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KDE Kommander Script

Score 84%



Link:  http://
Downloads:  35203
Submitted:  Jul 28 2006
Updated:  Jun 26 2007


konvenientSUSE will *not* be updated for openSUSE 10.3.

One-click-installer and Community Repositories YaST-modules have made konviSUSE obsolete.

The 10.2 version will remain online but will not be maintained

- Add package repositories / installation sources
- Install multimedia codecs
- Encrypted DVD (DVD movies) playback support
- Java and Flash
- Install Nvidia and ATi 3D driver
- Kick ZENWorks

1) Download the RPM

2) Right click it in Konqueror -> "Actions" -> "Install with YaST"

The RPM depends on kommander-runtime.


Start it from your menu: System -> Configuration -> konvenientSUSE

Or run the command: konvenientsuse

- openSUSE 10.2 with ZENWorks package management, openSUSE package management or Smart package manager.
- It works on x86 and x86_64
- A version for SUSE Linux 10.1 is available, but it's not maintained.

- The redirect URLs do not always work well. If you experience problems try again later.
- Do not run the 3D scripts with 3D driver already installed
- There's not much feedback to users.
- Do not have other instances of package managers or package management processes running, while using konvenientSUSE

If anything doesn't work as expected please let me know. Suggestions are also very welcome.

- Write comments below
- Mail to suse [at] linuxin.dk
- or find me (cb400f) on IRC at #opensuse-chat@irc.freenode.net.


10.2_9 - June 26 '07
Updated for new Nvidia packages. Added OpenOffice.org repo.

10.2_8 - May 8 '07
Added new US mirror for Guru repository, and at the same time fixed an error - thanks to zly for reporting. Some minor UI polish.

10.2_7 - March 9 '07
Flash-player and 3D-installation with ZENWorks had bugs too.

SUSE(konvenientSUSE 10.2 RPM)
SUSE(konvenientSUSE 10.1 RPM (unmaintained))
(konvenientSUSE 10.2 *.kmdr ("sources"))
(konvenientSUSE 10.1 *.kmdr ("sources"))
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 by Tide on: Mar 8 2007
Score 50%

Hey cb400f great scripts thank you for your work on them. I have a quick question and some feedback.

- I took yours and others suggestions and kicked ZMD! (Wish I had sooner) I tried your "kick ZMD" but it did not work. I had shutdown ZMD before hand but it still did not work. I took a look at your script and tried your command from terminal. It ran fine but I had to answer "y" I believe 2 times. I think this is why it did not work from within your GUI.

- I knew nothing about SMART and how to set it up. If you could include a link or some sort of documentation on the commands you will need to run or steps needed to install and configure SMART that would really help. I think my problem was not rebooting before adding channels to SMART. I used your script to add the channels I wanted without incident. However, when I rebooted the next day I had to run a command (not sure if it was the correct command but it worked "smart channel --show") to get SMART working and it then asked me all the channel questions I had read it was to supposed to ask me about ( I answered n to all as I had set it up perfect the night before). I guess i could have saved some time if I had let it do its default setup then use your script to tweak. It seems many of the same channels you have are built into SMART and will be added if you say so upon SMART configuration. Hopefully this makes sense to you and anyone trying to do the same.

- All that being said thank you so much for this and your xgl-settings scripts. They have really helped me.

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 Re: ZMD and SMART

 by cb400f on: Mar 8 2007
Score 50%


I'll do some testing wrt. kicking Zenworks.

Wrt. Smart
I only intend the scripts to be for people who already know and use Smart. "openSUSE" package management is what I recommend, thankfully Zenworks won't be default on 10.3, which will then make things simpler.

I think the issue you had with Smart "asking questions" about repos is because you have installed the Guru version of Smart. He includes the most common repos in the package. So that's why it asks you if you want them, and that means you could end up having the same repos added twice when using guru-version of Smart _and_ konviSUSE.

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 Package Management

 by Tide on: Mar 9 2007
Score 50%

Well I must admit I knew nothing about ditching zmd only that I wished I could. After finding your utility and reading about its options i did some research on ditching zmd. (my unclear belief is that this will only update the oss and non oss packages with security related updates and patches. Is this correct?)

I ended up at a decision to use opensuseupdater for oss and non-oss repo updates and Smart for all of the other repos I use (Smart does not have oss and non-oss or update enabled). I have 2 updater icons but thats no big deal. I get security and patch related updates from the opensuseupdater and updates on all of my other stuff from Smart. Then I use Yast (It has all the repos enabled) to do my package management.

Does this make sense? Is this a workable and or good way to go? What exactly do you do?

Thanks for your help and any info you have on clearing this up.

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 Re: Package Management

 by cb400f on: Mar 9 2007
Score 50%

It's true opensuseupdater only notifies about official bugfixes/security patches. I consider this a good thing, so people don't break their system installing some untested unofficial package, thinking it's an official patch.

You can easily update to unsupported packages with yast (package -> all packages -> update if newer available) or zypper (zypper up -t package).

Smart is pretty nice too, though. Use whatever you prefer.

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 by tommycw1 on: Mar 11 2007
Score 50%


I have a problem with this script. It looks like there are no repositories that I can install. I get the following errors in the command window:

linux:/home/tom/Desktop # konvenientsuse
kbuildsycoca running...
kio (KSycoca): WARNING: Found version 79, expecting version 93 or higher.
kio (KSycoca): WARNING: Found version 79, expecting version 93 or higher.
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KSycoca): ERROR: No database available!
KWrited - Listening on Device /dev/pts/2
Shutting down ZENworks Management Daemon..done
kbuildsycoca running...
Reusing existing ksycoca
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop has Type=Link instead of "Application" or "Service"
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : /opt/gnome/share/applications/DefaultPlugins.desktop
kio (KSycoca): ERROR: No database available!

I am using SuSE 10.2

Any Ideas?


Tom Weichmann

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 Re: Problem

 by cb400f on: Mar 12 2007
Score 50%

Thank you for reporting your problem. Right now I have no idea what may cause this.

However most of the warnings are nothing to worry about, just ignore that.

I'd like some more information.

Whick package management did you try to use?

what's the output of:
rpm -q kommander-runtime


rpm -q konvenientsuse

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 by prchlik on: Mar 14 2007
Score 50%

hallo, I would like to install konveniente, but I have this problem
Unresolved dependencies:
Installing konvenientsuse-10.2.7-2.noarch[Local packages]
There are no installable providers of /usr/bin/konvenientsuse for konvenientsuse-10.2.7-2.noarch[Local packages]

Could you tell me what is wrong?
I have openSuse 10.2 with installed kommander-runtime.
thanks for answer.

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 Re: problem

 by cb400f on: Mar 15 2007
Score 50%

I assume you're using YaST?

I have seen YaST do something like this my self, I have no explanation for it, other than it must be a bug when installing local packages that are not on a repo. Try again, in my case it worked in the second attempt.

Or else you can always install it with:

rpm -i /path/to/konvenientsuse-10.2.7-2.noarch.rpm

Since you have manually installed all dependencies (kommander-runtime)

Thanks for reporting. I think I'll do some testing and maybe file a bug report against YaST.

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 kmdr-executor error

 by famewolf on: Apr 11 2007
Score 50%

I get the following error when running kmdr-executor on opensuse 10.2

kmdr-executor: error while loading shared libraries: libkommanderwidget.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have both kommander and kommander-runtime installed.


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 good work

 by AndreAPL on: Apr 19 2007
Score 50%

Nice work. here the only problem has been adding sources, that sometimes doesn't work. the rest works fine.

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