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KDE Logging/Monitoring

Score 83%
Open source



Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.5.x
Downloads:  14920
Submitted:  May 5 2005
Updated:  Nov 7 2007


KSystemLog is a system log viewer tool for KDE 4

This program is compatible with KDE 4 beta 3 libraries.

This program is developed for being used by beginner users, which don't know how to find information about their Linux system, and how the log files are in their computer. But it is also designed for advanced users, who want to quickly see problems occuring on their server.

KSystemLog has the following features :

* View all the main log of your system, by selecting them directly in a menu
* Tabbed view to allow displaying several logs at the same time
* Auto display new logged lines.
* Fast parsing and reading (more than 10000 lines each 5 seconds)
* Colorize log lines depending on their levels
* Detailed information for each log Lines (in a dedicated dialog)
* Quick filter
* Send a log message manually from a dialog box.
* Save, print and email log files are possible.
* It can parse the following log files of your system :
o System logs
o X.org logs
o Kernel logs
o Authentication logs
o Acpid logs
o Cups logs
o Postfix logs
o Apache logs
o Samba logs
o Daemons logs
o Cron logs
o XSession logs
o Cron logs

You can simply compile KSystemLog using the KDE 4 beta packages available in KUbuntu or other distributions.


Major improvements :

- Compatibility with KDE 4 beta4
- Fix icon position in search bar
- Add test coverage for Kernel logs
- Support for Suse Kernel logs
- Add joker to file list in configuration
- Auto-recognizition of the opened files

For more details, go to


(Source Archive (0.4.1))
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 Install Ksystemlog

 by Agent327 on: Jun 23 2005
Score 50%

I'm new to Linux. So forgive me my stupidness.
When I try to install Ksystemlog om Debian Sarge testing main i get a dependency problem.
I says this:
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of ksystemlog:

ksystemlog depends on kdelibs4 (>= 4:3.4.1-1); however:
Version of kdelibs4 on system is 4:3.3.2-6.1.

Is there a simple way to correct this. Remember, i'm stupid.


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 Re: Install Ksysteml

 by virtualmeet on: Jun 24 2005
Score 50%

Download source code and compile it with theses five commands:
tar -xvzf ksystemlog-0.3.1.tar;
cd ksystemlog-0.3.1 ;
./configure ;
make ;
make install ;

it worked for me so I hope it will be the same for you.
And remember, the only stupid is the one that can't see his limits ;-)
Thanks lastnico for this good application.

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 Great stuff

 by DarkLord on: Jun 24 2005
Score 50%

I just tried out your nifty little tool - it's really something I've been looking for some time now, so thanks a lot!

Anyway I was about to send a mail to the Kubuntu list about the possibility to include this in the next release. But the I figured out, maybe I'm better of talking to the upstream developer first :)

Here are two minor things I'd like to suggest:

- Make "Details" the default action for double-clicking an entry - I guess some might expect exactly this.

- Have the "Log-Toolbar" visible by default, so user's don't have to go into a sub menu to change the log they're viewing.

Ok, these are only small things and maybe it's just my taste to expect it this way - don't know.

But unfortunately with the Kubuntu packages some logs don't work for me out of the box. For Example the kernel logs. The kernel logs aren't found where KSystemLog expects them (/var/log/kernel/info and so on), but at /var/log/kernel.log - so there's no seperation between warnings, infos and errors.

Would it be possible to modify the kubuntu package accordingly? Maybe the Kubuntu devs would really like this to be part of the next release - I do not know yet, but I'd definitely appreciate it.

Instead there is

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 Re: Great stuff

 by lastnico on: Jun 24 2005
Score 50%
Open source

Yeah, thank you very much DarkLord !

The double click idea is really fine, i add it to my TODO list!

However, I plan to support more and more log files, so I prefer hiding by default the log toolbar, to don't habituate users of its presence, because she would probably become more and more huge (or if I do that, I will keep only the main logs, well, that's a new idea : I add it to my TODO list too ;-)

For the KUbuntu problem, I think it is the job of the packager to fix it (in fact it's quite simple, he just has to modify the ksystemlog.kfcg file, which contains default configuration of KSystemLog in a XML format).

