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Root Actions Servicemenu


KDE Service Menu

Score 90%
Root Actions Servicemenu

Root Actions Servicemenu

Root Actions Servicemenu

Link:  http://
Downloads:  32226
Submitted:  Nov 8 2006
Updated:  Feb 27 2015


Version: 2.8.5

- You need to have "ruby" installed for Automatic installation to work

- From version 2.8 onwards, Root Actions only supports KDE4...Files from version 2.7.3 are included in the package for KDE3 users.
- My mail address can be found in the README file in the package if you wish to contact me for translations or feedback (You can of course also post a comment here)
- I can't test the menu on KDE3 anymore, so I can't guarantee the menu works 100% on KDE3


Root Actions servicemenu provides a convenient way to perform several actions 'as root', from the right-click context menu in KDE filemanagers.

It aims to be distribution agnostic, if you experience issues in your distribution, drop me an email describing the issue.

The menu needs a properly configured kdesu/kdesudo to work (kdesudo is preferred, for some added functionality, like remembering password for a period of time...timeout is configurable by sudo settings)

Any comments, criticism and improvement suggestions welcomed :)

Included in the download are .desktop file versions for KDE3 konqueror, KDE3 dolphin, KDE4 (both konqueror and dolphin) and an importable user action xml file for krusader KDE4...see installation for details.


I've dropped version 1.x from the package since 2.x is stable and can do a lot more than 1.x. If you're still interested in the 1.x version, drop me a mail and I'll send it to you.

Thanks to:
Stefan Majewsky - German translation (1.1.x and 2.x)
Pierre Buard - French translation (1.1.x)
Guillaume Millet &
Jean-Marc Detourmignies - French translation (2.x)
Alessio - Italian translation (1.1.x)
Massimo Pissarello - Italian translation (2.x)
João Pedro Gomes - Portuguese translation (2.x)
Viruscg - Brazilian Portuguese translation (1.1.x amd 2.x partial)
Eduardo Grau - Spanish translation (1.1.x and 2.x)
Kenny Verstraete - Dutch translation (1.1.x and 2.x)
Paul Körössy - Hungarian translation (2.x)
nikt_taki - Polish translation (2.x)
Andreas Nordal - Norwegian translation (2.x)
Jakub Matas - Czech translation (2.x)
Donatas Glodenis - Lithuanian translation (2.x)
Mladen Pejaković - Serbian translation (2.x)
Netrebin Alexey - Russian translation (2.x)
Cihat Imamoglu - Turkish translation (2.x)
Manuel Tortosa Moreno - Catalan translation (2.x)
Neo Tet - Greek translation (2.x)
Adrián Chaves Fernández - Galician translation (2.x)
Mihael Simonič - Slovene translation (2.x)
Niklas Åkerström - Swedish translation (2.x)

Essential: (these should already be installed on a standard KDE installation)
perl -the script is written in perl
kdesu | kdesudo -to gain administrative privileges
kdialog -to show dialogs
kreadconfig -to read kde configuration
dolphin | konqueror -filemanager
kwrite | kate -editor
ark -handles compression

krename -for multiple file (batch) renaming
krusader -to use the included krusader actions
xdg-utils -for default application support (2.5.x-)


Some distributions have packages available in either their main repos or community repos. For easy installation and possible distro specific patches you can use them if available. Manual installation instructions below:

Version 2.3 ->
1. Uncompress the rootactions-servicemenu.pl script in Root_Actions_2.x to a directory in your $PATH. /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin are two valid options. Make the script executable (if it's not).

2a. (Konqueror for KDE3) Uncompress the three .desktop files in /konqueror-KDE3 to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus (This will enable the menu for individual users, if you wish to enable the menu for all users, copy the files to /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus instead).

2b. (Dolphin for KDE3) Uncompress the two .desktop files in /dolphin-KDE3 to ~/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus (This will enable the menu for individual users, if you wish to enable the menu for all users, copy the files to /usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus instead).

2c. (Dolphin and Konqueror for KDE4) Uncompress the two .desktop files in /dolphin-KDE4 to your kde4 servicemenu folder (possibly ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus...although $KDEHOME [".kde"] can be something else in your distribution). If you wish to use konqueror instead of dolphin as your filemanager, edit 10-rootactionsfolders.desktop by changing 'dolphin' to 'konqueror'.

