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KDE DVDAuthor Wizard


KDE Video Application

Score 82%
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

Link:  Link
Minimum required   Kommander
Downloads:  22807
Submitted:  Aug 9 2005
Updated:  May 29 2007


This wizard will allow you to create a DVD from one or more DVD compatible MPEG-2 files. It is designed to be very easy to use. All you need to do is add one or multiple files to the playlist and answer the questions that follow.

You can add a menu that will contain animated thumbnails of the files in the playlist. Creating a menu is optional.

Features include:

* Playlist editor
* DVD menu with multiple pages
* Animated thumbnails in the menu
* Customisable menu graphics
* Add soundtrack from OGG or MP3
* Antialiased graphics prevent flickering on TV
* Both Widescreen and standard 4:3 support
* ISO DVD Image creation
* MPEG2 DVD compatibility checking
* Support for both PAL and NTSC menus


* Kommander >= 1.0 (part of kdewebdev >= 3.3.0)
* ImageMagick 6.2 or 6.3
* MJPEGTools
* Sox
* DVDAuthor >= 0.6.11
* Transcode

Not required (but recommended):

* Xine-UI (for testing the DVD)
* K3B

How to Install:

Just unpack the archive and run the 'Installer.kmdr' script. That's it!

Please contact me if you experience a problem.



Because ImageMagick developers keep changing the commandline syntax for every single version, the KDE DVD Authoring Wizard does not work with versions older than 6.1.0. Also, newer versions are not compatible with their predecessors. That's why you need to make sure that your DVDAuthor version is newer than ImageMagick, because it uses ImageMagick for menu processing.

Please send your complaints about this mess to the ImageMagick mailing list.


VERSION 0.90 ( August 8th 2005 )

* Initial release

VERSION 0.91 ( August 10th 2005 )

* Improved Debug Output
* Running wizard without installing should really work now

VERSION 0.92 ( August 12th 2005 )

* Menu colors conform to Rec.601 specification
* Experimental support for generating NTSC menus
* Fix for syntax change in new MPlayer version
* Fixed selection highlights in DVD menu
* Add MPlayer output to debug output
* Detect MPlayer failures

VERSION 0.93 ( August 17th 2005 )

* Added dependency check for 'bc'
* Added more font search paths
* Make sure that Bash is used to run script

VERSION 0.94 ( August 29th 2005 )

* Fixed missing translations
* Added detection for ImageMagick problems
* Show DVDAuthor warnings, if any
* Fixed menus with > 9 pages
* Add character encoding to DVDAuthor XML file
* Return to menu after playing finished
* Force thumb title length limit

VERSION 0.95 ( September 5th 2005 )

* ImageMagick problem detection should really work
* Added workaround for mp2enc path length limit bug
* Don't fail when MPEG files are not DVD compatible
* Detect DVDAuthor failures
* Added button for DVD compatibility checking

VERSION 0.96 ( September 20th 2005 )

* Fixed detection of DVDAuthor problems
* Show DVDAuthor error message on failure
* Improve KDE path detection in Installer

VERSION 1.00 ( November 19th 2005 )

* Renamed version 0.96 to 1.0 Final.

VERSION 1.01 ( December 3rd 2005 )

* Generate proper 29.97 FPS NTSC menus
* Support DVD-ISO burning with K3B 0.12.x
* Improved MPlex/SPUMux error detection
* Fixed SPUMux problem with multipage NTSC menus
* Huge performance improvement in Playlist editor

VERSION 1.02 ( December 7th 2005 )

* Fixes to get wizard to work on KDE 3.5

VERSION 1.03 ( December 14th 2005 )

* Fix to work with old MJPEGTools (< 1.8.0) again

VERSION 1.04 ( December 17th 2005 )

* Add font paths for Ubuntu Breezy Badger

VERSION 1.04b ( Januari 18th 2006 )

* Detect buggy BASH version (BASH 3.1)

