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TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package


KDE Screensaver

Score 59%
TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package

TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package

TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.1.x
Downloads:  40764
Submitted:  Dec 22 2002
Updated:  Oct 27 2004


--RPM of TuxSaver for Mandrake--
--Debian Package of TuxSaver--

You can see Tux living on a tropical island or on an iceberg. Choose your favorite island in the setupdialogbox !

Watch Tux being kidnapped by aliens.
Watch Tux in a submarine.
New Stories and New Objects including sounds!

TuxSaver is a 3D KDE screensaver.
It requires OpenGL and KDE 3.x.
The source is also available at kdelook !!!

Don't watch this screensaver too long, you might get seasick ! :-)

Send me an email If you would like to draw new object in ac3d, make/change stories or add sounds. (see howto in setupdialogbox for more info, it's not very difficult)

koen muylkens,

groeten uit Vlaanderen, (greetings from Flanders) :-)


--------TuxSaver 1.0------
- ported to automake-1.7, autoconf-2.5x and kdevelop-3.x
- major bugfix (thanks to Matthew Tang for the bugreport)
- translation to Dutch
- translation to French (thanks to G�rard Delafond)

--------TuxSaver 0.9------
- added support for loadable islands
- added a tropical island
- added a iceberg with an iglo
- fixed sound bug with small ogg files
- added new story with I LOVE KDE sign
- redesigned setup dialog box

--------TuxSaver 0.8------
- converted sound from wav to ogg.
- updated howto (thanks to toon muylkens)
- added texturesupport for loadable objects
- added new stories and objects which use textures.
- added a THX-like story using the KDE-logo
- bugfix in textureloader which makes tuxsaver rendering 2 to 3 times as fast !!!

--------TuxSaver 0.7------
- runtime objectloader which means it is a lot more easy to add new objects using ac3d
- bugfixes in objectloader.
- a lot of new stories using new objects and sounds

-------TuxSaver 0.6------
-Tux has 9 different hats now. You can choose his hat in the setupdialogbox, or let TuxSaver choose one randomly.
-You can let tuxsaver stop rendering and just blanking the screen after a few minutes. This is aspecially usefull for laptops where the processorpowerhungry TuxSaver shouldn't run all day.
-TuxSaver Story HowTo to create your own TuxSaver stories.
-better random story chooser.
-added a TuxSaver icon.
-TuxSaver should look a lot better on ATI radeon boards now.

-------TuxSaver 0.5------
-sounds, including a background ocean sound (this can be disabled in the setupdialogbox)
-a brand new setupdialogbox where you can change the height of the waves, the transparancy of the waves,...
-two new stories
-bugfix: Better looking on ATI-videoboards
-bugfix: the icon in the screensaverlist does not disapear anymore after a update-menus.
-lots of other bugfixes and clean ups
-kdevelop integration

-------TuxSaver 0.4--------
-tux has sunglasses
-tux can open his mouth
-some extra stories which use the sunglasses and 'openmouth' functionality
-source release at kdelook.org

-------TuxSaver 0.3--------
-waves in the sea
-the iceberg moves along with the waves
-better follow functions
-higher framerates by the use of OpenGL Display Lists (object get prebuilded on the 3d hardware)
-nicer background
-some new stories

-------TuxSaver 0.2--------
-initial release

(TuxSaver Mandrake RPM)
(TuxSaver debian package)
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 very slow

 by ph4nt0m on: Dec 29 2003
Score 50%

This screensaver is very slow on my machine - it's probably my video card (because I have sufficient memory and a 1.5GHz CPU). But be warned it may run like a dog.

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 Re: very slow

 by toonmuylkens on: Dec 29 2003
Score 50%

Tuxsaver needs 3D hardware acceleration.
I have a Geforce2 and tuxsaver works with an avarage frame rate of 15-20 frames per seconde.

*Tuxsaver won't run fast enough without a 3D card
*I think a TNT2 card isn't fast enough
*A geforce2 or better will be just fine
*An ATI radeon 8500 or better is fast enough, I think
*Don't forget to install the 3D drivers (nvidia.com and ati.com)

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 Re: Re: very slow

 by janet on: Aug 15 2005
Score 50%

It also is very slow an a P4 with 1 GB RAM and ATI 9000, 3D drivers are installed.

