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Amarok Script

Score 79%



Link:  http://www.lyriki.com
Downloads:  19025
Submitted:  Feb 12 2006
Updated:  Mar 12 2009


A lyrics script to interface with various sites and, optionally, submit content to Lyriki.com or LyricWiki.org (wikis for lyrics). Lyrics can be searched on multiple sites according to a configurable priority.

Supported sites:
- Lyriki (www.lyriki.com)
- LyricWiki (www.lyricwiki.org)
- AZ Lyrics (www.azlyrics.com)
- Baidu MP3 (mp3.baidu.com)
- Dark Lyrics (www.darklyrics.com)
- Giitaayan (www.giitaayan.com)
- Jamendo (www.jamendo.com)
- Leos Lyrics (www.leoslyrics.com)
- Lyrc (lyrc.com.ar)
- Lyrics Download (www.lyricsdownload.com)
- Lyrics Mania (www.lyricsmania.com)
- Not Popular (www.notpopular.com)
- Seek Lyrics (www.seeklyrics.com)
- Sing365 (www.sing365.com)
- Terra Letras (letras.terra.com.br)

- Amarok 1.4
- Ruby 1.8
- QtRuby, Ruby/GTK or Ruby/Tk

Translators wanted:
If you want to help, translate the script into your language and send me the result
(take a look at the i18n folder and ask if you need any help).

The settings file format changed in version 0.13.2 so the old file must be removed when upgrading from versions of the script older than that one. Running the following command should take care of it:
rm $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml


Version 0.13.4
- [Fix] update LyricWiki plugin to match site change
- [Fix] update Jamendo plugin to match site changes

Version 0.13.3
- [Change] search dcop program on predefined locations if not found in PATH (*)
- [Fix] update Sing365 plugin to match site changes
- [Fix] bug in Jamendo plugin removed line break from lyrics

(*) Fixes the script when using Amarok 1.4 on KDE4 with Gentoo (and probably other distros too)

Version 0.13.2
- [New] the script can now spawn threads to handle Amarok messages
- [New] added option to disable using threads (Ruby threads are not battery/power friendly...)
- [New] removed all unnecessary usage of threads (parsing Amarok messages, Tk GUI backend)
- [Fix] check if song page exists before attempting to submit it (wiki plugins)
- [Fix] relogin when session expires (wiki plugins)
- [Fix] parsing of suggestions in wiki plugins
- [Fix] update Dark Lyrics plugin to match site changes
- [Fix] update Jamendo plugin to match site changes
- [Fix] update Lyrics Download plugin to match site changes
- [Fix] update Seek Lyrics plugin to match site changes
- [Change] replaced NotPopular.com plugin with LoudSon.gs plugin (NotPopular.com site lyrics now point to LoudSon.gs)
- [Change] removed Lyrc plugin as site has been down for more than a month
- [Change] removed Baidu MP3 plugin as site no longer provides lyrics

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 Logging In

 by christophski on: Jul 16 2008
Score 50%

I am able to log in fine on the lyriki website, but in amarok I get "there was an error login in as user christophski"
I don't see any reason for this to be happening :s any ideas?

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 Re: Logging In

 by attendant on: Aug 20 2008
Score 50%

if the problem persist, try reentering your data in the config dialog or deleting the file $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wikilyrics.xml

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 need some help, please

 by Mikolaj-Q on: Aug 10 2008
Score 50%

Thanks for your great Script!

I get two messages from the script, the first is that it can not connect to the internet (check proxy settings), but I don't use proxy and internet is OK.

The second is:

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `initialize'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `open'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `connect'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:48:in `timeout'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:76:in `timeout'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:560:in `connect'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:553:in `do_start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:542:in `start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:1035:in `request'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:948:in `request_get'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/utils/http.rb:108:in `fetch_page_get'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/wiki_lyrics.rb:89:in `fetch_content_page'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/wiki_lyrics.rb:122:in `fetch_content_page'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/wiki_lyrics.rb:128:in `fetch_lyrics_page'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/lyrics.rb:168:in `lyrics_direct_search'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/lyrics.rb:357:in `lyrics_full_search'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/pluginsmanager.rb:172:in `lyrics_full_search'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/pluginsmanager.rb:170:in `each'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/pluginsmanager.rb:170:in `lyrics_full_search'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:116:in `on_fetch_lyrics'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:288:in `run_worker'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:266:in `loop'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:266:in `run_worker'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:222:in `exec'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:219:in `initialize'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:219:in `new'
/home/vampire/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/amaroklyricsscript.rb:219:in `exec'

Could You help me please? Any ideas?

