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Tasty Menu


KDE Improvement

Score 82%
Tasty Menu

Link:  Link
Downloads:  39681
Submitted:  Jul 2 2006
Updated:  Dec 13 2007


Tasty Menu is a K-Menu replacement for KDE 3.x series aiming to provide the maximum usability and flexibility.

It provides three columns where you can always have all your favourite applications in handy.

Key features:
-One column for all your favourite applications and two columns for browsing all the installed programs
-Search engine for the applications
-Optional integration with Kerry Beagle or Strigi
-Highlighting of recently installed applications
-Fast user switching
-Drag and drop support

Debian sid package:
Centos package:
ALT linux x86-64


-builds with newer gcc
-fixed paint glitch with fake transparencies

-fixed a typo in the config dialog

-Now all the applications should be displayed again
-Brazillian portoguese translation by Ewerton de A. Dutra

Very tiny fix:
-fixed the about box
-some fixes in packaging
-now it's installed in the right directory (for example in /usr/lib/kde3 instead of /usr/lib)

-updated French translation
-updated Slovenian translation
-fixed a crash on lright mouse button click on search field
-the old memory leak should be somewhat mitigated

-Fixed a bug that occurred when clicking on the search result if the menu mode was "recent/most used applications"
-Polish translation by Tomasz Argasiński
-Some fixes in the Slovenian translation
-description text shouldn't become too little

-Slovenian translation by Matija Šuklje
-Fixed a little build problem

-Menu and tooltip no longer steals mouse and keyboard input
-Better management of the tooltip
-No separators when the list is in alphabetical order
-Finnish translations by Tommi Nieminen
-Not having particular problems, released it as 1.0
-French translation by Laurent Hilsz

-Rearranging the items of the left column by drag and drop works again
-the layout should be a little bit more polished
-Updated Ukrainian translation

I consider this pretty much feature complete at least for now, so it's the time to approach the fatidical 1.0 :)
-Search field should be a lot faster
-Only strings with at least three characters are being searched (necessary for the speedup)
-Corrected a bug that prevented to search into application descriptions

Ukrainian translation by Motsyo Vitaliy

-"Add to desktop" option in menuitems
-Drag and drop from menu to desktop
-Option to set different icons sizes in the three columns
-the button text label should always be of a visible color
-most used/recently used applications list updates in realtime
-clear most used/recently used applications list
-(warning1: deleting one list deletes also the other)
-(warning2: if you use opensuse you must have kickoff reverted to classic kmenu in order to use the recently used/most used lists)
-updated russian and german translations

another little bugfix release:
-Spanish translation by Jesus S Fernandez Prieto
-button background goes highlighted even if kicker doesn't have neither a background pixmap or transparent background
-menu icon (including on mouseover effect) changes immediately when the user sets a new icon
-highlighted button background also when kicker has no transparency or backgound image
-searching should be a little bit faster (still far from optimal)

-German translation by Jannick Kuhr
-Drag and drop enabled only in "Favourite applications" mode (otherwise it destroys the favourite list!)

-Favourite applications list can be rearranged via drag and drop
-new installed programs notification should be more reliable (some inspiration from Kickoff :P)
-it finds also programs installed by other users
-old programs shouldn't be no more erroneusly listed
-updated russian and italian translations
-when there is only one search result, pressing enter executes it (and the search terms are cleared)
-added button to clear the recent documents list
-application descriptions can be removed also from the left column
-easier to start a program with a single mouse click when the tree is collapsed
-groups with only one item can be configured to be shown
-items can be ordered alphabetically (with applications after the groups)
-better managing of the button size (especially within a vertical panel) and when the menu text is disabled the button is exactly square
-the button icon is highlighted on mouse over according to the global settins
-in the search results the tree is always open

-Russian translation by Yurkovsky Andrey
-corrected a possible compilation problem
-application descriptions are hidden also from the first column
-button width updated again when the text label is turned off

-configurable button text label
-configurable menu button pixmap
-item descriptions can be turned off
-optional "save session" entry under the user button
-configurable popup text
-the button no longer appears on mouse over, instead the background becomes lighter on mouse over and darker on mouse press
-when the user clicks on an empty area the last item is no longer activated
-Italian translation