2d. (Krusader for KDE4) Import krusader_rootactions.xml file in /krusader-KDE4 with krusader's action manager.

----Available Actions----------------------------------------------------------------

Version 2.x
- Open Terminal Here (folders) - open a root terminal session in chosen folder
- Open in File Manager (folders) - open chosen folder(s) in file manager
- Open as Text (files) - open chosen folder(s) in text editor
- Open With ... (both) - open chosen items in a program of your choice

- Copy (both) - copy a single file or folder (ADDED in 2.1)
- Move/Rename (both) - if multiple items selected and a batch renamer installed (default is krename) start renamer, otherwise use a simple move/rename dialog
- Compress (both) - Compress selected files/folders (ADDED in 2.7)
- Delete (both) - Completely removes chosen items (as this is potentially hazardous, there is an extra confirmation dialog), handy for removing back-up files etc.

- Ownership to Root (both) - change ownership of chosen items to root:root
- Ownership to Active User (both) - change ownership of chosen items to current user
- Ownership to ... (both) - change ownership of chosen items to UID:GID of your choice

- Change Permissions (both) - change permissions of chosen items
If only a single folder is selected, permissions/ownership can be set recursively. If changing permissions recursively, files are only set executable if they already are executable (Otherwise all files in a directory would be set executable if the parent folder is set executable, which is necessary for the folder to be accessible)

----Translating and customizing:-----------------------------------------------------

Read the README file in the package for instructions on translating and customizing the menu


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
02110-1301, USA.


2.8.5 Root reminders back for KDE4 (Really fix it this time)
- Added back root reminders for KDE4 (thanks to Caldazar for the patch), haven't found a way to add them to KF5 apps.

2.8.4 Root reminders back for KDE4
- Bad upload
2.8.3 KF5 quick fix
- Removed root reminders for now because of kf5/qt5 compatibility (no "--caption" option support)
- I'll try to add them back if I find a way to do that. TIP: Setting a different theme/color scheme for root will help you distinguish root apps even without the reminders.

2.8.2 Hopefully refixed the issue originally fixed in 2.7.4/2.8 and reverted in 2.8.1
- Using dbus-run-session, which is a better solution than dbus-launch.
- dbus-run-session is only available in dbus 1.8.x >, so the fix will only work with newer dbus releases, but the menu will still work with older versions (but the bug is obviously not fixed with that version).

2.8.1 "Out with the new, in with the old and tested" -release
- Revert "dbus-launch fix" in 2.7.4/2.8 as this is a suboptimal solution to the problem see "Known Issues". I'll revisit the original issue once dbus-run-session trickles down from upstream dbus.
- Reorganize package to move KDE3 files to a separate directory (Still hoping to get to that code clean-up part on the KDE4 version)

2.8 Reupload 2.7.4 as 2.8 since this version does not support KDE3 anymore (KDE3 files from version 2.7.3 are still included in the package for those that use KDE3)

2.7.4 Bugfix
- Use dbus-launch when starting applications as root (should fix dbus issues like not being able to open files from file manager that was opened as root) REVERTED in 2.8.1

2.7.3 Bugfix
- Fixed GHNS installation bug in 2.7.2 (forgot to update install script)

2.7.2 Translation release
- Added Swedish translation

2.7.1 GHNS bugfix & translation release
- GHNS: Create servicemenu directory (if it doesn't exist) with the install script
- Added Slovene translation

2.7 (Stable)
- Improve filemanager and texteditor fallbacks if xdg-mime fails to detect default applications
- Changes from 2.6:
1. Compress action (using ark)
2. GHNS installation in KDE4 dolphin
- GHNS installation is still a recent addition, so there may be issues with it, but it should be safe to try (the worst thing that should happen is that the installation fails).
- 2.7 is likely the last version that supports KDE3. I can't test the menu on KDE3 anymore, and dropping KDE3 workarounds would allow me to clean up the code. I'd still include 2.7 for KDE3 but no new features.

