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KDE Archiving/Backup

Score 79%


Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  18365
Submitted:  Aug 31 2006
Updated:  Jul 23 2012


KBackup is a program that lets you back up any directories or files, whereby it uses an easy to use directory tree to select the things to back up.

The program was designed to be very simple in its use so that it can be used by non-computer experts.

It can do full- and incremental backups.

The storage format is the well known TAR format, whereby the data is still stored in compressed format (bzip2 or gzip).

The backup can be put onto a local directory (mounted device, etc.) but also on a remote URL (thanks to KDE KIO).

It also includes a german, french, italian, slovak, czech, portuguese, swedish and russian translation for the user interface and an english, french, russian and german handbook.

Note: the documentation for 0.7 is only current in english and german.

For the former KDE3 version 0.5.4:
You'll find all RPMs including 64bit versions for different distributions on the openSuse build service (links below)


08.09.2013 (updated 0.8 package)
- Added translation for Interlingua, thanks to Giovanni Sora

23.07.2012 (0.8)
- Add dirpath wildcard filters to skip complete directories

05.03.2011 (0.7.1)
- fix handling of output from scripts used via --script
- better error message in case non-local target in non-interactive mode

- Fix display of version number in "about" dialog

- added Fedora and Mandriva packages on openSuse build service

19.06.2010 (0.7)
- Add Incremental Backup functionality
- Add wildcard filter to ignore files for backup matching a filename pattern

- updated french translation

- added czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)
- fixed other translation .po files

15.05.2010 (0.6.4)
- When an error occurs while reading a file (e.g. corrupted filesystem), cancel backup

25.09.2009 (0.6.3)
- When running in non interactive mode (e.g. cron), do not use KIO but only direct file access
as KIO needs a KDE session and $DISPLAY
This now makes the slice-reduction on the local target dir work.

05.09.2009 (0.6.2)
- Fix handling of disk-full situation (and a crash with it)

01.07.2009 (0.6.1)
- Avoid backup of the backup file
- make it compile with KDE Version < 4.2

24.May 2009 (0.6)
kbackup is now ported to KDE4 and has the following new features:
- Port to cmake and KDE4/Qt4, which also removes the 4GB limit per file
- sort hidden files/dirs before normal ones
- show dimmed icon for hidden files (like konqueror)
- don't allow to expand symlinked dirs as the content is not archived but only the link
- Add "Save As..." menu and store name of loaded profile, so that a save directly writes to that
- Add --autobg commandline which starts kbackup without a GUI e.g. for cron, at, ...
- Add --verbose commandline option which allows to see all files when using --autobg
- When the upload fails for a slice, offer a way to select a temporarily different target
- if target-dir does not exist, create it (mkdir -p)
- # of kept backups on target dir (per profile)
- show list of created archive slices in finish-dialog

25.Jan 2008
Added 2 new distributions in the openSuse build-service: RHEL-5 and CentOS-5 (both 32 and 64 bit)

19.Jan 2008 (0.5.4)
- correctly limit slice size:
- limited by the target directory (when we store directly into a local dir)
- limited by the "tmp" dir when we create a tmp file for later upload via KIO
- limited by Qt3 (4GB on 32bit)
- limited by user defined maxSliceMBs
- sort directories first in treeview
- correctly sort by size and timestamp in treeview
- check if a file that is archived into the backup is not the backup itself

4.Jan 2008
I have extended the usage of the openSuse build service.
Therefore I can offer now Suse, Mandriva and Fedora RPMs including 64bit versions.

13.Oct 2007 (0.5.3)
- Add russian handbook (thanks to Alexey Kouznetsov)
- show symbolic links with an overlayed "link" icon
- fix handling of files larger than 2GB
- avoid crash when writing special files (below /proc)

19.Aug 2007
- Repackaged to add spanish translation (thanks to Gerardo Bueno)
15.Aug 2007 (0.5.2)
Finally I release a minor update to kbackup. Here is the ChangeLog:
- start with the HOME folder opened
- add a profile option to avoid media change dialog
- add a profile option to avoid compressing files at all
- Whenever a directory is only partly included, show it with blue color
- Show a dialog when the backup has finished
- automatically save/restore window size
- add "auto" commandline option to automatically start a backup and quit kbackup when done.
- added predefined slice sizes (for CDs, DVDs) in profile settings dialog
- added portuguese translation thanks to Carlos Gonçalves

