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KDE Kommander Script

Score 62%



Link:  http://
Minimum required   KDE 3.5.x
Downloads:  2281
Submitted:  Sep 9 2006
Updated:  Mar 20 2007


Kommander scripted GUI that executes both DCRAW and ImageMagick's convert utility to generate both a full sized JPEG and a web-sized JPEG.

Uses the new Kommander parser(Kommander 1.30)

The advantage is that the ImageMagick manipulations (contrast and unsharp masking) are executed before the image is converted to sRGB.

TIFF's generated by DCRAW can be either kept or deleted and a custom signature added to the webimage.

This tool works best when batch processing a directory full of correctly exposed (or incorrectly exposed, but uniformly so) images.

The resulting JPEGS are ready for online printshops (they all use sRGB) and the websized images are ready for upload.

Before you ask: No, this is not an image-editor or a rawconverter for painstakingly correcting single shots. This is a "come home, run script, upload and print 60 images" program.


Added new dcraw wavelet noise reduction. You need at least DCRAW version >= 8.60 and Kommander 1.30

*) Moved GREYCstoration to end of workflow to benefit from colour profiling
*) Added Canon makerNote EXIF
*) Added "Save Defaults" button
*) Fixed contrast-stretch bug (no percentage sign)

Advice: before compiling the CImg library, make sure you edit CImg.h and change:
" const CImg& save_jpeg(const char *filename, const unsigned int quality=100) const {
" const CImg& save_jpeg(const char *filename, const unsigned int quality=97) const {
This will decrease filesizes on denoised images in JPEG format by 40% without affecting image quality.

*) Implemented new parser
*) Tweaked Greycstoration speed (50% improvement)
*) Added print tab with adaptive resizing.

*) New (better) GREYCstoration presets from Digikam
*) Make web-images for non-raws
*) Choose frame colors

*) Fixed jpeg rotation bug
*) New presets for GREYCstoration
*) New tab with credits for dcraw, greycstoration and ImageMagick

*) Added GREYCstoration tab for noise reduction - WARNING: greycstoration is extremely capable, but sloooooooow.
GREYCstoration does not work on 16-bits images so TIFF depth is automatically set to 8 when 1 of the greycstoration presets is chosen.

The manual settings still have to be connected to their slots so I have left them greyed out for now.

If you do not have the CImg libraries installed (http://cimg.sourceforge.net/) the greycstoration tab will be disabled and a warning will show in the main dialogbox.

*)Cleaned up more global variables
*)modulate option will now dissapear from the convert commandline if brightness, saturation and hue are all set to 100 (no change required)

*)Added two spinboxes to account for fractional radius and sigma (Thanks lt_gustavsen on DPreview!)
*)Added bilateral filtering (thanks: ditto)
*)Cleaned up interface and stole header banner from /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/common

*)-modulate slots connected for brightness, saturation and hue
*)Added "before" and "after" free-form fileds that are added to the ImageMagick convert commandline.
*)Started converting temp variables from 1x1 fields into global variables. (I am learning all the time!)
*)Repaired web-size as it was being ignored.

0.3 Errors in string concatenation due to Kommander limitations solved by reverse concatenation.

Added commandline "preview" button.

Todo: Verify true Gamma1 workflow and add print-size with variable DPI where USM is done after adaptive-resizing.

Generally, I consider this still Alpha, but I would like to get some comments.

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 Added GREYCstoration

 by asdex on: Sep 14 2006
Score 50%

"Added GREYCstoration tab for noise reduction - WARNING: greycstoration is extremely capable, but sloooooooow."

Make sure to compile GREYCstoration with O3 and not O2. My tests have shown that O2 is several times slower. No other program I know of shows this extreme behaviour.

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 Re: Added GREYCstora

 by NewMikey on: Sep 14 2006
Score 50%

Thanks a mil! I'm recompiling now and will share any differences.

Total conversion time for an 8 megapixel (Canon Powershot Pro1) image with greycstoration on heavy preset (2 iterations) and conversion to JPEG and web-JPEG is about 4 minutes.

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 O3 - no change

 by NewMikey on: Sep 14 2006
Score 50%

I changed the CImg Makefile to read:

make "ARCHFLAGS=-O3 -L$(X11PATH)/lib -lpthread -lX11" all

And processing still takes ca. 4 minutes, give or take a few seconds.

I would welcome any other suggestions. Greycstoration seems to be the bottleneck. Offcourse, if you switch NR off in the GUI, dcraw-assist instantly becomes faster.

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 New parser

 by NewMikey on: Sep 19 2006
Score 50%

I actually have 1 addition still coming up and that is a "Printer" tab where a separate JPEG is produced with a printer ICC profile and resized with ImageMagick's "-adaptive-resize" option or GREYCstoration's "-resize" command to exact DPI and printsize requirements.

I have been struggling a lot with the issue of not having nested conditional loops up until now.

Now that the new parser is out, I intend to rewrite to take advantage of it. I'd like to know how many people are actually using the new Kommander 1.3.0 because the new dcraw-assist will not be compatible with older releases.

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 Re: New parser

 by NewMikey on: Sep 23 2006
Score 50%

Ok, the main routine has been adapted to the new parser. This opened up many possibilities like better string functions, nested conditional loops and more.

The downside is that you might have to update your version of Kommander to 1.30

A reminder: Try to find gamma = 1.0 profiles for both the camera and the workprofile. As a workprofile I advise the CIE profile from http://aim-dtp.net

All of the sharpening and color/contrast tweaking is done in the color space of the workspace profile.

If you cannot find a gamma1 profile for your camera, set either no camera profile or a gamma 2.2 profile as your cameraprofile and use AdobeRGB as a workspace profile. Do not forget to set the workflow to "non-linear" in this case! It will not work as well as the gamma 1 workflow, but still miles better than working in sRGB.

Although GREYCstoration speed improved a bit, it is still slow. The output still looks better to me than dcraw's bilateral filtering. YMMV.

When/if you use GREYCstoration, the program automatically uses a non-linear workflow. The reason is that a file "treated" by GREYC loses its color profile information makeing the output look very bad.

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 Re: Re: New parser

 by NewMikey on: Sep 29 2006
Score 50%

As I have moved greycstoration noise reduction to the end of the workflow, full colour profiling is now preserved even when using agressive NR.

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 script fails

 by helmerj on: Dec 19 2006
Score 50%


I would love to use your kommander script to convert my raw files to jpegs.

Unfortunately when starting the script, I do get this error:

Error in widget ExecButton2:
Line 169: Unexpected symbol after variable 'Foreach'.

I try to convert a pef file from my pentax k10d which works fine when using dcraw on the cmd line. I have version "Raw Photo Decoder "dcraw" v8.46" installed. I run Suse 10.2 under kde 3.5.5.

Would be nice if this could be solved, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Juergen

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 Re: script fails

 by NewMikey on: Jan 16 2007
Score 50%

I think I answered you by mail, but on the off-chance it may help someone else: this error is caused by the old KMDR parser. If you download and install the new version, the error will disappear.


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 Total rewrite coming

 by NewMikey on: Mar 22 2007
Score 50%

I am currently working on a total rewrite of the code to make it more portable and to resocialize it with the "old" parser.

Also, I have gotten some excellent pointers from a similar script written by Hubert M. I guess he is lightyears ahead of me in programming and it shows! Have a look at http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Process+Raw+Images?content=51724

I will be concentrating on cleaning up the cluttered interface, adding a KDE servicemenu and cutting out the unneccessary intermediate TIFF file through piping.

Watch this space!


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