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KDE CD/DVD Software

Score 84%



Link:  http://
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  44755
Submitted:  Apr 21 2006
Updated:  Jul 9 2011


KoverArtist is a program for the fast creation of covers for
cd/dvd cases and boxes. The main idea behind it is to be able
to create decent looking covers with some mouseclicks.

The project started from my need for some decent covers for the
films I record from television and then often burn on dvd for

With series I usually start with one or two dvds, and add more as
more episodes are available. So the program - KoverArtist - had
to be flexible enough to handle that. This also requires changing
covers on the fly to use cases that can house more discs.


Version 0.7.6
* Fixed a segfault when opening a project with an existing project open and a disc tab active
(thanks to filochard for reporting).
* (Re)activated help menu.

Version 0.7.5
* Fixed a bug around cddb lookup (thanks to filochard for reporting)

Version 0.7.4
* Added missing "Hide title text on front side" option. Thanks to filochard for reporting!
* Allow program start even if no case definitions are found.
* Use the default case if a loaded project uses an unknown case.
* Added debug and trace log-output commandline options. Default log output level is now info.
* Fixed switching to the new disc's tab page when a new disc is added.
* Fixed disc tabs handling when the number of discs is changed in the project page.
* Fixed a crash when loading a project when a current project exists.
* Fixed image file names in saved projects.

Version 0.7.2 and 0.7.3
* Fixed Debian / Launchpad package build

Version 0.7.1
* Added Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric).
* Added Netherland translation (thanks to Roger Gabriels).
* Added Debian package structure.

Version 0.7
* KDE 4 port. Finally.
* Current limitations: Drag&drop is not implemented, and the help/manual is missing

Please see the included ChangeLog file for older changes.

Arch(Arch Linux PKGBUILD)
Ubuntu(Natty PPA)
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 Need it for 4

 by Leiche on: Nov 7 2009
Score 50%

Will it give a new version under kde4?
It is a great app, so please make it for 4

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 A Little Printing Help?

 by WillieTheMac on: Mar 2 2010
Score 50%

Hello StefanT

How do you print the cover? I've tried a dozen times and either get an over sized image that fills an 8x11 sheet of paper, or half an image, or a chopped off partial image that's still waaaay too big. I've changed cd/dvd format, moved and shrank margins, and selected different paper types. (Selecting dvd paper just spits out a blank sheet of paper - at least it saves on ink.) What am I doing wrong?

PS Nice easy to use program. Better if I could actually get a cover printed.


What's the best thing about life ...?

Willie the Mac

and you're not ;-}

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 Version for KDE4?

 by JClosed on: Mar 15 2010
Score 50%

First of all - let me say I think Koverartist is a great application. Good job!

The problem is - I progressed from KDE 3.x to KDE4. As my distribution (Mandriva) not longer supports KDE3.x there is no way back (and frankly - I really like KDE4).

Unfortunately Koverartist is only written for KDE3.x. I was glad to see there are plans to "upgrade" Koverartist to KDE4.

Is there any progress since that announcement? I really, realy, really miss Koverartist and would be very happy to welcome the KDE4 version!

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 Project dead?

 by JClosed on: Jul 9 2010
Score 50%

Well - no news since March 15.

I was under the impression this great application would be ported to KDE4. It seems that this is not the case because no signs of life here for a long time.

This is really a pity because this is the only decent cover designer for the entire Linux range. It seems nobody is really interested to make (at least) something similar, and this puzzles me really. I cannot imagine someone using Linux never has the need to make a CD/DVD inlay at some time...

I wish I would have the time and knowledge to do the port myself, but sadly I lack both.

Well - still waiting and hoping for the best...

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 Re: Project dead?

 by StefanT on: Jul 9 2010
Score 50%

Sigh, I am so sorry. I promised several times to start working on it, but never found time up to now.

Maybe I should not try to make a great new koverartist and simply port the existing one to KDE 4, this would be probably enough for most users.

Pushing it upwards on my TODO again...

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 Re: Re: Project dead?

 by friendly-demon on: Jul 30 2010
Score 50%

Great thing to hear. I was one of the users that was scared the project was dead.

Isn't there anyone to find you can coöperate with? I can't imagine KDE without koverartist. This should be a standard app.

Greetz, and I await kde4 version.

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 Re: Re: Project dead?

 by walking on: May 17 2011
Score 50%

I was just wondering if there has been any progress yet? I am actually running both KDE3 & KDE4 on my Gentoo Linux box, but since my last complete system upgrade, for some unknown reason, koverartist segfaults on startup. Having a native KDE4 version would definitely solve that problem.

It hangs on a FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE. I can send you my strace output if you want.

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 Re: Re: Re: Project dead?

 by JClosed on: Jun 2 2011
Score 50%

Well - I asked about it about one year ago. As you can see the author considered to just do a port without improvement.

Unfortunately there seems to be no activity at all. This makes me sad, because there still is no decent alternative to this application.

I can only assume nobody in the Linux community never ever burns a CD and needs a cover for it. There is just no way to explain this weird omission otherwise ;-)

But -on the more serious side- I strongly get the impression this project is indeed - dead..

It is really sad...

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Project dead?

 by walking on: Jun 2 2011
Score 50%

Ya it's too bad.
I'd be happy with a port with no improvement. If I knew how to do that, I'd do it myself, but, unfortunately, I do not (yet).

I can certainly understand if the author doesn't feel like working for nothing anymore or simply does not have the time.

I'd like to thank him, though, for the work he has done in the past, and for the time he did put into the project when it was active. This application is certainly missed by many, I am sure.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Project dead?

 by StefanT on: Jun 2 2011
Score 50%

Damn, you are right. Unfortunately.

I was stuck all the time in a dead end, trying to use OpenGL for rendering.

Ok, time to really get the thing ported. This time as it is, only to Kde4, with no extra features. I am working on it now. Will take some days, however.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Project dead?

 by JClosed on: Jun 12 2011
Score 50%

Great StefanT!

I really appreciate to be so pleasantly surprised.. ;-).

Glad to hear this great application is not dead after all. I am sure there are a lot of people that will be very pleased by this announcement.



 ideas for koverartist

 by derekkmartin on: Sep 20 2010
Score 50%

Hey StefanT, great app, been using it for a while, the best there is I've used it both on KDE 3.5 and 4... is it possible to print directly onto dvd/cd 's if not any chance this could be an upcoming feature??

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 PKGBUILD for Arch Linux

 by swiftscythe on: Jun 11 2011
Score 50%

I updated the PKGBUILD for Arch Linux.


Thanks for filling the gap in KDE4 software :D

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 Re: PKGBUILD for Arch Linux

 by StefanT on: Jun 11 2011
Score 50%

Ah, very nice. Is it ok if I reference the PKGBUILD URL in the locations above?
Is the URL https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=6146 the correct one for downloading the built binaries?

Kind regards,

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 Re: Re: PKGBUILD for Arch Linux

 by swiftscythe on: Jun 11 2011
Score 50%

Yes, of course you can reference it.

The link is points to the PKGBUILD website in the Arch User Repository, not to the binaries. Arch users only need to run:
yaourt -S koverartist
And they will download the source code, build the binaries, create an installable package and install it automagically.

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