Ubuntu(Gutsy i386 (should work on Feisty too))
SUSE(suse 10.3 rpm)
Slackware(Slack 10.2 package by gohanz)
Fedora(i386 rpm by liviopl)
Xandros(Xandros package by matty323)
Ubuntu(Kubuntu gutsy by Yaccin)
Gentoo(Gentoo ebuild by franzf)
other(ALT linux (i586 and src) )
Mandriva(Mandriva 2007.1 by Gerardo Bueno)
Ubuntu(kubuntu amd64 package by lnxusr)
Debian(Debian x86-64 bt GameMage)
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 error compiling

 by google01103 on: Oct 11 2007
Score 50%

g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I.. -I/opt/kde3/include -I/usr/lib64/qt3/include -I. -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -D_REENTRANT -Wno-long-long -Wundef -ansi -D_XOPE N_SOURCE=500 -D_BSD_SOURCE -Wcast-align -Wconversion -Wchar-subscripts -Wa ll -W -Wpointer-arith -O2 -mtune=k8 -march=k8 -O2 -msse3 -pipe -Wformat-se curity -Wmissing-format-attribute -Wno-non-virtual-dtor -fno-exceptions -f no-check-new -fno-common -MT tastytooltip.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/tastytoolti p.Tpo -c tastytooltip.cpp -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/tastytooltip.o
tastytooltip.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void TastyToolTip::show()’:
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: ‘QButton’ was not declared in this scope
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: ‘button’ was not declared in this scope
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: expected type-specifier before ‘QButton’
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: expected `>' before ‘QButton’
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: expected `(' before ‘QButton’
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token
tastytooltip.cpp:66: error: expected `)' before ‘;’ token
make[2]: *** [tastytooltip.lo] Error 1

Suse 10.3 x64, KDE 3.57, Opera 9.x weekly build
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 Re: error compiling

 by mart on: Oct 11 2007
Score 50%

it's a recurring problem, i hate it...
now it should be fixed

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 Re: Re: error compil

 by prizident on: Oct 15 2007
Score 50%

may be you should bump up version number as you change the contents of the tarball

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 by danieleg on: Oct 12 2007
Score 50%


link for mandriva 2007.1 no work


En un mundo sin fronteras, ¿quién necesita Gates y Windows?
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 by Yaccin on: Oct 12 2007
Score 50%
KDE on Mac OS

gutsy package updated:


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 number Shortcuts!!!

 by maarizwan on: Oct 13 2007
Score 50%

Thank you for Tasty menu.. and I have a request which can improve tastymenu usability and execution speed a lot using numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...100) for menu items:

Let's say we have 10 items in the "Favorites" menu:

1. konqueror
2. help
3. konsole
4. kcalc
5. kwrite
6. amarok
7. smplayer
8. Openoffice writer
9. kpdf
10. firefox

Now the user has to click on the item to execute it.. we can make it faster by "Associating" favorites' items to numbers..

just press 9, which should filter out "kpdf" and let the user press enter to execute kpdf.

to access firefox, the user can enter 10,
and when he enters 1 he is shown konqueror, and 10 he is shown firefox.

using numbers saves a lot of typing..

Please allow numbers in the "Search" to execute the favorite items.


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 Re: number Shortcuts!!!

 by maarizwan on: Oct 13 2007
Score 50%

when the user enters any number in the search field, please show numbers beside the favorite items..

this will allow proper visual feedback and information to the user.


when the user enter say 1 or hovers the mouse pointer over a favorite item.. just like "X"

konqueor 1
help 2
konsole 3

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 More Shortcuts!!!

 by maarizwan on: Oct 13 2007
Score 50%

Menu Shortcuts for "Second Column":

Just like we use "Alt+<character>" to access a menu item..

I request a "Ctrl+<character>" to access submenus.

For example, frugalware 0.7 has:

1. Development
2. Games
3. Internet
4. Multimedia
5. Office
6. Settings
7. System
8. Utilities
9. Wine
10. Lost and Found
11. Control Center

Here we can speed up submenu access using Control key + First Character of the menu text..

To access Multimedia submenu, just Press Ctrl+M and Multimedia is highlighted and activated.

if we want to access System submenu, we can press Ctrl+S and Ctrl+S (2 times for cycling between settings and system menus)

so, please consider ctrl+<first_char_of_submenu> for quicker and efficient access to submenus.

After the submenu is activated please allow menu items to be selected by using the "first character" of menu item (as we cannot type into the search field when we are in a submenu) allowing very quick access.

Pressing "esc" should switch the focus to Search field.

And Pressing ESC key two times should collapse tasty menu.

Those are my 2 indian spices for a more tasty menu :-)

Thanks and good luck.

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 Re: More Shortcuts!!!

 by mart on: Oct 15 2007
Score 50%

these are good ideas, but at the moment since kde4 is around the door i don't know how much sense it makes investing much more extra effort in it...
but as i said these are nice ideas and if i will start a kde4 port i will for sure use them :)

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 rpm for Centos / EL5

 by Augustinus on: Oct 14 2007
Score 50%

pls find the rpm on:

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 Re: rpm for Centos / EL5

 by mart on: Oct 15 2007
Score 50%

thanks, i've put the link in the description since i'we run out of free download slots :)

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