2.6.99 (2.7 RC2)
- Try removing version number from the tarball to see if it fixes a few issues with GHNS
- Edit GHNS scripts accordingly

2.6.98 (2.7 RC)
- Fix install/uninstall scripts when using kdesu or xdg-su

2.6.96 (2.7 beta4)
- Fix install/uninstall dialogs in older versions of KDE (pre 4.6)
- Uninstallation dialog made a bit more informative
- Small fixes in the install/uninstall scripts
- Test removing the extract-directory in $KDEHOME/share/apps/servicemenu-download/ when uninstalling, dolphin's servicemenu uninstallation doesn't seem to do that for some reason.
- No changes to the servicemenu itself.

2.6.94 (2.7 beta3)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added install/uninstall scripts for GHNS in dolphin (for testing only)
- No changes to the servicemenu itself.

2.6.92 (2.7 beta2)
- Bytesize bugfix to fix an issue with kdesu on KDE SC 4.6

2.6.90 (2.7 beta1)
- Added "Compress" menu option, brings up ark compression dialog (as root) to choose filename, format etc.
- Consider compress option a beta feature...all testing feedback welcome.

2.6 "Stable"
- Fixed bug with default application detection on desktop files with kde4-prefix

2.5.92 (2.6_beta2) (hopefully just) temporary bugfix
- removed "--overwrite" option from normal copy and move operations (fix error in older versions of KDE). The "advanced" noninteractive mode still uses the option (So it'll work on KDE SC 4.5 only).

2.5.90 (2.6_beta1) kde-cp and kde-mv
- Use kde-cp and kde-mv (if available) instead of cp and mv (This should prevent accidental overwrites by bringing up KDE's overwrite dialog). If you prefer the old "noninteractive" behavior, change $CPDIALOGS to "false" in the rootactions-servicemenu.pl script (recommended for "advanced" users only)
- Some optimizations on the default application checks (removing redundancies)
- Refreshed requirements. xdg-utils is an optional requirement (default application checks need it, but the menu will work without it)

2.5.0 (Default applications, TESTING)
- KDE4 desktop files should now use your chosen default applications for "File Manager" and "Text Editor" actions.
- As I cannot test the changes in KDE3, KDE3 desktop files still use hardcoded applications (which you can change by editing the desktop files)
- As this also includes some changes in the code, it may contain bugs (please report if you run into any). It should work, but consider this a testing release (there is only so much I can test myself).

2.4.11 Bugfix
- Changed "terminal" icon to "utilities-terminal" in KDE4 desktop files (and krusader xml)...fixes missing icon in "open terminal here" action for KDE SC 4.5
- Also made KDE3 desktop files consistent in using konsole icon

--Full changelog included in the download---

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 .kde4 vs .kde4 folder

 by snowhog on: Nov 3 2008
Score 50%
Paul L 40

United States of America, Wasilla
Last visit Jan 4 2014
1 Friends
0 Groups

More info
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Other contents

Okay, confirmed. I renamed the .kde4 folder and restarted my system. Logged into KDM without any problems. Desktop loaded normally. Konqueror started correctly. Check my user directory, and there was no newly created .kde4 folder. So that folder was 'left over' from my HH KDE 4.1.2 system.

Therefore, one has to copy the 10-rootactionsfolders.desktop 11-rootactionsfiles.desktop files to .kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus if you want Root Actions Service Menu to be available for use.

It takes less time to take the time to do it right the first time, than it does to fix it the second time.
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 Re: .kde4 vs .kde4 folder

 by kubicle on: Nov 3 2008
Score 50%

Ah yes, the install instructions are sort of outdated (the example uses ~/.kde4 as the kdehome folder...I'll update it to include ~/.kde which is probably more common.)

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 Very useful

 by hurikhan77 on: Mar 11 2009
Score 50%

This is totally useful and convenient... Thanks. Works flawlessly with Gentoo, just some umlauts are b0rked in German dialogs.

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 Re: Very useful

 by kubicle on: Mar 12 2009
Score 50%

Thanks for your comments.

The broken ümlauts are a fairly recent issue, and since I haven't changed anything recently, it looks like a charset problem with KDE (seems utf-8 chars get borked when used in options for GUI programs).