VERSION 1.05 ( February 10th 2006 )

* Work around BASH 3.1 problem
* Work around DVDAuthor bug in Debian Etch

VERSION 1.1 ( March 7th 2006 )

* Fix "file not found" issue in preview step
* Add support for defining chapters for each MPEG file

VERSION 1.2 ( April 9th 2006 )

* Major code cleanup, more readable now
* Drop mplayer dependency
* Automatic compatibility check of MPEG files
* Check if ISO will fit on DVD media
* Allow using any video file as menu background

VERSION 1.2.1 ( April 12th 2006 )

* Fix previews of fonts with spaces in filename

VERSION 1.2.2 ( May 5th 2006 )

* Fix handling of images with page information
* Also find personal fonts in $HOME/.fonts
* Check validity of soundtrack file before authoring
* Add second progress bar for multipage menus

VERSION 1.3.0 ( May 14th 2006 )

* Change directory structure, easier for distributors
* Allow user to customize DVDAuthor XML file
* Possibility to skip beginning of thumbnail animation
* Add 'washout' effect to animated menu background
* Improved responsiveness of wizard
* Creating menu preview is much faster now
* Fix trailing slash problem
* Several small fixes all over

VERSION 1.4.0 ( September 9th 2006 )

* Allow longer title, subtitle and movie titles in menu
* Better support for special characters
* Find more fonts
* Check MPEG files only before authoring step
* Improved wizard layout
* Check if user is mixing PAL and NTSC files
* Check if user is mixing 16:9 and 4:3 files

VERSION 1.4.1 ( September 9th 2006 )

* Fix a bug in aspect ratio checking

VERSION 1.4.2 ( December 1st 2006 )

* Fixed "Check Compatibility" button
* Read chapter info from DVDAuthor XML

VERSION 1.4.3 ( Januari 13th 2007)

* Work around problems in ImageMagick 6.3
* Refuse to run when DVDAuthor 0.6.12 installed
* Small improvements in wizard layout

VERSION 1.4.4 ( March 3rd 2007 )

* Support DVDAuthor 0.6.14
* Some minor little improvements here and there

VERSION 1.4.5 ( March 11th 2007 )

* Fix 'Add to List' button on Ubuntu Linux

VERSION 1.4.6 ( May 29th 2007 )

* 'Check Compatibility' button supports recent dvdauthor versions
* Include small label font fix, by Timo Bußhaus

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 some unwanted issues

 by hplowe on: Feb 11 2006
Score 50%

Hi ;)

First of all, i'd say that i like so much your soft that i decided to use it only ;)

That's why i gonna start to test it much more than i already did.

I'm running debian etch.

1) The Menu Preview page: I can see the progress bar moving so i guess everything is going ok but at the end, it says :"Message Image PNG : unable to open « /data/tmp/Preview.png » : no such file or directory"

FR-PORT:/data/tmp/DVDAuthorWizard_Temporary_Files_30167# updatedb
FR-PORT:/data/tmp/DVDAuthorWizard_Temporary_Files_30167# locate Preview.png
--> no file found

2) On the first menu page, i have 6 buttons with 6 pics. The size of the 6 pics is not the same. The first buttons are smaller than the last buttons. I'd like to send you by mail the menu picture so that you can see. Moreover, i can't see nor the button to go to the next page nor the titles that should appear under the buttons.

However, the file BackgroundBlend.jpg seems ok. I must add that when i browse into the dvd menu, the red rectangles have a good size and are all well located even the button that allows me to switch to the second menu page.

3) At the end of the building, it offers me to test the dvd but i get a kdialog error that says "DVD playing application "Xine" is not installed on your computer. Xine is required for playing the DVD."

Nevertheless, Xine is installed on my comp. Moreover, it can find gxine when he shows me what the menu looks like.