And it's a pity it doesn't run on machines without 3D card :( It's so cute :)

Bring back the shark to Kanotix!
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 Can't find the saver

 by nukem on: Jan 23 2004
Score 50%

After I installed tuxsaver I switched my menu style to KDE and then back to MDK default. Now all my screensavers are gone. When I search for tuxsaver, I see the tuxsaver directory. But it's gone from the list. I can't re install from the rpm, cauz it says this package is already installed. How can I get the tuxsaver back?

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 Re: Can't find the s

 by nukem on: Jan 23 2004
Score 50%

btw my .kde/share/applink/System/ScreenSavers directory is empty. To what file should I make the link to? to run tux.

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 Re: Can't find the saver

 by toonmuylkens on: Feb 1 2004
Score 50%

I once had the same problem with another screensaver. It is a mandrake-specific problem, it has to do with the way mandrake updates his menu i think.

You can try to run 'update-menus' --->
*open konsole (see menu or ALT+F2 and enter "konsole")
*enter "update-menus"
*restart KDE
*does it work??

maybe try to reinstall tuxsaver
*open konsole (as listed above)
*go to the directory where tuxsaver is located (cd /nameofdirectory's/)
*type "su" (+give root/administrator passwoord)
*type "rpm -U tuxsaver-1.0-1mdk.i586.rpm --force"
---> because of force option, you can install it over your 'already-installed' version of tuxsaver

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 No Sound

 by daphreak on: Apr 19 2004
Score 50%

Hi !

I have no sound running the screensaver. The strange thing is, I get no errors at all. It says playing Ocean.wav (I think it actually means Ocean.ogg, just the message didn't get changed yet), but there's no sound at all.

This is what I did/tried:

- I did not forget to unmute my soundcard, .mp3s play fine.
- Sound is of course enabled in the setup of the screensaver.
- Installed the .deb-package. Works perfect, but no sound.
- Enabled arts. Without arts, there's of course no sound. However with arts, there neither is. The test-sound in the control center works, so does xine with arts-plugin, and artsplay with .ogg-files.
- Removed the .deb-package and compiled from source. artsc-config is found. Works perfect again, just no sound.

As said above, there's no error message when running tuxsaver. Here's the output from playing Ocean.wav:

worldtime: 0.02
wavefile tuxsaver/sounds/Ocean.wav
playing wavfile /usr/share/apps/tuxsaver/sounds/Ocean.wav

I also tried to decode Ocean.ogg to Ocean.wav, in case tuxsaver really means .wav and not .ogg.

Any idea ?

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 Re: No Sound

 by toonmuylkens on: Jul 10 2004
Score 50%


I don't have sound either.
I never noticed because I never use the ocean sounds.

I will discuss the matter with my brother (the project leader)

If necessary we will publish a new tuxsaver release
(with new stories and islands btw)


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 Works on PCLinuxOS !

 by stinger on: May 25 2004
Score 50%

Great screensaver !
Works with my ATI radeon 7000 ,
running PCLinuxOS.
How about a cowboy theme with Tux
dressed up as cowboy riding his favorit
lizard , ready to take on the wild and furious bull Gates.

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 Re: Works on PCLinuxOS !

 by toonmuylkens on: Jul 10 2004
Score 50%


sorry about the late reply

I already have developed a cowboy-like island where TUX can walk on.

But the thing is:
In tuxsaver setup you can change the island but tux does the same things on every island.
So when I develop a story where TUX rides on his favorit lizard, he will also ride on his lizard on the SNOW-ISLAND. Which isn't logical.
or isn't that important?)

I don't know if my cowboy-like island is already included in the current release.
If not I will ask my brother (the project leader) to publish a new version of tuxsaver with the nex island included.


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 Re: Re: Works on PCL

 by stinger on: Aug 3 2004
Score 50%

I'm really looking forward to this one.

Thanks a lot !

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 debian package

 by zvonSully on: Feb 26 2005
Score 50%

The debian package is not on ftp.debian.org so i can't upgrade it with apt-get :(( this is a bad thing

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 tuxsaver site

 by toonmuylkens on: Mar 12 2005
Score 50%


My name is Toon Muylkens, Koen is my brother. He is the project leader of tuxsaver but he doesn't have much time now to work on tuxsaver.

The site of tuxsaver is down. But i have made a new one.

The link above is still the old one, i will ask my brother to change that but he is on vacation at the moment.

Have fun with Tuxsaver!

---> EduKator, Tuxsaver, Artwork, KDE, GPL, QT, ...

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