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KDE System Tool

Score 93%



Link:  http://yakuake.kde.org/
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  95812
Submitted:  Sep 16 2005
Updated:  Oct 19 2012


Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.

--- What's new ---

Yakuake 2.9.9 is feature, bugfix and general maintenance release. The most significant new features are the introduction of silence/activity monitoring options for terminals and the addition of Get Hot New Stuff support for making it easier to download new Yakuake skins. Various little tweaks to the window behavior have been done, from auto-retracting the Yakuake window when the last session is closed to additional placement fixes in multi-monitoring setups with interesting desktop panel arrangements. Script authors will appreciate the once again expanded D-Bus APIs. Syncing the default shortcuts to changes made in Konsole and a smattering of other little fixes round things out, and finally Yakuake now depends on KDE Platform version 4.7.1 or higher.

Have a look at the changelog for additional details not mentioned here.

--- Essential links ---

Yakuake's website: http://yakuake.kde.org/
Report bugs and wishes at: https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=yakuake
Older releases: http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7376
KDE 4 FAQ: https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/utils/yakuake/repository/revisions/master/entry/KDE4FAQ


Changes in 2.9.9:
* Yakuake now sports a standard KDE "Configure Notifications..." item in its menu. The startup notification popup configuration has moved there, and newly-added notification events covered below are found there.
* It is now possible to monitor sessions (or individual terminals within them) for activity or silence. See the tab context menu or the keyboard shortcuts to toggle monitoring, and the new "Configure Notifications" dialog mentioned above to configure what happens when activity or silence are detected in a monitored session or terminal (by default a desktop notification popup is triggered for each).
Note that repeated activity in a terminal does not result in repeated notifications for that terminal: After the first notification, activity monitoring has to be disabled or reenabled, or the active session switched, or the window closed - only then another activity notification will be shown.
* Support for Get Hot New Stuff for skins has been added. See the new "Get New Skins..." button below the skin list in the Appearance page of the config dialog.
* When the window is set not to show on all virtual desktops and is not residing on the current virtual desktop, but is open (i.e. set to stay open regardless of focus loss), the Open/Retract action normally used to either retract it, or, when the option to also use the action to focus the window is enabled, cause the window manager to switch to the virtual desktop the window resides on. The former case, i.e. when the option to also use the action to focus the window is disabled, has now been changed to move the window to the current virtual desktop and focus it, rather than retract it.
* Yakuake now automatically retracts after the last open tab closes.
* A number of default keyboard shortcuts have been changed to reestablish consistency with Konsole, which introduced changed defaults in KDE Software Compilation v4.6.
* Invoking the window manager maximization feature now results in a Yakuake window with 100% width and height instead of the unresized window getting moved to the top-left corner of the screen. However, restore is not supported as it doesn't easily fit with Yakuake's window size state model.
* Tweaks to the code Yakuake uses to make itself the active window when invoked should improve compatibility with more window managers, particularly xfwm.
* The D-Bus API has been expanded further to cover the new activity and silence monitoring options, as well as with additional methods related to retrieving information about the keyboard input enabled state for sessions and terminals.
* The addSession* and split* D-Bus calls now return the id of the newly-created session or terminal, or -1 if creating a new session or terminal was not possible.
* Made sure that the activeTerminalId D-Bus call always returns something useful after an addSessionTwo*/Quad call, even when the window is closed while the call is made. Previously, activeTerminalId could return -1 in this situation because there technically is no active terminal until the window is opened and a focus event causes one to become active. Now the terminal that will receive focus once the window is opened is immediately declared the active terminal.
* The "Help" button was removed from the configuration dialog since there currently is no handbook included.
* Fixes to the window geometry and placement calculation in multi-screen setups and with panels located on screen edges other than the bottom edge.
* Fixed a bug causing the "Disable Keyboard Input -> For This Session" checkbox in the context menu of a multi-terminal session to become enabled when keyboard input was disabled for any of the individual terminals, rather than only when all terminals have it disabled (i.e. what enabling the checkbox manually actually does).
* Fixed errors in the tab stop order in several pages of the configuration dialog.
* Fixed the message shown on stderr when Yakuake is already running to refer to toggling rather than opening the window, since that is what a repeated execution actually does - if the window is already open, it will be closed at this time.
* Code cleanups, including porting away from recently deprecated KDE Platform APIs for future-compatibility.
* The KDE4FAQ document included in the tarball has been updated.
* Yakuake now depends on KDE Platform 4.7.1 or newer.

Changes in older releases: https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/utils/yakuake/repository/revisions/master/entry/ChangeLog

Source(Yakuake 2.9.9 (KDE 4; Stable))
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 wahou !

 by DanaKil on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

* The startup notification popup can now be disabled in the config dialog.

Thanks for this one :)

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 YAY! A new beta

 by npu on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

Greatest thing since sliced bread! And now Yakuake comes in a sliced version. Excellent. Can't live without it.

When Francois announced he would stop developing Yakuake I was worried it would die. You've done a great job so far, Sho! Can't wait for the KDE4 port...

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 Re: YAY! A new beta

 by Sho on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

Thanks :)

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 by watzke on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

Sho, you rock! Thanks, man.

By the way, ebuild for Gentoo is in my overlay.

http://overlay.watzke.cz/ - my Portage Overlay
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 Re: 2.8-beta1

 by Sho on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

Small suggestion for your ebuild: The src_install implementation should be unnecessary now, because 2.8-beta1 installs its .desktop file into the more modern XDG directory rather than KDE's applnk on its own. The 2.7.5 ebuild used to compensate for the old convention.

I've talked to genstef from the Gentoo team btw. and he will probably add 2.8-beta1 to the Portage tree tonight when he gets back home.

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 by shevegen on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

Can you finally use dcop to create new tabs and close them?

Also, changable keybindings?
(Sorry been a while since i last tried yakuake, i still love the concept, would be also kinda cool to be able to have a "flashing" scroll down effect... you know... compizlike ;> )

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 Re: Dcop?

 by Sho on: May 7 2007
Score 50%

> Can you finally use dcop to create new tabs and close them?


> Also, changable keybindings?

Yup. Check the menu (middle of the three buttons in the lower-right of the window).

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 by nbensa on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

With split mode!

Yakuake, the best thing since sliced bread (and women ;-) )

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 by totoymola on: May 6 2007
Score 50%

This is my most frequently used software in Linux. This update added another very useful feature to the older version that I love. The split mode is awesome! :)

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