FR-PORT:/usr/bin/kommander/KDVDAuthoringWizard# dpkg -al| grep xine
ii gxine 0.4.8-0.1 the xine video player, GTK+/Gnome user inter
ii libxine1 1.0.1-1.6 the xine video/media player library, binary
ii libxinerama1 6.8.2.dfsg.1-11 X Window System multi-head display library
ii totem-xine 1.0.5-1 A simple media player for the Gnome desktop

Ok, i'm sorry to be so long but i really think that "KDE DVD Authoring Wizard" will be the One ;)


Fabrice Régnier
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 by mononoke on: Feb 14 2006
Score 50%

what about packaging your DVD-Software in combination with also other DVD-software (like DVD backup express) together in one perfect, all inclusive DVD/Video Suite ?

offering the features:
DVD backup, decoding/encoding
DVD authoring, editing..
DV grabbing from DV cassette/disk

Would be nice to install and upgrade only 1 package. There could be 1 submenu in KMenu/Multimedia: KDE DVDSuite or something like that.


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 Problem with menu

 by spase on: Feb 17 2006
Score 50%

When I try to make a DVD with this, the framegrabs of the individual clips that are used in the menu are not resized. It turns out really bad. I can send you a screen shot if you dont understand what I mean.

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 Re: Problem with menu

 by meneerdik on: Mar 7 2006
Score 50%

Yes, please contact me by e-mail.

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 by cserge on: Feb 18 2006
Score 50%


In the Menu Preview, when watching the preview, I get this error:

Error - Kfmclient
Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder file:///home/serge/DVDWizard/Preview.png does not exist.

I use the the 1.04b version.

In the previous version, I got the same error only when I wanted to use a video file in the Menu Background.

Another thing, how can I add fonts [other fonts] in the fonts list which is proposed?

Thank you


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 Re: Preview.png

 by meneerdik on: Mar 8 2006
Score 50%

The preview thing is probably fixed in the latest version.

About adding fonts: The wizard will automatically list all fonts in the standard font directories on your system. As long as your fonts are not hidden in some weird place on your filesystem, the wizard will automatically find them.

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 offset for preview

 by benefici on: Mar 12 2006
Score 50%

I miss an option to specify the starting offset for generating the thumbnails. Chances are, if the preview is generated form the beginning of the movie, it will contain the title sequence showing the credits only. Is there a possibility to change this behaviour?

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 size of ThumbXBlend

 by hplowe on: Mar 18 2006
Score 50%

Hi ;)

I know now why the ThumbXXBlend.png on the menu are not well sized.

When i try to open Thumb1Background.png with the gimp, it says "The PNG file
specifies a gap that involves a tracing out of the picture"

And it comes from the CreateThumbBackgrounds function in the DVDBuilder.sh (about line 800):

I have a dirty workaround for this. After the first convert, I convert the png into jpg then i reconvert the jpg into png. And the menu goes ok.

convert $WorkingDir/Thumb${Thumb}Background.png $WorkingDir/Thumb${Thumb}Background.jpg
convert $WorkingDir/Thumb${Thumb}Background.jpg $WorkingDir/Thumb${Thumb}Background.png

I'm running debian etch.
fabricer@FR-PORT:~$ convert -version
Version: ImageMagick 6.2.4 02/13/06 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2005 ImageMagick Studio LLC

Otherwise, you should add the version number on the first screen of KDE DVDAuthor Wizard.

It would be nice if in the ThumbXLabel.png, there would be just the name without mpeg extension.

Last thing, at the end of the script, it says "Xine is not installed" despite it is. I'll have a look at it ;)


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 Re: size of ThumbXBlend

 by meneerdik on: Apr 9 2006
Score 50%

Hmm.. I use the exact same version of ImageMagick myself. But I can't reproduce the problem. Everything is working perfectly....

Maybe Debian Etch has once again added bugs to their packages? It would not be the first time that the customized Debian Etch versions have bugs that the official version does not have.

"Xine is not installed" has been replaced with "Xine (Xine-UI) is not installed" in the latest version (which I will upload in two minutes :-) )

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