21.Dec 2006:
Thanks to Carlos Gonçalves kbackup is now in the openSuse KDE:/Community project.
kbackup is therefore now available for openSUSE 10.2 and Factory, SUSE 10.1, 10.0 and SLE10

1.Oct 2006: (0.5.1)
- added "recent files" action
- added profile setting to define a maximum slice size
- store recent directory for file dialog

29.Sept 2006:
KBackup is now included in the Fedora 5 branch.
Fedora users just have to do "yum install kbackup" as root.
- added french handbook

24.Sept 2006: 0.5 released
- added systray functionality
- added profile setting to define file-prefix
- added slovak GUI translation (thanks to Jozef Riha)
- fixed Umlaut encoding for directories

21.Sept 2006:
- added fedora RPMs (thanks to Alain PORTAL)

16.Sept 2006:
- added russian translation (thanks to Alexey Kouznetsov)
- added italian translation (thanks to Andrea Sciucca)

3.Sept 2006:
- added german handbook
- added french GUI translation (thanks to Régis FLORET)
- added missing "unlimited" translation string
- added the RPM .spec file
- added missing .mo translation files into RPM

SUSE(kbackup (0.8) in KDE:Extra)
Fedora(Fedora 17,18,19 RPMs (0.8))
Red Hat(RHEL-5 and CentOS-5 (0.5.4))
Debian(Debian Etch)
other(PCLinuxOS Package)
Slackware(Slackware 12 (0.5.4))
Ubuntu(Kubuntu (0.6.4))
openSUSE Tumbleweed
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 enhance kbackup

 by miguipda on: Feb 20 2008
Score 50%


sincerely thanks for your program.

But we are also many people that need to catalog files to know where they are (when manage a lot of data).

Is it possible to integrate the same use that gtktalog (http://www.nongnu.org/gtktalog/) in your kbackup program. Or a link to it to directly launch a catalog of the new backuped data ?


Have a nice day.

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 Re: enhance kbackup

 by mkoller on: Feb 24 2008
Score 50%

Hi, I checked the given webpage, but to be honest, I did not understand what I can use gtkatalog for.
Maybe you can describe which functionality you are thinking of.

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 Re: Re: enhance kbackup

 by miguipda on: Feb 25 2008
Score 50%


the fact is when we backup a lot of data we some have problem to find them back.
Then catalog those file names could be interresting.

It was why I though it could be an enhancement to also include a catalog of the backuped data.

Thanks to take this request in consideration.

Have a nice day,

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 another enhancement

 by miguipda on: Feb 27 2008
Score 50%


another thing we need for kbackup.
Backing up data is really needed. But we must not forget the media size.

Then I think it could be interresting to have this specifications :
- a preference settings allowing to define the size used by our : cd-rom, dvd, tape, other (where other ca be renamed as the user want like sdhc16, usb8 (meaning sdhc 16 Gb or usb key 8 Gb)),
- in the main window, under the selection tree, an horizontal line with two informations : 1) is the media selection (radio button for cd-rom, dvd, tape, named other (only displayed if renamed in place than other), 2) a gauge showing the size media occupation following the selected data to backup (considered with the default compession ratio used by the compression tools used by kbackup)

I hope you could consider this enhacement as a really needed upgrade of your used program.

Thanks to help us and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)

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 Re: another enhancement

 by mkoller on: Mar 1 2008
Score 50%

You can already specify the size you wish to use (profile settings).
The pity with Qt3/KDE3 is, that it is not possible to use larger files than 4GB.
What you have selected as size will be shown to the right of the medium progress bar (in fact it shows what size is currently possible, limited also by the local file system free space). Note: please use version 0.5.4, where the size limitations where implemented.
The size all selected files/dirs would need could be calculated - the problem with that is, that it would need a rather long time to calculate, as it would need to recursively traverse all selected dirs, therefore I don't think this is something a user wants to wait for.

