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Amarok Script

Score 69%
Link:  Link
Downloads:  2555
Submitted:  Nov 4 2006
Updated:  Mar 31 2009


Amakode is a script for Amarok 1 to transcode music. It uses various external executables to do the grunt work which you will need to install separately using your package manager. More installation details on the home page.


Musepack support thanks to Luigi Curzi and Louis-Guillaume Fortin.

mp4 bug fixes thanks to Michael Morris.

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 Works for a while

 by DennisJ on: Nov 8 2008
Score 50%

I keep having the same problem. It works fine for a while and then quits working just showing an error like "cannot transcode". The /tmp dir then fills with 0 byte transcode-* files.

Then I quit amarok, restart it and it works again.

Any idea what it might be? Can I test something? I'm working with yesterdays SVN version.

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 Re: Works for a while

 by DennisJ on: Nov 8 2008
Score 50%

The last log file before it stops working (I assume that's it) shows

"Error writing mp3 output

Error: buffer write failed."

I have tmp mounted with a 128M tmpfs.

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 Re: Re: Works for a while

 by tobydickenson on: Nov 9 2008
Score 50%

The "Error writing mp3 output" message comes from lame - it is having problems writing the mp3 file in /tmp/ which amarok would later move onto your player.

I suspect your /tmp/ filesystem was getting full. If there are lots of large mp3 files left in your /tmp/ directory then maybe you need to tick Amarok's "remove transcoded files after transfer" option in the device configuration page.

Are you transcoding a particularly long track? Anything much over an hour might not fit on your /tmp/ even if nothing else is using any space there.

Feel free to mail me your full error log. My email address is linked on http://www.tarind.com/amakode.html

(Its not good that the zero byte files are getting left behind, but I dont think this is your original problem)

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 Re: Re: Re: Works for a while

 by tobydickenson on: Nov 9 2008
Score 50%

If you want to switch to using a different directory, add a line like this immediately after the "import tempfile" line (line 55).

tempfile.tempdir = '/var/tmp/'

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 transcode from m4a failing

 by askvictor on: Jan 24 2009
Score 50%

It seems that when an m4a (or I assume aac/mp4) is encountered as the input file this kills amakode. It seems that tagpy can't handle the tag format, and amakode silently dies in the tagpywrap init function when it calls tagpy.FileRef(f.fp.name).tag()

I'm going to try a workaround using atomicparsley to deal with m4a tags. wish me luck.

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 Re: transcode from m4a failing

 by askvictor on: Jan 25 2009
Score 50%

OK; I've changed the script to handle mp4 tags using AtomicParsley. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works for now (though I haven't tested it extensively). There is little or no error checking done, and it doesn't check if atomicparsley is installed, but if not it should just ignore the tags for that file and still do the transcoding.

There is still the problem that tagpy crashes the script if an unexpected file is encountered (i.e. mp4) - but there is a try block in amacode, so it's likely a tagpy (or python) issue.

Also, the version number inside the file is 1.3, while this site lists 1.6...

Here's the diff to version 1.3/1.6:
(though the forum doesn't preserve whitespace and there's no option to attach a file :( )