If you want to contact him, here is its email address :

Mathieu Ourioux : mathieu ;DOT; ourioux _AT_ gmail !DOT! com

Thanks a lot !

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 Re: Great stuff

 by math0 on: Jun 24 2005
Score 50%

Hi DarkLord,

I'm the guy who made the package for Kubuntu (not a real packager ;-) ) and I've just sent an update of the package to Nicolas which (I hope) fixes the path to the kernel and daemons logs.
I haven't found the ACPI and Cron logs so if you know where they are just let me know.

Thanks for reporting,

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 Re: Re: Great stuff

 by DarkLord on: Jun 24 2005
Score 50%

Hmm, didn't find those logs either.

But anyway it's great to see this kind of reaction (and so fast); I really like this with open source :)

Btw. I did post to the kubuntu-dev mailing list - hope both of you don't mind that - maybe somebody there might help out with the information about cron and acpi logs needed.



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 ksystemlog rules

 by gnemmi on: Jun 25 2005
Score 50%

Thanks a Lot Nicolas ...
Your app is getting better and better with every new release and I want to publicly say THANK YOU for it =)

0.3.1 compiled flwalessly under Conectiva 10 and the new rpm packages are available on the usual places.
Conectiva 10 users should also be able to add the following lines to their /etc/atp/sources.list file and use "apt-get install ksystemlog" to install ksystemlog from my apt-get enabled repository:

rpm ftp://mirror.de9.ime.eb.br/pub/conectiva/contrib 10/conectiva caleb

On to some feedback now?

1) The icon.

I really like it !
It's simply perfect to me =D

BTW: could you add this lines to the .desktop file?
Comment[es]=Una aplicación para analisar logs del sistema
Comment[pt_BR]=Um Aplicativo para analisar logs do sistema

2) Ksystemlog icon's.

You seem to be using an icon set different from KDE's default icon set (which is Crystal SVG, AFAIK). As a consecuence, some the icons that you've used in ksystemlog are not available when opening up ksystemlog. "boot log", "acpi log" and "printer log" icons are not being displayed in here =s

3) Toolbars

It would be nice if "Group By" could be implemented as a new toolbar ;)

4) "Group By"

a) It would really help if there was a way to "collapse" and "expand" the whole "tree" or "threads" of information when I'm using "Group by". Maybe like it's been implemented on Thunderbird (collapse \ , expand *)?

b) What if, when selecting "Group by anycriteria" the whole tree was collapsed and only "Today" was expanded by default?, Wouldn't that be better than having the whole tree expanded as it is now?. I mean, "usually", when you look the kind of logs that ksystemlog handles as of now, you are most probably looking for errors that happened Today or yesterday, but not a week ago. Mmmmm ... now that I think of it , maybe that could be configurable via "Configure Ksystemlog" ... Maybe an 'Always go to "Today" when using "Group by"' would do the trick ... What do you think?

5) Tunning up the code.

Here are some of the errors that I found while compiling 0.3.1.:

unknown icon type in src/Makefile.in (ksystemlog.svg)
defaultReader.cpp: En la función miembro `void
defaultReader.cpp:145: aviso: unused variable `int tmpProgress'
ksystemlog.h: En constructor `KSystemLog::KSystemLog()':
ksystemlog.h:327: aviso: `KSystemLog::findDialog' will be initialized after
ksystemlog.h:306: aviso: `KFind*KSystemLog::findManager'
ksystemlog.cpp:92: aviso: when initialized here
ksystemlog.h:337: aviso: `KSystemLog::loadingDialog' will be initialized after
ksystemlog.h:317: aviso: `LogListItem*KSystemLog::previousItemFound'
ksystemlog.cpp:92: aviso: when initialized here
ksystemlog.cpp: En la función miembro `void KSystemLog::highlightSearch(const
QString&, int, int)':
ksystemlog.cpp:823: aviso: unused parameter `const QString&text'
ksystemlog.cpp:823: aviso: unused parameter `int matchingIndex'
ksystemlog.cpp:823: aviso: unused parameter `int matchingLength'
ksystemlog.cpp: En member function `void KSystemLog::groupByChanged(int)':
ksystemlog.cpp:1674: aviso: comparison between signed and unsigned integer
ksystemlog.cpp: En member function `void KSystemLog::updateGroupBy()':
ksystemlog.cpp:1744: aviso: comparison between signed and unsigned integer
view.h: En constructor `View::View(QWidget*)':
view.h:189: aviso: `View::logManager' will be initialized after
view.cpp:61: aviso: base `QWidget'
view.cpp:61: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h: En constructor `LogManager::LogManager(View*, LoadingDialog*)':
logManager.h:170: aviso: `LogManager::loadingDialog' will be initialized after
logManager.h:145: aviso: `Reader*LogManager::reader'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:168: aviso: `LogManager::columns' will be initialized after
logManager.h:161: aviso: `bool LogManager::sortOrder'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:161: aviso: `LogManager::sortOrder' will be initialized after
logManager.h:160: aviso: `int LogManager::sortColumn'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:160: aviso: `LogManager::sortColumn' will be initialized after
logManager.h:150: aviso: `bool LogManager::tooltipEnabled'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:151: aviso: `LogManager::newLinesDisplayed' will be initialized
logManager.h:149: aviso: `bool LogManager::parsingPaused'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:166: aviso: `LogManager::logFiles' will be initialized after
logManager.h:153: aviso: `bool LogManager::current'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
logManager.h:164: aviso: `LogManager::lastUpdate' will be initialized after
logManager.h:147: aviso: `LogMode*LogManager::logMode'
logManager.cpp:56: aviso: when initialized here
itemFactory.cpp: En la función `static LogListItem*
ItemFactory::createChildItem(QListView*, ChildLogLine*)':
itemFactory.cpp:113: aviso: unused parameter `QListView*view'
itemFactory.cpp: En static member function `static QString
itemFactory.cpp:244: aviso: comparison between signed and unsigned integer

See ya !

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 Re: ksystemlog rules

 by lastnico on: Jun 27 2005
Score 50%
Open source

Hello everybody !!

My new idea is : Never be disconnected from Internet during 3 days, because the amount of messages/mails is too huge ;-)

Thanks to everyone who made a package, and give me ideas !

DarkLord : All your requests are done

1/ Thank you very much. I requested help from KDE Artists, but nobody were interested, so I made my own icon.

2/ I am fixing that

3/ If you want, I can add the Group By menu to the main toolbar, but not for the moment in a dedicated toolbar.


a/Good ideas, they are going to my TODO list (maybe for the 0.4)

b/ I'm not sure it will be configurable, but I will implement the opening of the Today item by default.

5/ Main of them are now fixed. Thank you very much for your report.

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 Re: Re: ksystemlog rules

 by DarkLord on: Jun 27 2005
Score 50%

Nice :)

Just had another look to find the 'missing' logs on Kubuntu (boot,cron, cups web), but couldn't hmmmm. Ah well, it's still a very usefull app, thanks again.

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 by cado on: Jun 25 2005
Score 50%

New update ksystemlog 0.3.1 at http://pacotesdeb.codigolivre.org.br

Debian Sid.

Brazilian Team
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 Logging other hosts

 by isti on: Jun 29 2005
Score 50%

is there any possibility to add a feature to log other hosts files (e.g. via ssh)?

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 Re: Logging other hosts

 by lastnico on: Jun 30 2005
Score 50%
Open source

Yes of course, it will be one of the main features of the 0.4 release.
(for the moment, I'm working on the 0.3.2 version, so I think you'll have to wait some times (4/5 weeks before the 0.4 will be released)

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 V0.3.2 for Suse 9.3

 by linux3114a on: Jul 20 2005
Score 50%



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 Re: V0.3.2 for Suse

 by lastnico on: Jul 21 2005
Score 50%
Open source

Thank you !!

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