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 Tree list "by name"

 by H00K on: Mar 8 2008
Score 50%

The order the files and folders are listed still bothers me in 0.5.4 (although a *lot* less then in 0.5.3).

What I would expect is:
* capital letters before small letters (e.g. 'Gamma' before 'alfa')
* hidden files/folders before normal ones (e.g. '.kde/' before 'foo')
* folders before files (is already in 0.5.4)

It really bothers me when I back up my home directory, since there are a lot of hidden files and folders in it and I use capitalise most the names of my own folders so my home's more organised.

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 Re: Tree list "by name"

 by mkoller on: Mar 8 2008
Score 50%

hidden files before normal files is something I seem to have forgotten.
I already fixed it locally.

The sort order of the normal files (capital/non capital) is nothing I define in the application. It depends on your locale. check LC_COLLATE

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 Re: Re: Tree list "by name"

 by H00K on: Mar 8 2008
Score 50%

Cool, thanks. Now I only have to figure out what the settings for LC_COLLATE are. :]

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 by H00K on: Mar 8 2008
Score 50%


I just opened an archive for the first time and found out that every file in the TAR is being bzipped.

I suppose this has to do with optimisation of compression of each file individually instead of the whole archive, but I see two problems with it:
  • I back up my whole home dir, which makes it very hard to just untar to restore — but I see a restoration system/UI is already on your ToDo list ;)

  • Currently it compresses every file it finds even already compressed ones, which in turn produces extentions like .tar.gz.bz2,.bz2.bz2 .tgz.bz2,.zip.bz2 etc.

  • Otherwise, I find it quite a nice app. I'm already switching after using KDar for two years ...when these two quirks get sorted out, I'll be a very happy user indeed :D

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     Re: tar.gz.bz2

     by mkoller on: Mar 8 2008
    Score 50%

    To avoid compression, uncheck the "compression" flag in the profile settings (this then avoids compression at all).
    The fact I do not compress the whole archive has to do with the slice sice handling. See my reply to "Re: Individual compress "

    The point for compressing all files, even already compressed ones, is that when I finally have a restore, I would not know if the file originally was already compressed or not. Now I know I can uncompress either all or none.

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     Re: Re: tar.gz.bz2

     by H00K on: Mar 8 2008
    Score 50%

    If you put it into that perspective, it kind of makes sense. :)

    Thanks for the explanation. Can hardly wait for the backup restoration feature :]

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     Re: Re: tar.gz.bz2

     by reggler on: Jun 17 2008
    Score 50%

    Hi there, I'm just using KBackup for the first time - I'm compress8ing my home directory and I'm wondering how I'm gonna restore it when all files are compressed individually. Is there a switch for tar i don't know? How do you recommend to untar the backup archive?


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     Re: Re: Re: tar.gz.bz2

     by mkoller on: Jun 17 2008
    Score 50%

    After you extracted it from the tar-file (tar -xvf backupfile.tar), you can then uncompress all files from the current directory recursively down with the following command:

    find . -name \*bz2 -print0 | xargs -0 bunzip2

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     relevant suggestion

     by nknknk on: Apr 16 2008
    Score 50%


    I have created a KDE4 Brainstorm entry,
    relative to KBackup,
    that might interest you.


    It is just an idea, of course...

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     Basic profiles

     by Paganel75 on: Apr 18 2008
    Score 50%

    Most basic users (like me, I guess) will probably want two things :

    * Backup /home (once a week ?)
    * Backup / except /home (once a month ?)

    Backuping /home is very fine with KBackup. However, backuping / without /home is somehow more tricky :

    1) First, I do not (yet) see any way to say "/" and deselect /home. It seems, from the first glance, that I have to check each and every check box I am interested in.

    2) Even worse : I do NOT know what to select. When I checked all boxes, Kbackup of course hanged on some /dev or the like; but if I do NOT check these boxes and restore my system on bare metal, I guess my system will not work either because device informations will be missing :-(

    It would be great to provide two basic profiles with Kbackup : a) save /home; 2) save everything but /home , especially if one has certainty to get a working system by restoring those two backups on a brand new disk (with or without distng partitions for /home and for the rest).

    Up to now, I have *never* been able to restore a system from scratch. Just /home, after having reinstalled everything, which is quite a chore :-(

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