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KDE Scientific

Score 81%


Homepage:  Link
Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  4622
Submitted:  Aug 6 2005
Updated:  Aug 11 2015


KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX. Features include comfortable input masks, starting web queries (e. g. Google Scholar or BibSonomy) and exporting to PDF, PostScript, RTF and XML/HTML. As KBibTeX is using KDE's KParts technology, KBibTeX can be embedded into Kile or Konqueror.


KBibTeX 0.5.2 and 0.6 got released. Version 0.5.2 contains bug fixes for the 0.5 release line, 0.6 is a new feature release.
Changes are documented in the release announcement: https://projects.kde.org/news/304

KBibTeX 0.5.1 has been released. This release contains bug fixes compared to the previous stable release 0.5.

  • KDE Bug 329724: Fixing sorting issue in main list

  • KDE Bug 329750: KBibTeX will set itself as default bibliography editor in KDE

  • KDE Bug 330700: Crash when finding PDFs

  • KDE Bug 332043: Fixing crash in id suggestion editor

  • Gentoo Bug 498932: Fixing compilation issue

  • Gna Bug 21581: Restoring session state (1)

  • Gna Bug 21545: Restoring session state (2)

  • Debian Bug 689310: Correctly parsing command line arguments if relative paths are given

  • Gna Bug 21870: Considering sorting/filtering in main list when processing selected items

  • KDE Bug 333860: Removing duplicate "else if" clauses on DOI value

  • Other changes and minor backports from master. See git log v0.5..v0.5.1 or git diff v0.5..v0.5.1 for details.

  • 2013-Dec-29
    KBibTeX 0.5 has been released. Its main features include
  • Initial support for BibLaTeX

  • Id Suggestion editor like available in old KDE3 version

  • "Find PDF" function to locate PDF files through web search engines

  • New online database searches: MathSciNet, Ingenta Connect, Inspire Hep, SAO/NASA ADS, ISBN DB, JStor

  • Improved memory management

  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

  • 2013-Mar-10

    KBibTeX 0.5-beta2 has been released. Please test this beta and report bugs at KBibTeX's bug tracker at Gna (not KDE's bug tracker).


    KBibTeX 0.4.1 has just been tagged and tar-balled. This release is a maintenance release, although some minor feature improvements from the development trunk have been backported as well.

    Everyone using KBibTeX 0.4 is encouraged to upgrade to this version if possible.

    Changes from 0.4 to 0.4.1 include, but are not limited to:

  • Web searches: Improved support for user-triggered cancelling

  • SpringerLink search: GUI changes, using api.springer.com for search

  • PubMed: Limiting search requests per time

  • ACM Portal: Retrieving "month", fixing HTTP header

  • JSTOR: fixing HTTP header

  • Google Scholar: Updates to compensate for changes in Google's web layout; handling redirects

  • Science Direct: Updates to compensate for changes in Science Direct's web layout; handling redirects

  • arXiv: Trying to extract bibliographic information from journal strings

  • BibSonomy: Specifying number of hits to find

  • Web search uses KDE's proxy settings

  • Using KDE subsystem to open external files (e.g. PDF files)

  • Adding preview for images (in addition to PDF or HTML files); handling references to arXiv

  • Squeezing long file names in user interface

  • Handling quit actions more gracefully

  • Improving interface to external programs such as pdflatex

  • More robust XSL transformations

  • BibTeX import: guessing encoding information left by JabRef, more informative debug output, improved handling of multiple fields with same name

  • Reference preview: supporting dark color schemes

  • Fixing sorting in value list

  • Fixes in setting color tag to entries

  • Fixes in name formatting

  • Keeping user interface read-only for read-only use cases

  • Numerous bug fixes, closing memory leaks, speed improvements

  • Adding testing application for web searches

  • Fixes in duplicate merging code: remove fields user doesn't want to keep

  • LicenseGPL
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     by probono on: Aug 14 2005
    Score 50%

    Great application, thanks so much! If you are using the Kanotix Live CD, you can run it by clicking on klik://kbibtex - more information on http://klik.atekon.de/kbibtex

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     Re: klik

     by fischer on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    Are you sure the url is correct? I cannot resolve klik.atekon.de...

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     Re: Re: klik

     by chillmann on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    There is a DNS issue (see http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/1464). Try the IP address: Cheers

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     max. reached

     by oggi on: Aug 18 2005
    Score 50%


    Kbibtex is what I am looking for, however if I import my *.bib file only 1/3 of the entries are listed -- in my case all entries with IDs up to "H*".

    I added a link for each entry between bibtex entry and the corresponding pdf in the bibtex file. I would be very handy to have a "download pdf from local db" function in Kbibtex. Then I can search entries and open/mail the corresponding pdf.

    thanks for this useful tool, cheers Oggi

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     Re: max. reached

     by fischer on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    If KBibTeX does not load your .bib file completely, there are two possible reasons: (1) the .bib file is buggy (2) KBibTeX is buggy.
    Please send me your .bib file for debugging

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     Re: max. reached

     by fischer on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    > I would be very handy to have a "download pdf from local db" function in Kbibtex.
    The feature you request might be already in the new version. For both the field "url" in "misc" and for valid urls in "user fields" you can click on "open" to open the file in konqueror.

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     Bug reports

     by fischer on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    Hello, usually I don't check this page every day, so if you have questions or comments, please send me an email.
    If you have problems loading a bibtex file, please attach it to your email so that I can check it myself. Thanks!

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     want this feature

     by crazycrusoe on: Sep 23 2005
    Score 50%

    hello could you please implement this feature:

    usually I tend to copy the bib reference by selecting it via mouse and paste it. Now If i coud paste the bib_ref_source directly into kbibtex->element->new->source 'field tab' and it automatically updates the rest of the feilds in the other tabs in the window so from the source it woul fill in the title, author and all the details.

    another function: an import from endnote format to bib i am sure is possible, but i have not seen this feature. some of the sites provide only endnote/procite refs its a pain to get them converted to bib.

    thanks for such a great program :)

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     Problems with *.bib!

     by sidanko on: Sep 26 2005
    Score 50%

    I have used KBibTeX v.0.1.1 and everything was fine, but after installing v.0.1.2 I cannot see more than half of entries. *.bib file was created by KBibTeX v.0.1.1. What's wrong?

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     Re: Problems with *.bib!

     by sidanko on: Sep 26 2005
    Score 50%

    Sorry! I understood, the problem was with quotation marks in titles. Now it works!

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     by bobuse on: Dec 9 2005
    Score 50%

    Your work is great
    But do you know tellico ?

    Maybe could you reuse some things ...

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