that error because I never configured /etc/hosts . I use arch linux (I've also used gentoo and it has the same thing) which has a central config file that contains a hostname setting (mine reads HOSTNAME=penguin) but libraries still refer to your /etc/hosts . I changed my /etc/hosts from the default to penguin.localdomain penguin
and now the script runs properly.

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 Great, now reqests

 by computercolin on: Jan 10 2007
Score 50%

Looks great, I think this script has a huge amount of potential. Though, there are some things I'd like to see if you can get around to them.

Fix script to get around gaierrors (if the user has their /etc/hosts misconfigured). This would ensure the configuration dialog would always open (even if they do need to fix their /etc/hosts).

Rating control: I really think it would be great if you could rate your songs through the browser!

Otherwise, thumbs up!

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 For small playlists.

 by skralljt on: Jan 26 2007
Score 50%

This is an excellent app, though I found that it was far too slow if I loaded, say, 200 songs in the amarok playlist. this may also be because the box amarok is running on is only 1 ghz with 256 mb ram. I am going to go back to running amarok through a remote x session though.
Good job anyway!

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