I just love your script!

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 Re: need some help, please

 by attendant on: Aug 20 2008
Score 50%

please, upgrade to version 0.13.0 and tell me if you still have this problem.

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 Re: Re: need some help, please

 by optiluca on: Aug 24 2008
Score 50%

Also suffering from the same problem, using the latest version. Any ideas?

Thanks for the great script :)

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 0.13.0 release

 by glen on: Aug 20 2008
Score 50%

nothing critical, but you might want to be informed. i clicked configure plugin in amarok, and then pressed three times cancel (one for app, and two for lyrics submit) and then the script died with this log:

Error loading Qt3 GUI backend: no such file to load -- Qt
Error loading Qt4 GUI backend: no such file to load -- Qt
Error loading GTK GUI backend: no such file to load -- gtk2
uninitialized constant REXML::Formatters
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/utils/xmlhash.rb:44:in `write'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:127:in `write_config'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:158:in `on_configure'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:471:in `run_worker'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:465:in `loop'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:465:in `run_worker'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:421:in `exec'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:418:in `initialize'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:418:in `new'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:418:in `exec'
/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:558/usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/utils/xmlhash.rb:44:in `write': uninitialized constant REXML::Formatters (NameError)
from /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:127:in `write_config'
from /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:132:in `on_quit'
from /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:442:in `exec'
from /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/wiki_lyrics/amarok/wikilyrics.rb:558

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 CPU interupts

 by partizann on: Aug 21 2008
Score 50%

it's realy great script, but...
I discover in powertop that this script couse too many CPU wakeups:

( 98,7) ruby : do_nanosleep (hrtimer_wakeup)

When the script is stoped, the interrupts disapears (i tried some other scripts but they dont generate interrupts).
I hope it will help to improve and fix this script.

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 Re: CPU interupts

 by attendant on: Aug 21 2008
Score 50%

does installing QtRuby or RubyGTK solve this?

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 Re: Re: CPU interupts

 by partizann on: Aug 23 2008
Score 50%

After instaled ruby-gtk2 its still the same:

( 99,5) ruby : do_nanosleep (hrtimer_wakeup)

i have some problems with compiling ruby-qt4 so i doesnt try it now.

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 Amarok 2

 by lazyboy on: Oct 28 2008
Score 50%

Any chance you could port this to Amarok 2?
The default lyricwiki script kinda sux :)

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 Re: Amarok 2

 by arkoldthos on: Nov 5 2008
Score 50%

Would love it, Amarok 2 lyric thingies sux :(

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 Re: Re: Amarok 2

 by attendant on: Nov 6 2008
Score 50%

Not in the short term.
The scripting framework in Amarok has changed radically. Amongst other things, I would have to port all of the code (which is quite a lot) from Ruby to JavaScript. That's unfortunate not only because I'm not very knowledgeable of that language, but also because it seems to have many drawbacks compared to using a general scripting language. I had written the script in a way that could be interface agnostic (even though there were only an Amarok and a command line interface, adapters for other players could be written). Porting it would probably mean the script can only be used from Amarok and that's an idea I'm not completely sold on. That might change once Amarok 2 gets in a state that (IMO) justifies upgrading from 1.4.

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 some bugs, but great script

 by JunCTionS on: Nov 6 2008
Score 50%

Hi!, thanks for this script I really like it. And love how it helps contribute to the Wikilyrics quite easily.
I'm an avid listener of free music from Jamendo, so I really like how it includes it in the search.
Although it seems it's a bit broken since it doesn't import the carrier returns (it places the jamendo lyrics in one big line).

And on a final note: How difficult would it be to add a timestamp feature? So that the lyrics would be highlighted on the line that's being sung.

Thanks again for this really good script

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