You can test if it's the same issue by running (for example): 'kate --caption "ÜüÄä"'
(and check kate titlebar).

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 Re: Re: Very useful

 by hurikhan77 on: Mar 12 2009
Score 50%

Yes you are right. It happens from the command line, too. But at least it's no show stopper.

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 It simplifies file management

 by Montblanc on: Apr 7 2009
Score 50%

Thank you very much for this useful service menu!

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 by pipaceliny on: Apr 8 2009
Score 50%

Is it possible to add Your root servicemenu to be visible also in krusader?
Very useful servicemenu - thanks!

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 Re: Krusader

 by kubicle on: Apr 9 2009
Score 50%

I see no immediately apparent technical reason why not (although some of the actions could probably be implemented straight with the krusader user actions...and not needind the perl script).

Anyway, you should get a port of the actions in krusader by saving the lines below (lines between '---' marks) into an xml file and importing it in krusader's action manager:

1. Haven't tested it extensively, so I can't promise it'll behave correctly under all circumstances
2. Icon names are for KDE4, so if you use KDE3, you'll need to change them (you can do it with the action manager).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE KrusaderUserActions>

<action name="rootactions_open_as_text" >
<title>Open as Text</title>
<tooltip>Open in a text editor as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Edit a file as root in a text editor</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl open_with kate %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_with_custom" >
<title>Open with ...</title>
<tooltip>Open with a program of your choice as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Edit a file as root in a program if your choice</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl custom_open_with %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_in_filemanager" >
<title>Open in File Manager</title>
<tooltip>Open in a file manager as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Open a directory as root in a file manager</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl open_with krusader %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_in_terminal" >
<title>Open Terminal Here</title>
<tooltip>Open in a terminal as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Open a root terminal in the directory</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_konsole_here konsole %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_copy" >
<tooltip>Copy target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Copy target files/directories as root</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_copy %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_rename" >
<tooltip>Move or rename target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Move or rename target files/directories as root</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_rename krename %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_delete" >
<tooltip>Delete target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Delete target files/directories as root</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_delete %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_root" >
<title>Ownership to Root</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to root:root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to root:root</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_user" >
<title>Ownership to Active User</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to current user and primary group</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to current user and primary group</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl user_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_custom" >
<title>Ownership to ...</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to user and group of your choice</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to user and group of your choice</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl custom_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_permissions" >
<title>Change permissions</title>
<tooltip>Change target permissions</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change permissions of target files/directories</description>
<command>rootactions-servicemenu.pl root_permissions %aList("Selected")%</command>


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 by konquefox on: Apr 16 2009
Score 50%

Great thanks for this work, it is complete, it works fine and it is very useful ! The RPM for MAndirva 2009 works fine too.

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 Re: Thanks

 by bdjnk on: May 3 2009
Score 50%

Ditto. This is fantastic. I am also using it with Mandriva 2009.1 and I couldn't be happier. Thank You!

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 Thanks - again!

 by snowhog on: Nov 9 2009
Score 50%
Paul L 40

United States of America, Wasilla
Last visit Jan 4 2014
1 Friends
0 Groups

More info
Send a message
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Other contents

kubicle -

Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 KDE 4.3.2

Just installed this most wonder service menu - again. It's been awhile, and I haven't had in Intrepid or Jaunty. Opted to keep the default 'dolphin' as the file manager with the Root Actions. Works great (did I expect otherwise?).

The suggested path for installation of the 'two' files is still incorrect in your README and on this site. It 'might' still be valid if anyone still has an upgraded KDE 3 to KDE 4 system, where both, a .kde and a .kde4 folder existed in the users /Home. But if a 'clean' installation of a current OS release utilizing KDE 4, then it is just .kde that exists in the users /Home.

Thanks again for a truly exceptional addition to the community.

It takes less time to take the time to do it right the first time, than it does to fix it the second time.
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 Re: Thanks - again!

 by kubicle on: Nov 10 2009
Score 50%

I edited the description in an attempt to make it clearer, I'll try to remember to change the README as well in the next upload.

Thanks for the comments.

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