> class atomicparsleywrap(dict):
> textfields = ['album', 'artist', 'title', 'comment', 'genre']
> numfields = ['year', 'track']
> allfields = textfields + numfields
> def __init__(self, url):
> filename = urllib.url2pathname(url)
> if (not filename.startswith("file://")):
> return
> filename = filename[7:]
> cmd = "AtomicParsley '" + filename + "' -t"
> for line in os.popen(cmd):
> fields = line.rstrip().split(None, 3)
> if (fields[0] == "Atom"):
> if (fields[1].lower().find('alb') != -1):
> self['album'] = fields[3]
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('art') != -1):
> self['artist'] = fields[3]
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('nam') != -1):
> self['title'] = fields[3]
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('cmt') != -1):
> self['comment'] = fields[3]
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('gnre') != -1):
> self['genre'] = fields[3]
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('day') != -1):
> try: self['year'] = int(fields[3])
> except ValueError: self['year'] = 0
> elif (fields[1].lower().find('trkn') != -1):
> try: self['track'] = int(fields[3].split()[0])
> except ValueError: self['track'] = 0
> # list of mp4 extensions to use atomicparsley with
> # (tagpy seems to silently die on mp4/m4a files)
> mp4_ext = ("mp4", "m4a")
< if (have_tagpy and self.tofmt in self.tagopt):
< taginfo = tagpywrap(self.inurl)
> if (have_tagpy and self.tofmt in self.tagopt):
> if (self.inext in self.mp4_ext):
> taginfo = atomicparsleywrap(self.inurl)
> else:
> taginfo = tagpywrap(self.inurl)

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 Cannot find tagpy library

 by crichards on: Mar 4 2009
Score 50%

I am needing to transcode from flac to mp3 to appease my iphone. I plan to go Amarok to USB key to iTunes to iPhone!

I have loaded Amakode and tagpy library - SuSe 10.3.

When I hit the transfer I have a warning from Amakode that the tagpy library cannot be found and therefore tags will not be encoded. Which is what happens.

I installed Amakode via the Amarok scripts "Get More Scripts" button and tagpy via the SuSe 10.3 Yast system.

SuSe 10.3

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 Re: Cannot find tagpy library

 by tobydickenson on: Mar 15 2009
Score 50%

Ok, so amakode thinks that tagpy is missing. Try importing that python module directly and see if it gives any clues by typing this in a console:
$ python
Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Oct 5 2008, 19:24:49)
[GCC 4.3.2] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import tagpy

If there is nothing after the "import tagpy" line except the >>> then python thinks the module is present, and amakode is confused. I hope that doesnt happen ;-)

Maybe it will say "ImportError: No module named tagpy". If so, we need to look at why your python installation cant find your tagpy installation. What python version is it (you see I as using 2.5.2 in the output above) and what files did your tagpy installation provide?

If it says anything else, then hopefully that explains the problem.

I dont have SuSe here to test.... where did you get tagpy from? It doesnt seem to be found on http://software.opensuse.org/search.

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 Support for MPC (musepack)

 by lgfortin on: Mar 26 2009
Score 50%


First, thank you for that script. It's very useful for somebody like me who has an Ipod with a very heterogenous music library.

I want to say too that I know nothing in Python but I went in the code and added this line

decode["mpc"] = ["mpcdec","-","-"]

under this one :

decode["wav"] = ["cat"]

and I installed this thing :


Now, Amakode can convert mpc files to mp3 files and put them in my Ipod. There is only one problem, it seems that there is a problem with the length of the songs. What is written is not the good lenght even if the song plays perfectly.

If you are interested in adding that support, could you test.

Thanks again for that script.

Louis-Guillaume Fortin

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 m4a to mp3

 by mmorris on: Mar 28 2009
Score 50%

Recently purchased songs from iTunes includes an atom "----" with some xml
that AtomicParsley returns with many lines and they do not begin with
"Atom". This causes the amakode.py version 1.8 to choke. I resolved this
issue with a very simple change.

diff amakode.py amakode.py.orig
< if len(fields)==4 and fields[0]=="Atom":
> if fields[0]=="Atom":

I logged it as a bug on SourceForge too.

Hope this helps,


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 Re: m4a to mp3

 by mmorris on: Mar 28 2009
Score 50%

the offending out put from AtomicParsley:

Atom "purd" contains: 2009-03-27 02:59:42
Atom "----" [iTunMOVI] contains: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">

Atom "covr" contains: 1 piece of artwork

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 by tobydickenson on: Apr 2 2009
Score 50%


Thanks for the feedback. All the feature patches and bugs mentioned above should be included in the 1.9 version.

Keep the patches coming....

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